our new toy

Our new toy is hot.

new toy use

It sits in the middle of our table. In the dining room.

We put some of this in it.

meat model

And some of this.


And then we choose what we want.


serving steam


I like the tofu and leaves best.

beer zeppelin

With some of THIS.

I've gotta go now.
I'm watching Cribs with Middle.


Joke said…
[Homer Simpson voice]Mmmm...shabu-shabu...[/Homer Simpson voice]

-Mr. Hurricane
Paula said…
D gets the hot pot every time we go to the noodle shop. Yum!
momslo said…
now this is my kinds meal, I'll be right over......
MsCellania said…
This makes me wish my family ate the same food. We all
Maybe when our boys are in double digit years... ?
What a devine treat for the senses, and a great thing to do as a family.
I love peeking into your life. It gives me faith for our family as we grow up.
Anonymous said…
Ooh - that brings back memories (we used to live in Japan) and that beef looks (looked!) good.
Anonymous said…
It looks like sukiyaki! Is it 'skyaki' (that's how my dad always pronounced it). YUM!!

WV: skywki

Badger said…
Ooo! Nice meat!
Bec said…
Our local vietnamese restaurants call this a steamboat - you too?

(thanks for the soy porn - i'm a closet tofu freak)
Colorsonmymind said…
OOOOh delish. What kind of noodles are those?

Wish I could share the pot.
owlhaven said…
Anonymous said…
Call me not in the know, but that looks so delicious and amazing and i really, really want that... But? What is it? And also, exactly what kind of beef was that and what saucey, brothy stuff? and what kind of noodles? and, oh my, i haven't eaten for weeks, but i could totally eat that!

Anonymous said…
Looks good.
Never had it, don't know what it is!
Don't laugh at me. This is why I hate living in a small town in south Italy!
Mmm; hot-pot is fun.
Angelo said…
mmmmmmm....looks good!