pub crawl report

The crawl was a great success - and no one vomited (someone did have to make a pit stop in an alley...).
Middle tagged along and was good enough to take pictures (which, of course, I have edited) AND get them thrown out of a bar. (If there is no food served in a bar in Tuvalu, no minors are permitted inside.)

first stop

Stop #1 - slightly schmancy restaurant/bar just down the boulevard from our street.
I love Oldest's expression of giddy enthusiasm...with a tinge of fear.

K drinks black and tans and said that the Guinness was different from bar to bar. Just look at them pretending to care, or even know, about the baseball scores.


Off to stop #2 - from which they were tossed.

stop #2

But there were friendlier spots in town...

Like stop #3 -
stop #3

a real 'old man' bar where Oldest was treated by the bartender to a shot or two -
which resulted in Oldest calling
Stop #4

oldest says 3
stop #3 AGAIN.
But K knew...

k says 4

The barkeep at stop #4 -

pulling a pint

gave Oldest a birthday shot of something with flames -
I can't remember the name of it!

Twas a long walk to stop #5 -

stop #5

and from the looks of it, Oldest needed some reassurance that he actually WAS at stop #5. For some reason, which I cannot possibly understand as woman, he needed to pee in the alley. I'm sure it all has to do with being a real man etc..

There was a stop #6 which K and Oldest flashed gangsta style - but there was just too much face in those pictures.
From there, Oldest's loyal friend B drove them home where there was more frivolity that I really don't want to know about.

...and THAT is the report.


puerileuwaite said…
I enjoyed the report, BB. It took me back to my own debauchery.
Carol said…
K and chris would get along famously - they are both fans of Guiness, and not fans of baseball.
Badger said…
HOW CUTE ARE THEY, those men of yours? I ask you.
Eliane said…
Very sophisticated bar crawl! I posted me and my oldest, edited in a slightly different way...
Anonymous said…
Ha! I love it. The expression on his face is priceless and the fact that middle went along to document? The best.
--erica said…
happy 21 to all of them!

sounds like K got to celebrate too!
kilowatthour said…
PJ said…
What a neat report!..oh and I laughed hard at the beach thing!!! Love your humor;}
MsCellania said…
What a wonderful Coming-of-Age event! Your K has gone up 3 notches on my very rigorous scale! Truly.

I told my K about it and he said Oh! We're making that a family ritual as well. And each brother can photo-document for the other. Perfect! I had foolishly assumed your Middle was out to a friends that night; Of Course NOT! Who would possibly consent to missing such a thing!

Ah, life is good, bb; Life Is GOOD!
Anonymous said…
BB you're the best. Thank you for sharing such a milestone and with such a grace.
They look lovely.
You sound great, as usual-
Lynne@Oberon said…
Pubcrawl reports will have to sustain me for a while ... until Miss E turns 18 in 14 years time! ;)

I'm glad the crawl went off without any police involvement.
Joke said…
#4 seemed like the pinnacle.

Suse said…
I like K's shirt.
Anonymous said…
Oldest is ADORABLE.
kt said…
Wow, I've only got the one girlie.

Does that mean I get the responsibility of the pub crawl when that fateful day arrives?

If so, all you wunnerful womens need to start saving pennies for 2018 when you will either need to make a trip to Arizona or (preferably) Canada.

What a cute pair o' guys....
celestial opus said…
So that's why middle stayed home. Love it! (especially oldest at stop 4)

Does oldest and K have the same ring on their left hands?
Anonymous said…
Tell K tat he should ask the bartenders at each place how often they clean their taps, esp. the brass ones. Dirty taps can change the taste of beers and ales drastically. Esp. brass taps and dark beers. I tended bar for years and always told my buddys to ask that question.
Love the site. Thanks for keeping me laughing.