some things I DO like for fall and some we need

I don't want you all to think there's nothing I like in the way of fall fashions -
there are quite a few items I'm fond of...

cardi sd

I am in love with this cardigan from the Sundance catalogue (in Storm, in regular, medium, if anyone is, you know, interested) - but I would wear it with a longer tee shirt.
I can see myself wearing this sweater all the time - with everything. Just not with my six pack showing. (I'm cracking myself up.)

dress sd

I think this is a great special dress. I don't have anywhere special to go, and I would wear it with that tee shirt underneath it...

sweater and pants, sd

The outfit on the left is very me. And, with my new short hair, very butch I suppose. I wore it yesterday, in black and white.

wrap sd

Gorgeous wrap. Probably meant as a throw...but I just love it.

I still have no winter jacket...


and I was contemplating this - but I just cannot do it.
I've decided I won't have a 'parka.'
And I'm okay with it.
I don't really have a parka lifestyle.

But this is tempting...

peacoat rd

A snappy twist on the peacoat. Who showed me a peacoat to die for? Vickee who is no longer an internet person?

Here's the one that got away -

agnes b dress

an Agnes B dress on ebay. I missed the end of the auction somehow and it went for twenty or thirty dollars. A shame.

As for things we NEED -


I've decided to do the bathroom upstairs in Pottery Barn stuff.
This Pottery Barn stuff.
(and we are one year into renovating it fyi)

dutch oven

I WILL have a Le Creuset round dutch oven.
In red.
I just can't figure out if we need the 5 or 6 quart. Jo? Joke?


Too many pieces of our flatware have been roughed up in the disposal.
And I need a change -
These shall be mine.


We've needed new pillows (three of us) for a couple of years.
I won't publicly discuss the condition of the ones we have - suffice to say: when hotel pillows are more appealing than ones own, something must be done.


We are thinking of throwing a stay in a tower in Positano on the list of necessities too...


Anonymous said…
6 luv, get a 6, bigger is indeed better in this case. You want to be able to fit a whole chicken and some veggies around it.
love the peacoat. want most things in the sundance catalogue. perhaps someday when they actually ave a size i could fit in...*sigh*
Paula said…
The Sundance sweater up top? My friend and I figured out how to knit it at knit night last week.

And the peacoat? How soon you forget;). You were going to track it down for us at a discount. Remember?
lazy cow said…
Right there with you on the top cardi and that dress, that dress. I'm going to dream about it.
I have the Le Creuset pot (sorry, can't call it a Dutch oven, it makes me giggle uncontrollably like a 6 year old), in the larger size, in blue. I swear everything that I cook in it tastes better than it did in my manky old pots.
I'll have that holiday in Positano too thanks.
KPB said…
ooo - I think you and I have very similar taste in clothes - I too love that cardy.

I love your posts like these because I can go off exploring web catalogues - an area in Oz we are SO far behind in.

Can we meet you in Positano?

I hear you on the pillows.

I'd add new linen - bedding and towelling to our list...

I crave a Le Creuset - get the bigger one.

There's a pottery barn stand that has coat hooks and baskets for storage adn the like - I'm trying to convince my FIL to build it for me. He keeps offering me money to buy something from Ikea instead. :(
Gina said…
Here's a question: What to do with the old pillows? I've got some feather pillows that date back to my 1995 bridal shower, which are now little more than flat sacks of feathers. Do I just trash them? Is there a good way to recycle? Anyone?
Badger said…
I will have a Le Creuset dutch oven, too. And I will buy it at TJ Maxx for $130.

And also I will have new pillows, but that will take more doing as I am extremely picky where pillows are concerned.
Anonymous said…
Just buy the tower. Forget that pesky remodeling stuff.
Elizabeth said…
I have that exact dutch oven - in red yet! and I say: go big or go home.
Have you considered space foam pillows? The first night I slept on mine I thought it was like a boulder but now I can't sleep without it.
Anonymous said…
what is the advantage of the enameled cast iron for $130 as opposed to say, a 30$ lodge cast iron dutch oven. of which i have several?

Joke said…

Vox populi, vox dei. The 6 qt. is key. You will NEVER say "Damn! Look at all this extra capacity going to waste!" but you might say "ARGH! DAMMIT! Too small!"

Get the 6 qt.

I did.

(At the LC outlet. $29.99, because the knob was missing.)

Anonymous said…
I immediately went to the Sundance catalog online to get another look at the cardigan. I came to my senses when I saw the price. And I have to think twice about lambswool. Catalogs that call "storm" a color annoy me. Sorry to get grouchy here.

The tower looks nice.
Lynne@Oberon said…
Wow, what a coincidence, I think I NEED all of those things as well ;)

We also have a Le Creuset pot, a big one, but I don't know the size. Love it, Love it! Go for the biggest you can get, that's my motto (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).
Joke said…
Oh, and the reason why enameled cast iron is preferable to plain old cast iron has to do with the fact iron reacts to acids, such as those in tomatoes or wine. The plain stuff also needs to be seasoned AND cleaned oh-so-carefully so as not to rust.

Jaye Joseph said…
Oh how I long for the LC Dutch oven. Joke, you make me want to drive to the LC outlet right now and see if I can find one for 29.99. I must have one. And a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer.
Anonymous said…
The LC pots are so worth it. I have a couple that are 15 years old (wedding presents). They clean up so well and you have to really work at it to burn anything in them (ask me how I know).

The only reason to get the smaller one is if you would only rarely need a bigger size. I find that because they are so heavy, I always reach for the smallest one that will do the job. So for everyday cooking, if it were me, I'd get the smaller. For once-in-awhile gigantic braises etc., though, I sometimes long for a bigger one because I have to use 2 pots.
TMI??? Just trying to be helpful, LOL. Broadway Panhandler has good prices and selection, as does Zabar's. Nothing like 29.99, alas. xox Kay