I just wanted to bundle them up in their beds and keep them.
I want to order the fire wood and close all the windows.
I want to turn on the furnace and put away the pretty plants in the garden.
I want the leaves to change, to put on a sweater, to need hot chocolate.
I want to bake things.


I just don't feel like dealing with school and teachers (not that I do anything specific at the schools) and having our days built around 8am and 3pm.
We already have appointments with doctors and dentists and the orthodontist.

I let Youngest play World Of Warcraft for hours on end yesterday.
I let Middle pick the dinner.
Oldest had a new bass player over to play for a while.

I know there will be great adventures ahead of us, that we have so many fun things to look forward to - but I just didn't want to let them go this morning...

I am going to attack Youngest's room - god knows what awaits me in there.

And, at 12:30, my friend P is having a 'drunken luncheon' at the Irish pub in honor of the first day of school. I don't think she's any happier to see her three off today either.

To all of you sending wee ones to kindergarten and old ones to universities, I wish a peaceful day.



Badger said…
I felt the same way at the start of this school year (which for us was a few weeks ago) for some reason. Usually I am SO GLAD to send them back. But this year I wanted to keep them. Dunno why.
Paula said…
Looking back, I know why you feel that way. Just savor every little bit, every everyday thing. You'll thank me later.

Drunken luncheon, hmm... A new tradition well worth starting.
JustRun said…
I'm glad to hear all parents aren't dying to get rid of their kids. I never understood that.
celestial opus said…
Enjoy your two martini lunch! And feel free to bake anything for me and send it over. Better yet, how about I show up with some firewood and stay for the season?
momslo said…
We have been in school going on two weeks now- and I feel that way still- every morning I wake up with thoughts of "if only we stayed home"-I like being with my kids- they are fun.

Have a fun luncheon.
momslo said…
We have been in school, going on two weeks now and I still feel that way-every morning.

In fact I'm about to go in and do wake up right call now..uugggg

Have a fun luncheon- that should help.
Anonymous said…
OK, I know everyone will hate me after this.
School her ewill begin on Sept 18th.
I am still enjoying the sea, the boat and my lovely (please allow me) son...and I am fearing the 18th will arrive WAY TOO SOON. It's warm, sunny, calm sea, crystal clear waters...why should kid sbe closed up in schools...I don't understand...
Cheer up, though. Drunken luncheon...I'm in!!!
Caro said…
A drunken luncheon?

Sounds great.
Anonymous said…
I could use a drunken luncheon meself. I'm moping around like an old dog.
Anonymous said…
Yes, well, ahem.

I was delighted to put my 13-year-old on the bus yesterday morning.

Who needs a drunken luncheon when you can pad around your quiet house in your pajamas all morning?
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the interesting perspective. I'm bouncing around my empty, quiet house. I've been waiting to be alone at home for so long, but now ... time seems to be going very slowly. Is it 3:00 yet?
--erica said…
I'm feeling guilt for being glad that school is starting. They have been home for over three months..and it is time. Of course, I don't want the early mornings, the tight schedule or the homework.. just the quiet house. Just for a little bit.
Anonymous said…
No first day of school photos around here this fall, for the first time in 23 years. Yikes.

I'm waiting for your post-luncheon post.
Sarah Louise said…
I'm glad that school's starting because then all my mommy friends can do lunch again.

Also, two friends have boys going into kindergarten--I'm so proud, as if they were my own kin!

Me, I cry at the alzheimer's commercials--not sure why they're affecting me lately.

But I bet if I had kids I'd be in that wistful place of wanting them to stay and wanting them to fly.

bb--I put a list on my blog for you, come see!
Cindra said…
I have a different perspective. I am one of those who receives all of the little blessings every fall. It is refreshing to know there are still some mothers out there that want to spend as much time as possible with their children. Mostly we have mothers that are looking for someone to watch their children. We even had a couple that dropped their young children (1st grade) off on the morning of a 1/2 day and then couldn't be reached. Those are the children my heart goes out to. Children pick up on those things.
You have that age span between your children? Here let me give you a drink!