surf and turf

We have returned from our adventure on Granddad's farm.
We are very very full (Granddad likes to feed us) and tired.
It's a bit of a long way to the farm...

We drove there in a typhoon. Many inches of rain and high winds. And, surprisingly, the Volvo made it with no alarming messages displayed on the dashboard.
We had a hearty welcome and our first meal of GD's organic hamburgers.
And then I'm pretty sure we sat around watching the rain and the cows in the rain and sampled some of the gin and tonic, with lime that GD grew himself - of course.
Finally Granddad's wife, K2 came home, which was nice as I was craving female companionship.
Sometime around then we had some of this -


and some of this -

moose wine

K2 says she buys the wine for the house and often bases her choices on labels. Which worked out just fine.

We sat and talked but went to bed pretty early as we had hoped that we could get an early start for a sail on the boat.

the boat

That's the boat, in the middle - GD sailed it, mostly alone, a very long way to bring it to his home after he bought it.
It's pretty and large and very comfortable.
But the thing was, while we were busy eating cheese and drinking moose(es)the day before, the typhoon was destroying harbors and marinas all around us.

boat on land
This boat is not supposed to be on this person's lawn.
And there were many sunken and misplaced boats all around Granddad's.
And while most of the boats in the marina where we were ended up being safe, the marina itself was under water completely for nearly 18 hours - so, needless to say, it wasn't really possible to go OUT on the boat.
But it definitely was possible to have a delicious picnic on the boat and partake of some pulled pork and cold beer!

I also got an opportunity to window shop for a boat for us -
and I chose this one:

nice neighbor

pretty, isn't it?
I forgot to ask K how much it would be.
But I'm pretty sure we'd have to sell our house.
And I don't even really like boats...

While everyone was poking around the marina and choosing boats,
K offered to do some maritime chores.

K climbing

Chores which involved wearing a harness and climbing like a pirate, or a monkey, or a monkeypirate up the mast and needing to come back down

K working

for a knife - which could be held tightly in his teeth while he changed a light bulb.


Yes. Life at sea is very exciting.
But we were never nervous as we had all been instructed regarding the location of life vests and fire extinguishers and ropes and hooks and the pumping of the 'head.'


But you want to know what I wear at sea - don't you?

me on board

Galoshes! of course!

With our bellies full, our quest for the open ocean unattainable and our spirits only slightly damp, GD pointed out that he had passed a sign for something the boys might enjoy.
An indoor go-kart track...
and, you know, if you cannot sail - you might as well race!

It was an amazing place - and they were kind enough to let Youngest drive even though he did not meet the height requirement.
The fellas donned their protective head gear -

Middle hairnet


You didn't know that F1 drivers wear hair nets?
Ask Joke - he'll tell you.

And then they went to their safety instruction class -


an arduous three minutes.

And finally!
The green flag!


It was pretty thrilling, as Youngest had to learn to drive and Middle and K were deeply involved in the kind of father/son racetrack conflict that a grandparent can truly appreciate.
Fortunately K was the victor, although Middle was only seconds behind (which they knew because they each got a print-out of their lap times).

But it was late -
and there were animals to be fed back on the farm.
And I am not referring to the goat.


Suse said…
So glad you had a lovely time, typhoon excepted. Welcome home!

(Those galoshes look, um, practical).
BabelBabe said…
what suse said about the galoshes...I kinda figured you for one of those green wellies types, myself...

*I* had a relaxing - ha! - "picnic" with H's family - complete with inedible food. Your day(s) sound smuch nicer.
Anonymous said…
I see you knew we were all waiting to see pics and they all look exciting, aside from the boat on the lawn of course. Race track!!! I'm in...I love racing, wish we had a kart track around here.
Loved the 3 Moose wine...
And LOVED GD's sail boat, I could really use it here!
Carol said…
Love the boat, the wine (tell K2 that I also pick out wine according to the fun labels) and the galoshes. Really.

Sorry the weather wasn't more cooperative especially since you drove so far, but good food and company usually make up for that!
...maybe not the goat but the moose??
I am glad you GD boat was out of harms way and that your time with him went well.
You sure were stylin'in your galoshes!
Badger said…
I love go-karts. And summer sausage, which I think I espied in one of those pictures up there.


Boats, not so much.
Anonymous said…
Looks like fun. :-)

I have an XC90 question for you if that's okay. After it rains, when you open either of the front doors, is there a slosh of water that pours over the rail at the bottom of the door and also your feet if they happen to be in the way? It's like it accumulates on the roof somehow and opening the door cause the dam to break loose? A design flaw or do I just have a lemon? Many thanks.
blackbird said…
Ann -
I have not had that problem with my XC90, though I have had numerous other rain related issues.
Perhaps we both have lemons.
Anonymous said…
Thanks bb, your reply gives me hope that it's something that can be fixed. I hope all the hassles you've had with yours are history too.
Amy A. said…
You really have the best adventures. No wonder I keep coming back here. Little vacations for my mind without all the hassle.
momslo said…
Glad your home safe and GD's beautiful boat is safe too- looks like fun and family was had by all.

PS-I sometimes pick out wine because by the looks of label too-shh, don't tell anyone- you can hang for that in my part of the world! You know- here it's all about the nuances.
Paula said…
You have a very swash buckl-y man there. I don't even watch when D goes up on the roof, it makes me weak in the knees. You are very brave.
Caro said…
You do lots of fun stuff with your kids.

They're lucky to have you.
lazy cow said…
Sounds fabulous. I always dreamed of being a female pirate and shinnying (is that the word?) up the masts.
Love the 'three blind moose' label.
Anonymous said…
Sounds as though you ate very well. I'm glad the typhoon did not blow the brave little Volvo off the road. Back to the real world now. Summer's over.
weirdbunny said…
You have relatives that own a farm and a boat !! What a brilliant family to be a part off..