things you should remember

1. If you are going to the beach so that your youngest child can skim board, it helps to put the board in the car.

2. If you spend an hour making sesame noodle dressing so that your dear MIL can have cold sesame noodles on your vacation, as she has loved doing for several years running, try to remember to remove the dressing from the fridge at home before you leave.

3. When leaving for the beach on a sunny day bear in mind that the umbrella will be of better use when placed in the back of the car rather than left on the porch.

4. You may have an infinite number of odd symptoms but sometimes an azure tinted glaze on the tongue can be attributed to large quantities of blue cheese dressing.

5. Taking your anti-anxiety medication before visiting the skate park is advisable.

skate 2

skate park

The following tricks have been mastered -

The Early Indie Grab
The Pop Shove It
The Kick Flip
The Rock To Fakie
The Revert

He has also managed to Ollie over a traffic cone several times.
All this has resulted in wonderful confidence, extreme coolness, a myriad of bruises and one very swollen hand. (Strangely, flying through the air and landing on his head and left shoulder proved injury free.)


Carol said…
My interest in sending Ben to skate camp??? Has waned.

hope he doesn't break anything - watching Chris with his broken wrist has not been fun.

Sounds like your vacation is great in spite of your forgetfulness!!
MsCellania said…
Wishing I had anti-anxiety meds just reading this.

Ah, the forgetfulness of life. Why can't what we need just hop into our hands, hearts and heads?

Hope your weather is wonderful today, or that your books are, if not.
Joke said…
Suddenly race camp doesn't seem so damned bad.

momslo said…
I see I'm not alone in the "remembering area"- that makes me feel better-thanks

And ROCK ON Youngest!

Man, he's gooood!
--erica said…
I'm glad I'm not the only one who forgets.
robiewankenobie said…
what? no gnar jar? (i really wanted to say gnar jar. it amuses me)

i'm verymuch enjoying this vacation of yours. the house most especially.
Caro said…
Something is always forgotten when we go.

It all works out somehow.
Bec said…
all this is before me. my just-turned-4 boy has been asking for almost a year: "When can I be big enough for a skateboard, mum?"
I'm tempted to say: "When you're big enough NOT to ask me for permission" but there must be a better answer...?
Help me Blackbird, you're my only hope.