notes from the editor

Google searches for which this blog is the number one hit, or the only hit...


peach gel cup

pate bris (okay, #2)

say la vee (I worked hard for this)

The McKeithens

A few things I need to mention:

  • Show and tell will return to it's usual slot on thursdays. I don't know when, but I do know that my beloved Suse will have the first topic. (I just have to find the email wherein she requested it.)
  • As I will be attending Open House at Youngest's Middle's school this evening, I will not see Survivor until Friday. And so, my recap will appear on Saturday. Anyone who doesn't read blogs on Saturday is just screwed, I'm sorry, but that's the way it is.
  • Two memes in a week is quite enough.
  • Adding a space between bullet points is very very difficult.
  • I have actually been known to say: oh, I can't do that, I have some administrative work to do on my blog...which makes me sound very important, don't you think?


Anonymous said…
You don't sound important, I think you are very important. I am glad though that you struggle with spaces and bullet points, I am hopeless at computer skills but i can do spaces in between bullet points.............. does that make me important? :o)
Eliane said…
Google searches are stupid. On my blog there's a few posts that keep attracting herds of visitors. Mainly from strange countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia. Of course they are posts that mention something vaguely sexual.
Anonymous said…
I'll be here on Saturday!
Paula said…
Oddly, the searches that lead to me most are knitted handcuffs and wooly worm. Go figure...
kilowatthour said…
i'm number one for "putting in IVs" (and "the kilowatthour")

number two for "the weirdest shit" and "cute electronics"

and... a mere number three for "kilowatthour"

Caterina said…
Although I haven't been the most loyal S&T player, I am quite happy about it's return. Yay!

And eliane - I, too, get a lot of Saudi hits :) I've never bothered to look and see what they were searching for.
Sarah Louise said…
y'mean there are people that don't read blogs on Saturday? What, do they have lives?

Happy Happy Joy Joy on the return of Show and Tell--I been missing it!!

Good job on the google hits!
Katy said…
Yay for the return of Show & Tell! And how do you know this about your google searches?
Anonymous said…
I love that last line and I am totally stealing it.
Joke said…
Pate bris? Oy, the tsuris.

Suse said…
So now I have to remember what I suggested for show and tell?

Oooh, doorbitch is qmgouye which for some reason made me remember. Musical instruments!