I love when hair stylists ask me if I use any "product" in my hair.
And, who am I kidding? I haven't been to a "stylist" in years.
But they still ask it - I know.
And they call mousse/gel/pomade "product."
That's singular.

And I do sometimes use some products in my hair.
And we have a collection of rejects.


from left to right:

Umberto Giannini - some kind of smoothing serum. I can never remember when you are supposed to use it, I think it's for when your hair is dry. I like it, but it smells like aftershave.
The other day, I spent the morning looking around for the 70 year old man, and it was my hair. Almost all of the label is worn off and I'll bet it is no longer manufactured.

Adorn - that would be Self Styling Adorn. Straight out of the 50's, this can was purchased for a mohawk, I think. It certainly makes one's hair, um, stiff. I think we are saving it in case any of us are in a wedding party and have an updo. Chances of this happening? Nil.

Garnier Fruictis Volume Inject Mousse - I'm not sure why this is in my bathroom. Certainly it could be put into storage as not one of us is going for 1980's hair.

Frizz Ease - LOVE IT. Have always loved it - and I don't have a single bit of curl or frizz on my hair. Perfect for making my hair all FLAT. Just the way I want it.

Garnier Super Stiff Gel - It's gel. Okay? I have never figured out how to use it and am never happy with my hair after I try.

Frizz Ease Downplay - This is supposed to make my hair flat like I like it. And it's cheaper than the other Frizz Ease so I thought I'd try it. But it doesn't work as well as the other Frizz Ease, so now I hate it and can't bear the sight of it as I have wasted $5.95 on it.

Garnier Blahblah Surf Hair - We're all into the whole surf thing over here, you know? So, of course I thought we needed surf HAIR stuff, okay? Not okay. This product does NOTHING.
Oh, and, it smells.

Oh! In the back, in the giant white spritz bottle - Paul Mitchell Volumizing Spray - I have had this bottle for ten years. This stuff makes your hair all thick and volume-y. Which would be the antithesis of my new hair.

Giga Hold - I'm saving this for when I go for the full-on DV look. I've got a few years.

Middle cut my hair for me the other night.
I wasn't happy with my bangs/fringe or sideburns.
I had a bit of a Kirk thing going on with the sideburns.
Middle did and extraordinarily good job.
He s-l-o-w-l-y snipped in tiny increments until my escapee bangs were restored.


Sarah Louise said…
this is too fun! In our family, when someone gets a haircut or is going out to get one, we yell, "Happy Haircut!" as if it's a birthday. So I'll say it to you, bb:

"Happy Haircut!"

Oh, and I am currently posting some pics, including some pics that I called "Blackbird pics" because they remind me of your shopping pics.
Badger said…
Paul Mitchell Wax Works will make your hair flat. And shiny. And it washes out really easily.
Sarah said…
My Hubby didn't even realize this until I pointed it out: Every brand of his metrosexual hair products (Product - the most generic of all words) features some form of the word "Australian".

Guess the word conjures up images of manly young dudes and their tanned, toned and blonde sheilas.

His hair is about an inch long so all products work the same on him.
Suse said…
Fructis! That's a frucking lot of hair product you have there Ms Blackbird.

From your very own tanned, toned and blonde sheila.

Amy A. said…
Maybe unused hair goo could be the topic of a show and tell. I would rock that one.

p.s The word verification is yqwaful, kind of coif and awful all put together. How apropos.
BabelBabe said…
Um? I have seen your hair? And I cannot imagine where you PUT this stuff and what you expected it to do? I mean, you have LOVELY hair, and your cut was adorable, but Blackbird darling...I think you should just pitch it all. Right now. Go. Pitch. Embrace your hair. Ahhh.....
Paula said…
I hate stuff in my hair, but I like the frizz ease, because you can't feel it and it um, eases the frizz.
MsCellania said…
Oh, I am lovin that Middle more every day.
Anonymous said…
This is the most I've ever been entertained by "product."

My problem with "product": I'll buy anything my stylist recommends...anything--because I know that one day "product" will change my life.
Poppy B. said…
I'm like lil' bird (which, btw, shouldn't the apostrophe be here--li'l? But I digress) about cleaning products. House cleaning products. The cleaning aisle is the triumph of hope over experience. The hair product aisle, not so much. I have some. It seems to work. The end.
Anonymous said…
Surfer hair looks like sweaty just got done playing futbol hair to me.
Jennifer said…
It is strange I guess, if you're not a hairstylist to call what you seem to think products are "product" but we do.

I've been doing hair for as long as I can remember.

If I were a rich person I would buy the expensive shampoo, conditioners etc, I'm not, so I shop around for what works. I have recommended this product to many of my clients already.


They have shampoo/conditioners/serums... they smell good, and it REALLY WORKS!!


Okay now I sound like an infomercial... heheehe
Anonymous said…
I think it's funny that Middle cuts your hair.
Joke said…
The only one of the lads to have shown the slightest and I mean THE SLIGHTEST inclination to cut hair was Numbah One Son about the time he was 5 when he cut Numbah Two Son's hair. The day after they had both had an official for-real haircut. Which considering the fact we're Iberic Shorthairs ovah heah (Poppy will verify to that) meant I had to rush NTS to the tonsorial equivalent of the ER.

It looked as if he was in Basic Training at Parris Island.