black shoes

I have a hankering.

ballet flats

I thought it was for these.
Sofia Coppola certainly made them alluring in the paper last weekend.
Real ones are $200.
The ones at Payless are $12.99, but, alas, sold out.

Then I thought these might do.

black wedges

But I'm not sure.

It would be fun to be taller.

black pumps

But I'm more of a 'comfortable shoe' kind of girl.

Back to flats...




Perhaps Mary Janes?

dkny shoe

My neverending back and forth with the idea of Mary Janes...

ken cole

$300 again.
And they are Kenneth Cole for god's sake.

mary janes

From Nordstrom, and $70, which now seems so reasonable.
But they are too reasonable looking.


I know people love Keens, but I'm just not sure.
If I go totally over the edge of comfort, I think I'd go this way...

Picture 6

So so so ugly.
But, I know from experience, so comfortable.
Perhaps a midpoint -

camper too




also campers


I have the second open house tonight - but I won't be able to go on the scooter. sigh.
Breakfast with my girlfriends this morning and the huge task of shifting the wardrobes today.

I took the kids for their school check-ups yesterday -
Middle is 5'6" and weighs 104 pounds.
Youngest is 4'6" and weighs 70 pounds.
Youngest needed two shots and cried like a baby (and I mean that in a sweet way) before them and never even said 'ow' when he got them.
My pulmonary specialist questions were answered with the phone number for a new pulmonary specialist and the doctor would like a dermotologist to look at Middle but Middle doesn't care to.

I've been trying to get into a couple of new television shows -
(and I've just realized that I will miss House tonight, someone will have to let me know if my theory still proves out) but I just can't get into anything. I've given Studio 60 a real college try and cannot make it past 40 minutes. The dialogue is fast paced but the action isn't. And I don't much care for the characters (I KNOW we aren't supposed to LIKE the characters, but I really don't give a damn about the characters).

I suppose that's it. It took many attempts to get on to blogger this morning - I'm not even sure this will post. (and THANKS A LOT, BLOGGER, I notice that I have NOT been invited to switch over to beta...)
It's tuesday.
And it feels like a tuesday.


Jennifer said…
The camper shoes.. Definatley get my vote.
MsCellania said…
You would overwhelm their poor beta site with all your traffic.
You know I'm all over those Keens. But for you? Buy whichever one of those shoes is the most comfortable. But not the birks. Give something else a go. Are these for skinny pants or dresses?
What about Ecco or Dansko?
Badger said…
I, too, possess the slender variety boy child.

I, too, cannot seem to get into Studio 60 after giving it the old college try TWICE. I find it boring.

I am not commenting on any of the shoes, which I think is best for everyone.
Anonymous said…
Ahem, i like Studio 60. Perhaps it's my child-like crush on the actor.

Anyway, might i suggest the new earth shoe maryjanes? So cute and comfy. I bought a pair at blogher.

love them! I'm also a Camper enthusiast - very comfortable too.
Anonymous said…
i wan't wear perfectly flat shoes. They kill my knees.
I would like to speak up for my favourite Mary jane Crocs of course.§ion=products

Off to set the DVR for House....
Anonymous said…
I have some Camper maryjanes, but mine are more casual-looking with a big blue snap and rubber toes. God, I love those shoes.

And black shoes? My shoes are divided into 1. massive wall of black shoes and 2. smallish cabinet of all other shoes.
BabelBabe said…
Oh. My. God. I LONG for those Kenneth Coles - they are simply DIVINE.

But I also love the Campers.

I could get them both (haha! My days of paying 300 bucks for shoes are loooonnng past) and wear the Coles to work and the Campers while I am being a mom.

I think the Campers for you, my dear. Or the little ballet flats with the scalloped edges. Nothing at Anthro?

I CLEARLY have VERY expensive taste in shoes - I think I picked the two most expensive in that list.
Sarah Louise said…
what a lovely collection of shoes...hmm, it's Tuesday, are you going to announce S&T?

(just wondering...)
Caterina said…
The Campers and the Kenneth Cole get my vote. And I agree with BabelBabe, "those Kenneth Coles - they are simply DIVINE."

I'm confused with your comment about the huge task of shifting the wardrobes ??? Duh me.

I, too, tried Studio60. TWICE. There will be no third attempt.
Bec said…
the Campers, no contest. But not the ones with the ugly yellow buckle. Black on black.
Anonymous said…
Here are the problems that I see with Studio 60:

I can't accept Matthew Perry as the hard-ass guy

Whats-his-name from WEst Wing looks really California weird with the curly blonde hair.

Timothy B--- from 30-something used to be my age and now he's old. I'm not old. Why is he old?

And the female lead. Boring.

The blonde actress as a great comedic genuis? Uh, can't see it.

And ultimately, isn't a SNL show so 80's?

This review brought to you by woman waiting for the season premiere of Gilmore Girls in one hour.

Anonymous said…
I like the Campers but LOVE the Kenneth Coles. Why is it that every time I see a pair of shoes that I like, they suddenly cost $300? I mean EVERY pair. I mean SUDDENLY. I mean $300.

Why is it that an average increase in salary is still 3%? It's no longer enough to keep a girl in shoes.
ballet flats, no straps!
Anonymous said…
Ok, do you watch nip/tuck? I can't remember if you do or not. Also? The Wire on HBO. My new favorite show.
Suse said…
Oh my god, get the Kenneth Coles. Heaven!

The Campers are the next best ... but oh my god, I'm going to DREAM about those K.Coles now.
weirdbunny said…
Loving those kenneth coles!!!!!!!!!
MontanaJen said…
But look at all that Zappos has to offer!
Anonymous said…
I like the ones third from the end--or second from the end, because the last two are both the same ones, right?

I hoped i could click on the picture and get to somewhere that i could send some money to get some of my very own, but that just brings me to your flickr page, and I can't see the brand tag big enough to track them down.

Any help?
blackbird said…

The last three shoes are all from Camper.
The suede ones are called Marit...
Anonymous said…
If you post a picture of Crocs, I'm taking you off my blogroll.
Claudie said…
I am for the campers and (this disturbs me) the dknys, strongly against the kenneth coles, and currently vacillating about the birkenstock clogs myself. (A narrower fitting would be slightly less unattractive and easier to keep on but they don't seem to make one.) As for flats, we may need to let them die down for a while.