habits we all should practice

I lifted this idea from stuffandjunk -

A list of good habits we should all adopt. Especially me. (aren't I just Miss High And Mighty?)

1. Stop watching the news. Nothing good can come of it. Obviously I am speaking to my peers and not business people - I am not naive, but I do believe that it's all rubbish. Read a good newspaper and formulate your own ideas about the world, but stay away from the television.
Watch the World News, which I believe, presents things clearly, concisely and without an anchor person - this is very very refreshing.

2. Take a deep breath and make a commitment to be nice to people. Just stop what you are doing and hold the door for someone, smile at an elderly person, bring flowers to someone who could use cheering up. Once you start, you'll find yourself being nice all the time.

3. Rinse your nasal passages. Really. You think I'm joking but this is wonderful stuff. If you've read my archives you know that I have been addicted to Afrin in the past. But no more!
Saline for me. Anyway, it seems to help hold a cold at bay and help me get well faster.

4. Drive a little slower. Stop being in such a hurry.

Finally, and most importantly if you are going to try to feel happier each day, I would suggest that change your perspective. Do you feel wronged by someone? Think of their side of things. Angry about something? Try to see the issue in a different light. Doesn't it seem that we walk around being agitated a lot of the time? Take a moment and try to think of situations differently. I am a great advocate for the other side of the story.

All right.
I'm done with the pontificating.
And I'm going to load the car.
We're off to the country.
Where there are animals.
But no internet.

When I come home I expect to see lots of comments, (as well as more photos from the delightful Paola ) and that you'll all have behaved.

If there's any trouble around here, someone get in touch with Poppy, or Badger, they'll straighten it out.


Anonymous said…
I agree whole heartedly. with everything except the newspaper idea. they are just as biased as television. they endorse politicians, how can they not be biased!

have a great time in the country.


Paula said…
I find in life when things aren't going well, if you close one eye and turn your head just right, the glass is always half full.

Have a lovely time in the country.
MsCellania said…
I try, I really do. But I flip from vacant to bitch in 3 seconds at, um, certain times of the month.

But yes; 100% agree about the news thing. Mind-control, all of it.

Ocean is good nasal douching stuff, too. My dad swears by xlear with xylitol www.xlear.com He may have something there because at almost 80, he's in alot better shape than I am.
Sarah Louise said…
Have fun in the country!!

and as for news, I just signed up for an email update as our mayor is doubtless hours away from death...
momslo said…
Thank you for the reminders-it's always good to remind ourselves-I know I can use them. That's funny, I was in the same mode last nite and that's why I posted what I did- to remind us to be more tolerant.

and I promise to behave while you guys are gone and I'll have just a few people over to house!

Have a nice weekend BB
Anonymous said…
I agree 100% with the list, I try every day to do something good for the others. In small details, something only I will maybe know and notice, but that will make me feel better, with myself and with others.
News??? Forget it.
Enjoy your country time!
Badger said…
Okay, so:

1. I totally agree.

2. It may surprise you to know that I actually do this.

3. I went out TODAY and bought that crappe you linked to, because dude. I have been on the Afrin since like MAY. It's amazing I have any septum left at all.

4. I drive the speed limit and very much appreciate it when others do also. Especially the others who are in front of me.

As for that thing you didn't number, I still maintain that some people are just assholes.

Have fun on the farm! Please pet a goat for me, if there are any.

OH! And I will try my darndest to assist Poppy in straightening out whatever needs straightening. We won't throw any wild parties while you're gone, Mom! Promise!
Jennifer said…
I never watch the news anyway... I just can't handle it.

Hope you have a great time :)
Poppy B. said…
Badger--I'll buy the beer. I look older.

Have fun, Mom!
Anonymous said…
I heartily agree. No good can come from watching the news. As for driving a little more slowly, after being nearly creamed by every third driver in our friendly neighbor to the north, I'm all for it!