where are we and what IS going on?

Right this minute I am sitting in the park while Youngest plays.
I love that he plays, as you all know.
I am just back from meeting Jan - who was just the cutest person in the WORLD.
And I said that to her, I said LOOK AT YOU, YOU ARE JUST TOO ADORABLE.
She's tiny and has wonderful curls and a fabulous smile and twinkly eyes and we had a very nice cuppa.

Oldest is waiting to hear about a big sheetrock job and spending time with his oldest friend in the world before she returns to college.
Middle is spending his days in town, looking very very chic.
K is at work where rumors and news reports and dramatic staff changes would leave ME completely ill at ease, but where he sits and thinks and does his fine work without ever becoming embroiled in the mess around him.

The start of school looms large in the not so distant future.
I don't want to send them back and they don't particularly want to go.
I wish we could run away...
...and we are, sort of -
on friday we will take a trip to K's father's farm where I promise to take lots of photos of us with animals, where we will be wined and fed like nowhere else on earth (K's father loves to cook for people) and where, weather permitting, we will spend a day on Granddad's boat.
(A boat trip AND animals! Just imagine!)
I don't know if Granddad, on his farm, where he raises grass-fed organic beef cattle, has WIFI, but we'll see.
Won't we.

A short bit on love and hatred...

Why I Hate The Neighbors Who Live Behind Us:

- They run their lawn sprinkler all night long and it is one of those ticking ones. TSK TSK TSK it goes all night. I cannot take the sound of it anymore and am contemplating putting holes in their hose.
- Their lawn, bathed in sunlight and lovingly doused with water, is perfect.
- After giving our children permission to cut through their yard in bus-stop emergencies, they YELLED LIKE A FISHWIFE at Youngest when he did so.
- They do not smile or nod when we see each other.
- In fact, they look askance.
- They leave a light, over the kitchen sink, burning all night and it is very bright and can easily be seen from my bathroom where I would prefer not to see it or hear the sprinkler TSK-ing at me.

Why I Love The Neighbors Who Live Across The Street From Us

- Usually, if I run out of something (milk, eggs, tahini) they have it and happily hand over some.
- Their lawn looks pretty much the same as ours.
- They have two adorable daughters who I can admire from afar and up close.
- They have wifi and share it when mine is down.
- She is a psychologist, which I used to be uncomfortable with but now like very much.
- He has a cell phone business, and a vitamin business and a Chinese herbal remedy business which I find fascinating.
- They have always made us feel like we could go to them if we needed help in some way and vice versa, and there have been times when we have availed each other of those offers.
- They have, for some reason unknown to me, an amazing relationship with Oldest. I have no idea why, but he can often be seen passing the time of day, unloading groceries for her, lifting heavy objects, or smiling and waving. Yesterday, she told me what a great guy he is - I came in the house (where he was in the kitchen with several friends) and thanked him for being such a good neighbor to her and his friend Z said: Is that the one you told me is hot?
(He WAS joking.)

Finally, in the Isn't-It-Funny-How-There-Are-No-Coincidences Department: (and, yes, it's only a matter of time before I start handing out business cards for my friend The Psychic because she is THAT talented) - Whilst doing nothing too special for our 24th and looking toward number 25, I began telling K that I thought he should bring me to Italy next summer.
Meanwhile, I was having a wee fit as a commenter who leaves very nice words for me had never registered an email address -- and lo, not only does she write to me directly, but she handles some beautiful rentals...IN ITALY!
We'll see.
Won't we.


Carol said…
Belated congrats on your 24th! An amazing accomplishment.

Your "nice" neighbors sound great. I am so fortunate to have many of those on all sides. My only complaint about any of the neighbors I tend to dislike is their dogs. Barking..at 3 am...for over 30 seconds (more like 10 min.) is ALWAYS in poor taste.
JustRun said…
I'm glad I'm not the only one with neighbor struggle. I suppose, like anything else, if it weren't for the annoying ones I wouldn't appreciate the good ones so much. Still, I'd like to try life without the TSK TSK TSK stuff. :)

A 25th in Italy... I can think of nothing better!
celestial opus said…
Wheee - Italy! Why I have a love hate relationship with Blackbird...
jenny said…

K will not be able to resist your wiles. Especially the tape you play after he falls asleep, the one that whispers "It-a-lee, It-a-lee..."

We are blessed with neighbors on all sides who we could turn to if needed. It's a very nice feeling.
Paula said…
I"m not sayin' a word about Italy! Not one word;).
robiewankenobie said…
tahini? that's crazytalk. i need to get some new neighbors, stat!
MsCellania said…
Oy, neighbors. We are lucky this time around.

I think your 25th will be perfect. Italy may be my favorite place in the world. If you go to Siena, there is a shop you must go to...
--erica said…
let the kid run through the yard..geez.
Sarah Louise said…
Very cool about the neighbors you like and how Oldest has bonded with them.

and in case I forgot, Happy 24!!
Emily said…
i LOVE italy; i loved visiting it, and can't wait to return! i hope to moon over your pictures if you do go there next year!!
Anonymous said…
I should feel blessed to live here...I see everyone loves Italy.
It is nice, I must admiit.
BUT, her too there are good and bad neighbours!
Joke said…
Excellent news about Italy! As you'll recall we were scheduled to go this summer but The Big Work Project interfered.

So, at some point next summer...Italy. (I might even bring an old car back with me!)

Julia said…
Italy is wonderful! But fly through Prague first and come visit.