foul weather gear

Tuvalu is sub-tropical you know. WHAT?
And, as such, experiences quite a bit of rain. SHUT UP.

Anyway - what with K riding his scooter to and from the station every day, and his Gap windbreaker/raincoat shedding its lining, I thought I'd start to look around for some kind of wet weather coat for him.
I was thinking that I would go look in the store down by all the marinas - that they might have some rain coats that were really waterproof. But K pointed out that those raincoats, having been designed and manufactured for guys with boats, could be expensive.

AHA! I thought -
The perfect item to search eBay for, yes?

Maybe not.

Although...Mervynh has always gotten good feedback.

My brother looked around a little for something, and feels that although this is rated for full immersion in 40 degree water for 14 hours - it may be overkill.

Mustang Ocean Commander Immersion Suit


Jennifer said…
Expensive is $15.00 for a Dora raincoat for kids! I can't imagine what mens raincoats could run for!
Paula said…
Condition Used.


Now I have to go wash my brain. Like I didn't have enough to do today already!
JustRun said…
Yikes! Get a good box of trashbags and save your wallet and your innocence. :)
Priscilla said…
Now what part of 40* water and 14 hours don't you understand? Who dresses up to stay in 40* water for 14 hours? Who? Who does that!? Who thinks this is something we have to create a suit for? Who tests it?

I'm with pj. I gotta go wash my brain.
Suse said…
Ah, the annual onset of The Great Tropical Wet. I look forward to monsoon stories.
Sinda said…
Luckily for K., I just received a catalog from the National G yesterday.

1. Oilskin
2. From Australia, so duh already
3. This classic update was developed in Sydney using thick cotton canvas embedded under heat and pressure with a special oil/wax blend that responds to your body temperature—allowing moisture and air to escape while keeping the elements out.
4. You can hose it down
5. $120

Need I say more?
celestial opus said…
I want to call him Scuba Steve now.
momslo said…
So how many red condom's does it take to make a rain coat?

I'm. just.saying.
kilowatthour said…
so hot. i love the look.
Badger said…
Oh, thank God you posted a pic of the DEVO suit. Perhaps it will heal my retinas from the abuse they suffered at Mervynh's ... hands. Or whatever. Ew.
BabelBabe said…
DUDE! I was at WORK! You gotta warn us....
Elan Morgan said…
But what about his hands?! The rest of him will survive in that kind of cold, but his hands will be shrivelled nuggets.