Where were we?
Billy had gone home after telling everyone that he and Cristina had a shared moment of love, Yul has the Hidden Immunity Idol and it's night six.

The opening shot is a team around a campfire at night - and I'm guessing it's Billy's team but to tell you the truth, I could not understand a word they said. This went on for a couple of minutes.

Over at Cao Boi's team they are catching lots and lots of fish and listening to tales of life in Vietnam. Brad (who the heck is Brad?) thinks Cao Boi needs medication. He certainly talks and grins a lot.

The teams are summoned, we think for a challenge, but no! It's time for the merger.
After some picking and choosing and random drawings there are two teams of women and two teams of men. They finally crush paint filled eggs (novel) and make two big teams...
iTunes is red and Raro (which in my head means red) is blue. That ought to clear up my confusion.

Everyone is all happy happy joy joy over the merge, which I really don't get...someone actually says: THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER. They all talk about how they were separated before and who snores.

At iTunes Cecilia plays hostess, Cao Boi just acts like an idiot all over the place and Rollergirl is just beside herself with glee.

At Raro the men are moving rocks. I'm not sure why - I think it has to do with being all muscle-y and not wearing a shirt. Maybe the director asked them to do it.
Parvatis is telling us that she knows how to 'work guys' but she's not talking about having them haul rocks.
Middle (who arrives at home from a jaunt in town) thinks all the members of both teams are crazy. Insane is actually the word he used.
The women are plotting alliances, and it seems early, to me, for them to be doing this.
Jonathan says that he can get Rollergirl into an alliance .
But Rollergirl starts talking in a baby voice and she just isn't sure.
She's just here to make friends.
She doesn't want people to get all 'fake.'

Yul tells Becky that he has the idol.

Suddenly, Nate catches an octopus! it's all sucked on to him!
There's an overhead shot of a whale!
(We aren't sure why, but now that I think of it, I'm sure it was the 'power of the life giving sea' shot from the reel of overhead shots available.)

Time for a challenge.
It's one we've seen before, but it gives us the opportunity to admire the crystalline water.
Tied together, the teams must race in a circle with weighted Old Navy shoulder bags. As weak members drop out they hand their weight over to the remaining team members. When one team catches another the race is over.
(As I have seen this challenge at least once before this is where I zone out and start thinking about what I would wear for 39 days on Survivor...long board shorts I think, but would I wear a bathing suit bottom underneath them? And where am I going to find a tankini top with out underwire OR padded cups because I hate padded cups. I might have to go to one of those custom swimwear places. Do you think those places are any good? Maybe I'd just wear a bra and a tank top...I wonder if I would look like the older fatter lady on the team.)
Raro, which is blue, wins.
Candice gets sent to exile island (why? why I ASK YOU.)
And it would appear that people want Becky voted out.
Yul makes a case for her to stay, but Jonathan's got a 'serious problem.' He tries to manipulate the vote, but people aren't going for it.
Flicka (that's Rollergirl, I'm not sure which name is worse) is just too dumb to be manipulated.
Or maybe too smart - I can't tell cause of the baby voice.
She and Cao Boi find common ground.
Somehow it becomes a vote between Cecilia (who at least has been edited to not have done anything wrong) and Becky - and since we know and like Becky, we are happier when it is

I think, at this point in the series, that there is a lot going on that we don't see.
Scheming and planning is shown but there are a lot of moments and conversations that the viewer has no knowledge of. The teams are too big to really feel like you know anyone and you just have to roll with what you are seeing in the hopes that certain players become familiar later.

Or, maybe it's just me.

Red alert: I've just been asked to switch the blog to beta (I feel so special) please let me know if this is a good thing...


Anonymous said…
beta's by definition are software not ready for the public. so if you are an early adopter, and willing to take a risk with a piece of software that maybe buggy, go for it.

if the thought of something not working as advetised scares you? stay away.

they release software in beta because no one will find problems with software prior to release like users.

Anonymous said…
I'm already dreading next week's episode...did you see the teaser with Cao Boi raiding the bird's nest for baby birds? Don't think I can handle that...

I'm like a brand new baby here at blogger beta--however, I have had 0 problems and can upload photos much easier.
abrowncow said…
can flicka really be that much of an airhead? is jonathon really that annoying? did cao boi sign the season's 'goofball' contract?

the merge... okay. the challenge, seen it before and honestly this version didn't play out as well. i think it's much too early for them to all be jockeying for final four or even merger 5 position... they just got together! how come noone wanted to vote off sondra (?)(it would be racist of me to say the black chick)? everyone went for either becky or cecelia... keeping sondra (?) as the swing vote i suppose.
Bec said…
Of COURSE you are special! Would we be here otherwise?

Some others have found the beta is messing with their comments. That's all I've heard.

It gives you categories.

Therefore, you no longer have any excuse for delaying the return of S&T.

Because it can have it's own category now, see?
Badger said…
I'm not going beta until they make me.

Is it me or does Jonathan sound EXACTLY like Alan Alda? For real. Close your eyes the next time he tries to talk Flicka into voting his way and tell me that isn't Hawkeye.

I am officially rooting, in every sense of that word, for Yul to win. He is my new Survivor boyfriend.
Anonymous said…
God, I feel estranged...but it's funny to read about this Survivor thing, also have no clue about beta blogger so can't help.
Hope it's nothing that will ban me from your blog, or I don't like it!
Amy A. said…
Thanks for the run down, bb!
Love it. (I'm taking the wait and see option for beta.)

Badger, I'm so glad you identified that voice for me! I kept telling my husband he sounded familiar. We even closed our eyes to see if we could hear it. I feel much better now. I though he must have been an info-mercial guy I couldn't identify.
Anonymous said…
I've visited a few blogs that are having problems with the commenting system in beta. Kristie (Slacker-Moms-R-Us) is one I specifically remember. I think she also had some posting problems at one time.
Defunct Lisa said…
I'm more of an Amazing Race fan, but can't help myself from watching every episode of Survivor.

Yes, Yul! I'm also rooting for him! But I fear that his alliance may suffer from the early strength don't see the power play coming pattern.

I'm an early adopter! but not yet to Blogger. My experience has never been negative, and as some people say, Flickr is still in Beta and we all use that! Yahoo mail beta is WAY better than the original, and Vox rocks! So, go for it!! Give it a run for its money, and tell them everything you think!
--erica said…
Yes, Flicka is bugging me. I get annoyed when people say.. "I'm just here to be friends" blah blah.. blah. "I don't want to be FAKE.."
Hello Chick, it's SURVIVOR!

I don't know this Beta thing of which you speak..
Elan Morgan said…
I'm not going with the new blogger until it's not beta and the old blogger's dead. Why take the risk when they're not offering the moon?
Anonymous said…
Yes! Badger! Jonathan does sound exactly like Alan Alda. I noticed that the first time he opened his mouth. Alan Alda when he's playing an annoying, manipulative shlep.
christa said…
jonathan's voice haunted me for 2 entire episodes before the alan alda thing occurred to me. it was maddening.

i hope this is the last year they do the "4 small tribes" thing... it requires too many participants. too hard to keep track of them all.

if they don't listen to my advice on that front, then they should at least acquiesce and make the first few episodes 2 hours long so as to give time for more character development. ;-)