things that are overrated*

Polar fleece


Kiwi fruit

Ali G



Hybrid cars


Panty hose

Tumbled marble





The Allman Brothers



Anna Sui

*Lifted from Alfina.


Badger said…
Dude, I am with you on the rest of it, but Payless AND the Allman Brothers will ALWAYS be awesome. So there.

OMG, my wvw is wdgwtch. Which is either wedgie witch, or a wedge salad in sandwich form. Which sounds gross.
Suse said…
Oh no, not biscotti!
Anonymous said…
I've known you my entire life, cause well, your my sister....

but polar fleece? POLAR FLEECE! it's the freakin miracle fabric! I know what your sayin, gore tex is the miracle fabric ,but it's not! it's polar fleece...warm when wet AND made from soda bottles! throw me a freakin bone here would ya?

hybrid cars? 700 miles on a tank of gas? who are you the Al Gore's evil doppleganger? now, electric cars you plug in at night....hugely over rated.....

blackbird said…
I am not disparaging these things, I am simply saying that good though these things MAY BE, they are overrated.
blackbird said…
Now I feel obliged to defend each one...

overrated, not terrible.
I knew B would spring to the defense of polar fleece - but polar fleece is ugly.

and hybrid cars have not near the technology that they SHOULD have. they are far from well designed and get far lower gas mileage than they should.
not bad, overrated.
Anonymous said…
does this mean diamonds aren't really a girls besst friend?

Elizabeth said…
I agree on most things - polar fleece is wonderful mostly but it is a magnet to pet hair - enough said.
I didn't know it was made from soda bottles. That's a bit creepy. Not the recycling aspect, the fact that we wear it next to our skin.
Hybrid cars - still the best we've got so far.
I totally agree about the biscotti.
BabelBabe said…
apparently none of you have had MY biscotti which are to those nasty ginormous things they display in jars at Starbucks as say, stale fundraiser chocolate bars are to Maison du Chocolat chocolates.
Lauri said…
The Alleman Brothers? Who the hell pulled them out of their ass? People actually remember the Alleman Brothers? YES...HUGELY overrated.

But hey, kiwi's good, huh?
Lauri said…
Oh-and who is Ali G.?
Anonymous said…
I would also add: Crocs in any form/color on children AND adults (hideous) and tattoos. If I see one more grandmother with a tattoo of a butterfly across the back of her neck or teenager with a leg full of "mystical creatures" from ankle to thigh, I'm going to become a hermit.
Jess said…
Amen, and amen again. I was about to disagree with the hybrid cars, but yes, they certainly could be much better. But, they're awfully fun.
Anonymous said…
Totally with you on Swiffer and diamonds.

This was a cool post to read. Think I'll do one soon.
Joke said…
Thongs the underwear or things the footwear?

Paula said…
Yes to the polar fleece, it's bad when you have pets and ugly to boot.

For minute there I thought you said tongs in which case I disagree, I like tongs... a lot, but then I reread and saw you said thongs which I agree with in either case.
Sarah Louise said…
Cruises, like Tom? Heehee!
Beth Bailey said…
Before this summer, I would have disagreed with your overrating the Brothers...but then I realized this summer at one of their concerts that even though they jam and all's the SAME JAM each time around. So yes, overrated.

Hmmm...stuck on the fleece though. It's my fall/winter/spring staple.
Bec said…
Yep, I get the difference between overrated and suckful. Like, the Swiffer is a divinely efficient tool of floor cleaning - as long as you don't mind using a full box of wet refill cloths for a decent sized house of polished wood floors. And as long as no one walks anywhere near it for a good twenty minutes after use.
Not suckful, just overrated.

I have another advantage of polar fleece - dries in the blink of an eye, making it fabulously fast to keep clean for toddler winter wear or for bed wetters (who, naturally, may not all be exclusively toddlers). Still, there's the pet hair, and the pilling. I'm thinking we'll look back on it as this decade's lycra, or chenille...
Anonymous said…
I love this post but I hve to stand up for thongs. With a bottom heading south rapidly,these definitely leave no VPL.
jenny said…
cruises. As in 'on a large ship' or Tom et al?

because, yes and yes.

the recycling points I earn for the polar fleece I wear should totally make up for the fact that I drive a gas sucking suv, dontcha think?
Anonymous said…
I love the idea of this type of list. Very fun. I'm not sure I understand the over-hyped-ness of Hybrid Cars though. Mabye I'm just being picky. CSI. Shrimp. Yes, indeed.

Another one for me are the State Quarters. Who really cares?