the rest of my pictures and tales from the farm

When you last left us, we were down on the farm.
And hungry.
But, fear not!

granddads kitchen rig

It was well covered.
Do you know how many pieces of french toast fit on that grill?
Two pounds of bacon fit on that grill...

french toast

Farms make people very hungry.


Eggs AND french toast.
A first for me.

All those animals get hungry too...

one wee cow

and you might have to go outside and make noises so they will come and have some pellets. Some of them are going 'on vacation' soon, you see, and so they have some pellets to fatten them up a little as the grass has been mostly eaten and there hadn't been enough rain.

You get the pellets (they ARE organic - sheesh!) from this thing.

place where you get the pellets

I'm sure it has some kind of a special name. But I call it the thing that holds the feed. The feed-thing.
And don't forget to bring some carrots from the house for the goat, who's name is Fritz.
Fritz can be a little pushy if you don't bring him a little something -
He pushed Youngest into the electric fence once, and he's got those damn scary eyes.
But look!
Here he is winking at Badger...

winking goat

...or he has some disgusting eye muck, I don't know. There's all KINDS of disgusting stuff you have to do with/to animals to keep them healthy on an organic farm. Blechy eyes and noses and muddy feet and pooping. It's all too much for me.
I like them at a distance.


Get your hair outta your eyes!


The orange ones are a new kind.
And there is a new dog too...also orange-y. And FULL of energy.

new dog

Here she is ripping her frisbee to shreds and eating it.

That's the thing about farm life, beautiful and harsh...
one minute you are admiring the grapevines -


- and the next you are moving cows out of the south field so that you can shoot coffee cans with the bb rifle.


Life on the farm is like the dining room table seen here

 clocks and ammo

a lotta gin and some ammo.

Or like a purple suede chair (which Youngest wants to marry)

the object of Y's affection

with a hitching post on the back of it...

hitching post

But there wasn't much time for lounging.
We had miles to go before we slept.

We took our leave -

bye sign

And not a single unnerving message was received from the dashboard of the car...

not a single message

unless you count this one -

scary message

And, a word to the wise:
don't EVER look at something like this

traffic jam

and say something inane, like: sheesh, good thing THAT'S going in the OTHER direction, huh?


JustRun said…
Looks like a great time. I'm glad I'm not the only one who comes away from a good trip with the food being one of the things I valued most about the trip.
momslo said…
I have never seen "hippy cows" like that-but I do know a lot about BB gun shooting now that we live here.

The range is FAB-and now I must have french toast and eggs and bacon.....
Geggie said…
I covet grandpa's range. That thing is enormous and wonderful.
Anonymous said…
That is one PRO kitchen.
I sighed looking at these pics, although I am not an animal person. Agree 100% with Middle on the purple armchair, totally cool!
The traffic? Been there, done that.
Suse said…
I do like that winking goat.

Even more than I like the purple chair, I believe.
Paula said…
Yes, I'd like one ticket please, for the Range Lottery. Who cares if I'd have to remove cabinets to make it fit!

You can say things like that in traffic, but you have to be knocking on your husband's head while you say it. Really, it works.
Anonymous said…
I nearly swooned when I saw your breakfast plate. I'm drooling on my keyboard.

Grandaddy farmer is K's pa?
islaygirl said…
ok ,that was a fabulous post, but HIGHLAND COWS? how is it that grandpa has highland cows in tuvalu?! i'm quite excited by this. i thot they stopped them at the border in scotland.
MsCellania said…
Is that a Wolf or 5 Star? And a salamandar! I want a salamandar -- No - I NEED a salamandar!
Does the Pa have ranch hands that he needs such a stove? Or just the chef in him demands such a tool? Nice!

We are switching to grass-fed organic beef. As it is essential for those who suffer the high lipids. Corn, she is not our friend, even one-step removed like feedlot beef. Grass? Much better.

Your trip sounds and looks splendid.
Poppy B. said…
Joke hasn't commented yet because he took one look at that range and fainted dead away.

Me, I'm just glad my son, a/k/a "Moby Grape" hasn't seen the purple chair, or I'd have to buy him one.
Badger said…
Hi, Goat!

That range picture was a scroll-down thing for me. I started drooling when I saw the enormous hood. And it just. Got. Better.

What the hell is that hairy thing? A yak? And more importantly, how does it taste?
tut-tut said…
I covet it all! We had a herd of Highland cattle when I was a teenager, and the plan was to raise grass-fed cattle. How many does he have?
Eileen said…
I always love your pictures... :o) and the commentary is fabulous too...

and I would looooove to have a stove/grill/amazing-piece-of-machinery like grandpa... wow...
Lynne@Oberon said…
Are those Scottish Highland cattle??? Love the country life :)

And lite music is VERY scarey!!
lazy cow said…
Eggs AND French toast? That's all? Holidays are for pigging out and all-you-can-eat breakfasts: french toast, bacon, eggs, sausages, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms juice, copious amounts of tea AND coffee. And even left-over pizza fried in the pan. That may just get you through to morning tea on my holidays :-)
I want one of those hairy cows. Just gorgeous.
Anonymous said…
is it okay to hat eyou? no really...I need to know.
both highland cattle AND the DCS range. I'm having soem SERIOUS, SERIOUS envy issues presently having just returned from a 4 burner, propane gas range and a few loons and a bunny.
*sigh* Can you do anything less than grandly?
--erica said…
That traffic thing has sooo happened to us...

glad you had a great weekend!
blackbird said…
It's a DCS range...
they ARE Scottish Highland Cattle,
and Granddad is, in fact, K's dad.
HOWEVER, K2 is NOT AT ALL K's mom.
Sarah Louise said…
I want to marry that chair too. I love the color, and it looks so comfortable...

Down on the farm sounds like it went well. Welcome back to Tuvalu!
I could make some mighty find Marshmellows on a range like that! Instead of sending me rice krispie treats, send the range,Grandpa can come along too...and you too! WOW what a range that is!!
Anonymous said…
Lovely post it reminds me of when I was little all my Dads family were farmers. We seemed to walk for miles and everyone we visited made us eat loads............ it was great.
KPB said…
Can't talk... blinded by deep envy combined with shiny silver...I n.e.e.d. that stove. N.E.E.D.
celestial opus said…
love love love Grandpa's kitchen. And the hood! Sigh... to have that beauty. However, I am still stuck at the hitching posts on the armchairs. Excercise bars, ballet holds, s&m stabilizers, grandchildren teeth knockouters? Do help.
weirdbunny said…
What a fab farm holiday you had. That cooker is rather hi tech for a farmhouse !
robiewankenobie said…
you're going to have to revive me. i've been rendered loopy by that gorgeous stove. *swoon*

(i was going to say rendered dumb, or somesuch, but i figured that was a bad idea.
Anonymous said…
I've had a long and hard day so this was such a treat. I love love LOVE animals - animals of any kind, but especially bovines and dogs. Goats are the best. So Thanks - again.

Anonymous said…
I just love your pix! you have such a way with words (that always make me bust out in spontaneous laughter and spit on my computer screen!) and a way with the camera! I am soooo loving those cows though! are they scottish highland cows? my family wants cows so bad but when I think about having to have them butchered I suspect that we'd just have more animals hanging around forever here on Freeloader Farm....