some things I noticed while I took the day off from blogging AND show and tell

That was a refreshing little break.
I did a lot of laundry, some ironing, and went to Whole Foods.
I read the mail, saw Oldest for a few minutes and watched television with Middle.
AND, I had lunch at a lovely restaurant with a blogger and her friends, which was very nice. We did some traipsing and some shopping and had a very nice afternoon.
They won't be home till sunday, though, so don't go stomping over there for photos.

Which brings me to my first topic.
I am not photogenic.
NOW LISTEN, I am NOT NOT NOT being one of those people who says that so that YOU say
"oh, you are so silly! of course you are photogenic, look at you! you aren't bad looking," etc...
NO. I know I am not bad looking. In fact, in some light (very dim) I am downright sort of attractive, if you like small, squarish women with short hair and a funny moving mouth.
I really mean that I am not photogenic. And I never was.
Every year my class pictures would be absurd.
Eyes closed, almost speaking, looking like I needed to sneeze.
It doesn't trouble me, but it is one of those things that one discovers about themselves at a certain point.
I am going to make an effort to be more relaxed about it as my anxiety over it shows in every photo taken of me (and distorts my face terribly) but...we'll see...

But anyway -
here is my new hair...
and YES, this is the best I could do.


If you MUST see all of me I suppose you'll have to plan a trip to Tuvalu.

Now, on to the other things I noticed yesterday...

*Survivor (!) premieres on September 14th! But the news, as far as I'm concerned, is not all good. I am trying to not jump to any wacky conclusions, but this is truly a wtf situation for me.
And saying that this brings diversity to the show just sounds like a flimsy cover story.

* I brought Middle some lobster gummies from my vacation. When I asked him if he liked them he replied: I'm not really sure...I'm still trying to figure out if they are lobster flavored, so at this point I will say no.

*Looking at the September issue of Vogue with Oldest? An experience.

*I actually saw a commercial for Denny's in which a woman says: The food fills up my teens and that's all I care about! Which: if that's all they can come up with? That Denny's makes one feel full? Yikes. (I have never eaten at a Denny's.)

* I also saw and LOVED this Nike commercial. Go watch it.

*And , while you're at it, you ought to watch this one too - it's so nice...

* Middle and I watched the incredibly exciting action that is SUPER SPEED STACKING.
Yep. An entire televised, um, sport, that is -- er...STACKING CUPS. QUICKLY. You can only HOPE that you can see some of it, as we did, on ESPN. Cause, it's FAST and the, uh, competitors are uh...well...the kind of kids who probably don't get picked to be on a lot of teams and now seem to have happily found their places in the competitive world...stacking cups.

Had enough?
Here's my toothbrush holder.


It's faience from Moustiers St. Marie.


Paula said…
I am with you all the way on the photo thing. I mean I hope I don't look like I do in photos. And there's that whole soul stealing aspect of it.

And Denny's? You don't want to go there. The smell alone is enough to put you off food for a long, long time.

I'm up!
Paula said…
Oh, and we need a little more hair.
Suse said…
How bizarre. I only learnt the word 'faience' a few days ago (a glaze on Egyptian pottery from approx 3000 BCE) and here it turns up on your blog. Maybe not quite so old though, hmmm.

And don't forget I've seen your photos. You are not THAT unphotogenic my sweet.
Anonymous said…
Same with me on the photo thing. Just a fact of life. Sadly, my loved ones reluctantly agree...

And Survivor? Oh no, not sounding good. But I'm looking forward to it anyway.
JustRun said…
I understand the photo thing. I'm trying to relax more in them, so maybe that's the key.

Also, I loved that Nike commercial, too. Not often anymore we get creative advertising.
Undomestic said…
I saw the list of contestants from Survivor. 13 of 20 are from California. There's diversity for ya!
Badger said…
That cup stacking thing? They teach that at my kids' school. In PE, I think. I don't know why. My kids either haven't learned it yet, or they have no desire to practice their skills at home.

I am also horribly unphotogenic. It doesn't stop me from posting pictures of myself, though.
Life said…
no fair! you won't give us full photos and won't tell us where tuvalu is! now we'll never get to see the beauty of blackbird :)
Defunct Lisa said…
I am not photogenic either. I figure I just look better in 3D then 2D.

That is a cool Nike commercial - it was fun playing "guess the product" the first time I saw it... and there was a little swish on one of her tops later on that kinda gave it away. My only comment though, isn't the song "pretty and witty and GAY" ?? where they have changed it to "bright" ?? I guess I could look it up.
MsCellania said…
Your hair! So chic - so
(I will fill in that last bit when I see more of it... )
I am photogenic. When people meet me in real life, they are surprised at how good looking I am NOT. Oldest is beautiful, but not photogenic. Youngest is handsome, and extremely photogenic. I think 'old souls' are too cagey to be photographed well - They shelter aspects.
And that could be considered a compliment, if you believe in that sort of thing.
I had forgotten about faience! What a great thing to be reminded about.
I saw an ad for survivor last night. And decided that if one was to start watching such a program, THIS particular series would not be the one. As it might be forever off-putting.
Anonymous said…
I hang my tweezer exactly like that.
Claudie said…
Being cursed with unphotogeneity myself I sympathise. My new plan is to implement step 3 of this:
and see what happens. Anything to take the facing-a-firing-squad look off my face.
As for the hair, I immediately thought of Marcia Kilgore of Bliss fame (this is a good thing).
Anonymous said…
From what I can see, that hair looks quite nice. I lopped all mine off after years of long long hair, and I'm not sure I'll ever go back (to long hair). It seems a common theme for men to prefer the long hair, but when they see how nice one looks with the short locks, they can be persuaded to change their minds. P'raps it's simply a lack of imagination thing. I've seen the same reticence wrt painting walls anything besides shades of white.

By some strange fluke, I look better in (some) pics than in real life. Cashiers tend to scrutinize my costco card and say, 'is that YOU??' ...photogenic or non-photogenic... is it better for someone to think you're trying to get away with a stolen credit card every time you use it? !!!
Suse said…
(Fact: Sueeeus is downright beautiful both in photos and real life).
--erica said…
I'm scared about survivor.

Love the hair cut.. . I want to see the rest!
Joke said…
FWIW, one of my sister's best friends was (presumably still is) drop-dead, launch-a-thousand-ships, solar-flare-hot gorgeous. But she looked like Hell in pictures she was so unphotogenic. It was a staggering thing to behold. In her pics she looked downright homely.

So, you're not alone looking better in person than on paper (or screen).

Katy said…
Thanks for humoring my show and tell topic. I'm up.

I have also made a set for show and tell in my Flickr! account. Can people share sets, so lots of people could put pictures into a set, or is it just going to be me?
MsCellania said…
ACK - SUEEEUS - that happens to me all the time - the clerk saying "Hey, this doesn't look like you... " My Costco card is legendary among the clerks (Yes, we go there often). It used to really be horrible at the salon I was under contract with - I'd be sitting in the chair, getting my hair cut. An 8' x 8' (yes, eight FOOT2) photo of me would be above my head. My stylist breezily mentioned to a customer "You know, that woman up there is sitting right here in this very chair at this very moment." And the customer ARGUED IT WAS NOT ME. In fact, he insisted he had 'partied all night with that chick, and ya know what I'm talking about!" which made Jay and I about fall over roaring with laughter. When I said "Well, that's ME, you idiot and - Well, you most certainly have never gone out with me!" the guy laughed even harder! "That most certainly is NOT you - Dream On, Lady!" and that left me sulking in my chair and my stylist at a loss what to say next. Sure, it's lighting and stuff - but COME ON - I even showed him the mole by my mouth!
Anonymous said…
Yes, but i went to blogher and there are about 171 terrible photos of me floating around on the internet. The horror.
Anonymous said…
I was in KB Toys the other day and was surprised to see that they sell the stacking cups.

I knew that the competitions existed, but I didn't realize it had become so popular.

That Liberty Mutual commercial captures the rule that I live by: Pay It Forward. It also made for a nice conversation with my 11 year old son about how being nice can be contagious. :) That also happens to be my insurance company.

Denny's was a good place to get food at 2 a.m. in my single years. You know... to absorb the large amounts of alcohol that I'd consumed. AND, it was in walking distance from my apatment. Double bonus.

Love (what little I can see of) the hair.
Anonymous said…
I'd LOV to see more of you would I find Tuvalu?????
I'm stuck!
don't have a blog so can't participate to show and tell...
Anonymous said…
...meant LOVE...
and from that shot...I can see a lot of I right? He must really look like you...just a feeling
ocbp said…
my only photos are in year books - why aren't there any from 1975?
Jennifer said…
Your kids sound wonderful. I like their looks. I'm intrested in seeing how my boy shapes into his own personality.

Survivor... oh my! I don't have a racial bone in my body, but this can't be good.

Don't EVER eat at Denny's. It's horrid. I mean HORRID! I'm talking, sure the food was meh okay at the time, but get home and puke your guts out horrid. Ugh!