On the upside, I decided to spend the morning at the coffee house, writing some posts that were in my head, researching an asthma treatment that is being recommended for Youngest and sipping a nice latte.

On the downside, I accidentally received a big giant caffeinated latte, and I cannot tolerate a drop of caffeine.

On the upside, I had some Xanax in my bag and took some to help slow my heart-rate.

On the downside, the stuff I was reading about the asthma treatment was a little scary.

On the upside, we had an appointment with the pediatrician, wherein I could discuss the plan of action.

On the downside, she cancelled the appointment.

On the upside, I wasn't in the mood.

On the downside, Youngest has another fungal infection in his trachea and we need medication.

But I realized that we might have a refill from the last time.

But we didn't, and our insurance doesn't cover it.

But our pharmacist is really great and gave it to us for the co-pay.

So, all in all, I was doing okay.

But then Youngest, who was out skateboarding with friends, called to say that he had fallen and had scraped himself up pretty badly and could I come get him.

I did.

And now, I've had two glasses of wine, and Youngest is bandaged up, and there is no dinner.

(the chicken is still MIA)


Paula said…
I tell ya, that wine really helps after a day like that.

Hope tomorrow will be better.
Anonymous said…
Could the chicken be in the freezer instead of the fridge or hiding behind something big?
Badger said…

I didn't know you were caffeine-free! Me too! Since college!

I think the dog ate the chicken.
Anonymous said…
you poor thing! what a day! a mom can take only so much before she takes to the bottle....(I've been partaking every night this first week of school....I'm wishing I could partake some mornings too! LOL!).
Anonymous said…
Wine is good medicine. I hope Youngest is feeling ok.
Anonymous said…
Uh oh! Sounds you really needed a good wine. Forget the Xanax, please.
Hope Youngest is recovering, s..t happens when you skate...I broek an arm when I was 9, but hey...I was skating on my tiled roof/terrace!!! Come on. And, we live FAR from Hospitals, the traffic was so bad it took us so long I will never forget AND when we got there theplace was packed...Doctors were away (weekend, I remember) AND on Monday morning I had to be put out since they had to BREAK MY ARM TO FIX IT.
Hope you feel relieved!
jenny said…
youngest looks like he's recovered nicely, what with all the swinging...

I remember trying to explain the whole pumping the legs thing to the kids, how you just have to feel it. It's like magic when they get it.

And the chicken...could it have been the beagle?
--erica said…
wine. I'm going to have to remember that trick.

Is 9 a.m too early to start?
Elizabeth said…
I thought decaf contained traces of caffeine. I can't do coffee at all but can tolerate the caffeine in tea.