K needed shoes.
Oldest needed shoes.
Middle was bored.
I wanted to see the Free People store, and Youngest had ten dollars burning a hole in his pocket.
And so, in a historic move, we went to the mall for the second time in six months.
I'm not kidding when I say we don't go to the mall.
Youngest was startled to see a store which only sold sunglasses.

We got what we needed, mostly and made a stop at the toy store.

I love looking at the dolls. But I find this Holiday Barbie disappointing.
holiday barbie

Something about the scale of her braid and tiara and earrings, I think.
And the embellishments on her dress are too large.

And what's up with this baby?

slow eye baby

What's in the 'magic bottle?'

Last in the pink area...

my little pony

My Little Pony.
I never really got the whole little pony thing.
It drinks from a bottle? and wears clothes?
Not getting it.

magic eggs

Hey! Over here!
Magic Eggs.
No. Idea.


Plenty O'Pirates!
...and yet, K pointed out that the Keira Knightley figure seemed to be sold out.

star wars UNLEASHED

He was somewhat interested in this UNLEASHED Star Wars figure.
Who's buying this Star Wars crap thirty years later?
Never mind - I don't want to know.

han with vomit

Here's the After The Frat Party Han Solo.
With realistic vomit stains.

don't drink and drive book covers

Book covers for Youngest.
With Don't Drink And Drive warnings on them.
Who's drinking and driving and going to elementary school?
Never mind - I don't want to know.

deal or no deal

How many of these cases do you have to buy to play?
Where do you get all those models?

bazooka rocket launcher

Sadly, this firearm was just a little smaller than me - or I would have purchased it.

And then I would have shot some of these barking/jumping things.

barking toys



As it turned out, I am very good at putting cups AWAY.
With the stacking?
Not so much.

Ahhh...the simple days.
Stick horses and strollers -

stick horses

We've owned a few of each.
I loved that time when my toddlers wanted something to push -
a lawn mower, a shopping cart, a vacuum.


A sudden commotion drew my attention to the front of the store -
Where Middle was being attacked by a tyrannosaurus rex.

trex attacks

He was only slightly wounded, and well comforted by the purchase of a small box of crayons.


Anonymous said…
my oldest son got that t-rex for his birthday this past may. we had a lot of fun posing it in the windows overlooking the neighbors and then calling them to tell them we had a "new pet". we also had fun leaving him out on the front lawn as a sentinel. sadly, he only last about a week before my boys destroyed him.
MsCellania said…
May I count this as MY trip to mall for 6 months?
And why is it never this fun when we go to the mall?
Sarah Louise said…
Toy store! I love them! I loved those magic bottles (they look full until you turn them upside down and they "seem" to empty).

Glad Middle survived the Tyr. attack. Those can be nasty. And a new box of crayons can cure a world of ills, I think.
Jennifer said…
I bought a Troll yesterday... What?
JustRun said…
My My Little Ponies never had accessories. Gah! They make it so difficult for kids to imagine anything anymore.
BabelBabe said…
I'd be MORE worried if they expected the child to NURSE the pony...

I see you are rocking the patterns there. I do the same thing with that ON bag.

and I will party with Han Solo ANYTIME.
Joke said…
I like the scarf, BTW.

KPB said…
This is sort of related to this post and the several that go before it - but of late I've been noticing how much I am loving just hanging out with the kids. You know, doing 'stuff' like browsing the toy store, or just watching the tele together. And as I did a catch up with SLV I thought, wow, bb is in the same place as I...

And that Free People store - just another US construct for me to covet. I am loving that military wrap skirt. And nearly all of their boots. Love it.
Bec said…
The Pony? With the clothes and the bottle? Don't feel bad about not getting it. You're only allowed to geddit if you're the mother of daughters. You not only have to geddit, you have to know how to fix it when the buttons pop off and how to turn granny's old scarves into additional pony wardrobe and you better have some bloody good reasons why the pink pony you just brought home doesn't like the blue pony that was already living at home...
Sometimes, stereotypes count.

Oh, and the baby with the magic bottle? ditto to Sarah Louise's comment but I'm more worried about the poor little thing's wall-eye. I'm sure there's an opthalmologist attached to your local doll hospital...
Eris said…
I agree. The baribie's braid is too large and throws the whole thing off. Plus they should have maid the emmboidery more delicate. I too find myself sometimes checking out the pink isles. My only excuse is the niece I have (who at two could care less)