show and tell, or: personally, I don't think there is anything strange about Swatches

Joke wants some insight.
What do I collect?

Star Wars figures?

No - Oldest and Middle.
We are assuming that Middle's tuition can be financed with the ones still in the blister packs.

Recording equipment?


Nope - I'm tone deaf.

Bennos -



benno bath

We do have several.

I'm afraid it's rocks and sand and shells...

rock on

I'm smitten with rocks...

rock out

and sand.

sand toes

I do appreciate your patience today -
I did the food shopping for my trip and then helped a friend who needed me,
(Who could use some positive energy) and so I am late posting my photos.


Priscilla said…

You know I love your show and tell. I didn't see it posted. Why? I so look forward to your show and tell's. I am depressed now. I had such a bad week. Really really bad. I'll live, but maybe those around me wish I wouldn't.
Joke said…
I'll be up once I get home tonight.

Paula said…
Okaay, but we'll be waiting.
Jess said…
I am UP! And with a special show & tell giveaway.
Paula said…
Umm, wait a minute. Do you mean Swatches oe swatches?
Nancy said…
We've got a collection of rocks, and shells--and old pottery--my husband is an archeologist. Looking forward to seeing the rock pictures.
Badger said…
I'm not up. I accumulate blogs, you know.

Nice toenail polish! No, for real! I like it! What? Quit looking at me like that!
Sinda said…
I'm also admiring your toes - fancy!

No worries - we're here for whatever, and whenever, you post.
Colorsonmymind said…
Nice photos
Joke said…
After much wrangling with Blogger, I'm up.


kilowatthour said…
i love that your toes are in the last picture. and i'm working on show and tell; i'll get it up sooner or later.

um. if you know what i mean.
kilowatthour said…
i'm up! it's still thursday, right? no?

damn it.
Claudia said…
Gee, I collect stones and sand, too...
It's bringing a piece of the country you visited with you; wonderful memories of holiday trips past. Even when you're not a geologist ;-)
Paula said…
I love the sand and shells and rocks. Throw a couple of sticks in there and I would be in heaven...
BabelBabe said…
I once made a fountain for H using all the rocks we'd collected from places we'd been. I thought it was very cool, but he was sorta underwhelmed. Oh well. I think it got lost in the move.

I am up.
lazy cow said…
The rocks and stones are beautiful. I still have too many small children coming through the house to have anything like that around.
And, I discovered something I do collect, so I'm up!
Have a fabulous time away (or have I already said that?)
Sinda said…
I'm kind of up - I didn't collect the items pictured, but someone did. Does that count?