an email to my brother who is a NOLS kayaking instructor AS WELL AS a certified Wilderness First Responder

(regarding my outerwear)

my R1 Granulated jacket arrived. and it MAY not be warm enough - but there was a stiff wind blowing the day I field tested it, (parking lot, elev. 200) so, probably I should have put my SHELL on over it, yes?
so I called Patagucci, as you weren't avail, and they are sending me a CORESKIN to sample,
and, aside from the fact that I'm not sure I can wear something CALLED a CORESKIN - I fear I am falling in love with the styling of the R1 Granulated which has very GOTH sleeves and a wonderful ASS PART.



BabelBabe said…
a CORESKIN? You made that up (or at least I HOPE you did.)
Anonymous said…
As it was 8 degrees (EIGHT!) when I woke up this morning at 5,800 feet, I am intimately familiar with shells and whatnot. Conveniently, there is a Patagucci outlet a mere hour away from me, and you know that I love it.

I'm delurking, by the way. I'm here through Jess at Drowning in Kids (who I also love), and find your family hysterical and your posts sweet.

anyway, hello.
L. said…
This post is useless without pictures.

I am in the mid-season phase now. This is the time of year I break out the Patagucci Loud Waterproof With Pockets Everywherebutwhereyouwantthem for $400 that isnt warm enough but makes everyone look like an overpaid yuppie who longs to be on the cover of Outside Magazine.

Yeah, an avid outdoormans I am...ya think that I could get my initials embroidered on my left sleeve now?
Suse said…
Imagine the googlers you'll get when you post pictures of the coreskin and ass part.
Joke said…
Outerwear as in: to willingly sally forth into the tundra?


Anonymous said…
I must be behind in something--are you going kayaking or wilderness hopping sometime soon?
Paula said…
kilowatthour said…
oh. and also? you made me laugh.
*more hugs*