blogosphere update

There are some new (to me) blogs I've been looking at and loving who aren't on my links list as yet.
I thought I'd drop a few names.

- a very groovy lady who works in television. She's shooting a home reno show right now and has one big kid and one little kid and a cutie pie husband.

Drowninginkids - Jess has four beautiful children and chickens! And, I should also mention, amazing insight.

Soulemama - new to me, probably not to you...gorgeous handmade things and nice family moments.

- Alfina has a sharp wit.

Asmeddingkiss - Velma lives on Cape Cod! I want to live on Cape Cod.

- Eliane is an artist with older children. I am smitten with her illustrations.

Thewendyhouse - There is always something pretty to see here - or a sweet story.

- A fashion blog. I luff it.

Thesartorialist - Fabulous photos of fabulous people wearing fabulous things.

- Awfully good stuff written by a little bird!

- Wonderful writing. Short entries make me hungry for more.

Aren't you glad that I did the titles as one word? You're not? meh.


BabelBabe said…

BBird - I have ENOUGH to read already.

I already read Velma though - she's funny.
KPB said…
I'm not on your links list... :(((
Anonymous said…
I'm trying to whittle my list and here you go, enticing, enticing....

(Love *news for my peeps*)
Paula said…
More? I'm in trouble with what I have now. I thought I could stay away for awhile an dget my work done, but I have no self control. I am back.
Anonymous said…
Damn, girl, I have work to do today!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the mention--your check is in the mail! And now I shall busy myself by visiting these other blogs. Yay!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the links!

You've filled a very empty and boring morning with lots of fun stuff to read...
Geggie said…
Just what I need, MORE blogs to read daily. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
Oh I am very flattered and blushing a little. To be mentioned on such a famous blog how lovely. Thank you:o)
savvycityfarmer said…
BOOOOHOOO...I'm not on the list either...but having loads of fun on all the others...for future reference....


I must have been separted at bith with stuffandjunk!!
Suse said…
Ooh I think you got to firstperson thirdcat through me. I've been reading her for a while (she did the white sauce post I linked to).
Anonymous said…
What xcellent links!
Obviously I'm biased (but no really they are excellent) - thanks blackbird!
Bec said…
I know drowninginkids - because, yes, well it didn't take long for empathy to kick in THERE - but thanks for the leads on the others (there's no such thing as too many good blogs to read!)
Anonymous said…
blackbird, thank you, and I'm glad you enjoy the writing...and sorry it took me so long to get here to say thank you. I've been on holidays.