every day wonders

I may be easily impressed, but I find the following things extraordinary:

The newspaper. How amazing is it that is arrives every morning? EARLY. And all the news is in there, and wonderful ads and editorials and sometimes recipes. I am just amazed that the paper is out there every morning. I'll bet there are hundreds of people responsible for making it happen each day and I do not take their hard work for granted. Did you know that, before they are read, most newspapers are sterile? And, when you are done reading it you can do any number of amazing things with it. Newspaper is totally a multitasker!

Candles. Candles are the easiest way in the world to make a room feel cozy or special. Scented ones are so much nicer than what you had for dinner last night wafting through your rooms, make bathrooms less scary for dinner party guests and light dim spots all around the house. Candlelight makes everything prettier - but don't use scented ones in the dining room. I'll bet it takes hundreds of people to make candles! KIDDING!

Comet. Yes, Comet. Bathroom cleanser, scouring powder - it's a floor wash AND a dessert topping. Actually, no. But it does work awfully well and it's cheap. You can shine pots with it, clean your kitchen sink, or swish it in the toilet. And it smells fresh without being smelly.

Mouthwash. I'm into mouthwash. Blue mouthwash. Minty mouth, clean nightguard, good gargle for a sore throat. You can probably wash your floor with it too, but I haven't tried.

And, if you don't have mouthwash - Gum. Gum is an amazing thing. I chew it when my mouth smells, or if I am hungry or just to annoy people.

Trader Joe's Fat Free Caramel Popcorn. The whole DAMN BAG is, like, 700 calories. Ergo - one bag equals a meal!

I'm going to stop now.

You should go and watch this, which the amazing and inspiring Corey has linked to today.


Badger said…
Newspapers are sterile? They must be making them a lot differently now than they did back when I was involved in the production of them.

I like the huggy guy's jacket.
Amy A. said…
How can people pass up a free hug? What a great video.

After working on a newspaper last year, I'm glad to hear you enjoy the effort put into making one. It's hard!
Anonymous said…
I love newspapers.

Because of you, I've been thinking about black shoes for about 24 hours. We just found out that yes, we will be going to a fancy party in a few weeks. I don't have a thing to wear. I have to buy a black outfit to go with the black shoes that I've been thinking about but haven't bought.
Anonymous said…
It makes your teeth turn green.
It tastes like gasoline.
It makes you vomit.
So get some Comet,
and vomit today!

And we would still be getting the newspaper if it actually did show up early... -sigh-
Anonymous said…
You're right, they are all extraordinary.

I, myself, like to light a scented candle and wrap myself in newspaper.

Then, once bedecked, I scrub out the tub with Comit while I gargle mouthwash.

But that's just how I roll.
Caterina said…
Candles - make bathrooms less scary for dinner party guests......My husband does this, and I love when he does it.

I think I'm hooked on Corey.
tut-tut said…
Comet?! Bon Ami. Hasn't scratched yet.
Anonymous said…

As if it weren't delightful enough to have you to read everyday, now you have introduced me to the wise and wonderful Corey.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Bec said…
Am basking in the glow of recognising the Free Hugs scene as Pitt Street Mall, just around the corner from my office in Clarence St, Sydney.

You also get glimpses of Circular Quay and Town Hall - oh, and a warm fuzzy feeling inside, bonus!
Jennifer said…
My husband is a pressman. He actually prints the newspaper. It is quite fun to read the paper before it hits the stands and/or peoples mailboxes every morning.

Candles are like my best friend :)

I love comet too, but be careful of the one with bleach, makes a nasty mess of nice dark cloths

Mouthwash actually scares me a bit in the fact that it BURNS my mouth, it's nice to have that refreshing feeling though :)

Never heard of this popcorn, but it sounds wonderful!
Anonymous said…
Newspapers are sterile. I remember reading once that if you are delivering a baby, or have a nasty wound, you can use a fresh newspaper to wrap the baby or wound, as newspapers are sterile.

As is urine. Tho I twouldn't float the newborn in it....
Anonymous said…
Just have to say that I enjoy your posts. Thank you for the link to Corey, now I'll be reading her daily too!

Love the hugger and the way he kneeled down to the first small woman who came to get her hug. What was even better was the way the woman then touched his face so lovingly.
Thanks for the link
and nod,
like an internet hug!

small daily wonders:
Deb said…
FABulous video link!!!! Am passing it along :0) Deb
L. said…
Thanks sis, (I mention our familial conection because I'm sooo proud of you and what you give us each day)

I just sat at my desk, and cried like a baby over that video...

Anonymous said…
My mom used to make us brush our teeth with Comet. Once in a while, to get them extra clean. Maybe that's why I prefer to clean with baking soda...
Sarah Louise said…
I LOVE newspapers too!!

and soon in da 'Burgh we'll be getting a Trader Joe's!! Woohoo!