I am tearing myself away from my newest internet love to write this.

Mom arrived last night with a scrumptious pot roast, I made the mashed taters and burned the gravy and we ate so much that I, for one, was in some pain when we took our customary viewing positions.

Episode 2! Day 4!
hon de lo de hey ah la hey (which is, word for word, the lyrics of the theme song, I swear).

The Hiki tribe is having some problems making fire.
They, if you remember, are also down one tribe member, having voted out the big guy with the rag on his head.
Finally Rebecca (who we are reminded is a GIRL) makes fire.
Celebrating ensues.

iTunes are catching lots and lots of fish in the gorgeous blue sea and Cristina is telling them about how she got shot in the arm and almost lost it and came back to return to work as a police officer.

There is a team chasing chickens and catching chickens with a net - but I'm not sure that I know which team it is.

Puka has many chickens and we are spared the shots of the chickens being killed and plucked and we cut directly to what looks like Perdue chickens being spit roasted over the fire.
Thank you CBS, for allowing me to watch my favorite show sans chicken killing.

Gosh the beach in the Cook Islands is pretty -
what's airfare to the Cook Islands these days? There must be boats involved...

At Raro, the producer guy comes back from exile island. (I WAS going to look up all these names but I'm thinking: you want my REAL reaction to the show, don't you? Well, I don't know a lot of names.) He gets all producer-y and starts ordering a new floor for the hut.
We, here in Tuvalu, have lived through the producer-y thing for many years, so we would advise Raro to just do what they are told.

Billy (the other rag-head) is napping.
And I'm not sure how long we can look at black socks in the tropics.
The tee shirt is hurting our heads.
And we all know what happens when you nap on the early episodes of Survivor, don't we.

Cao Boi is doing some more healing at the Puka camp.
Hickeys all around!
But, it turns out, he also like to make racist jokes, and a debate ensues.

Back at iTunes, Billy is snoring away --
and his campmates discuss throwing a challenge to get rid of him. (cue scary music and shots of rats)

On day 6 a challenge rears its head.
Tied together through an obstacle course, the teams will retrieve plaques that answer questions regarding a story they are told about Captain Cook.
They will be rewarded with tarps.
OR...wait, you can read the story in this nice book at the beginning of the race thereby holding back your departure and making it totally possible for you to lose.
Which is what iTunes do - thereby throwing the challenge.

And we all know what they plan to do next...though Billy wakes up and tries to squirm his way out of leaving by swaying the tender hearted Cristina (doesn't her name have an H?).

Yul gets sent to exile island. Which is even prettier than the rest of the place.
He plans and thinks and starts digging for the immunity idol -
WHICH HE FINDS...during 'golden hour.' It's a cinematic dream, and too bad the producer guy missed it.

Off to tribal council on the amazingly crafted shipwreck set where there is a big blowout.
Billy claims to have exchanged love glances with Candice. He says he has fallen in love.
We are flabbergasted and cannot even think of who Candice IS.
Jeff is just beside himself learning of the throwing of the challenge and then this love business.
But it matters not as Billy is sent packing and our eyes are given a rest.

It looks like next week some people will be less enamored of Mr. Cao Boi who, apparently, never shuts up.

Thanks for reading,
I'm going back to the bunnyshop.


Suse said…
I've been dumped for a RABBIT?

Badger said…
That was iTunes still, with the nets and chickens.

OMG, the thing with Billy and Candice made my skin crawl off my body and send me a postcard from somewhere far away.

I had to watch it again.

What happened was that after the challenge, when iTunes lost and the teams were all standing around, Billy looked over to Candice and muttered that he would be next to go. And she said, "Really? Well, WE love you!" Like trying to be supportive and cheerleadery and stuff. And then he got all schmoopy and said, "I love YOU."

And apparently he thought that was a for real significant thing and that SHE LOVED HIM and oh my GOD, there goes my skin.

(P.S. Candice is the one who's been cuddling with Adam over on whatever the name of their team is. Team Whitey is what we call them at our house, but you're not talking about that, so.)
Anonymous said…
Thanks so much for the recap. Bit of a loopy Thursday night here, as Hubby forgot to Tivo Survivor. Was able to watch only the last 2 minutes of the show, and experience ultimate creepdom.

Have forgiven Hubby, btw.

After a surprise sucker punch and shove down the stairs.

We're good.
Amy A. said…
Yul was my favorite, even before he found the treasure.

Glad to see Billy go, too. Ick. I thought they gave these people psych evaluations.
kilowatthour said…
ohhhh wow. bunnyshop = extreme goodness.
Anonymous said…
Mmmm pot roast.

That poor psychotic shlep, thinking that some chirpy blond sing-songing WE Love You!! meant that she'd fallen in love with him.

And hooo-mama, that Asian team does know how to work together. No, that's not a racial stereotype, just an observation.
Sharon said…
Our thought was that Billy has to sit home watching this with his friends and discover how WRONG his interpretation was and how STUPID America now realizes he is/was. Imagine trying to explain that to your heavy metal buds. Hee!
Priscilla said…
I'm so glad that you are doing Survivor commentary. It helps extend the days until next Thursdays, of course there is always House on Tuesdays, after that I can't figure anything else I gotta watch.
christa said…
hey, REALLY! is it billy's fault that he was born so schlumpy and snory that his MOMMA never even told him she loved him? no, it's not. so therefore it's not his fault that he got all worked up by a generic "we love you" from some attractive, yet smelly, girls. it's a completely logical conclusion he leapt to.


btw, this week's issue of entertainment weekly (to which i proudly subscribe) has a nice long behind-the-scenes look at survivor, and sekou's farewell. it is apparently a 9-hour flight to the main cook island, then another couple hours via puddle jumper to the smaller island on which the crew is based. then boats from there.