the next adventure

Youngest and I are going away this weekend.
We are going alone, for a week, with K's family.
And we have great plans that involve letter boxing, lattes, and reading and relaxing at the beach (I will be reading and relaxing, Youngest spends his days immersed.).

Yes, three men will be in my home alone for a week.
The week that Oldest turns 21, as a matter of fact.
To commemorate that, he and K are doing a pub crawl.
They are going to walk from my house to the waterfront and stop at every bar that has Guinness on tap and have one at each stop.
(Did I mention K's hollow leg? heh heh.)

I was discussing that week with the guys last night and I asked if there were any groceries they'd like me to have in the house -
if they knew what kinds of meals they might like to throw together while I am gone...

Herewith their thoughts on the subject, verbatim:

Beef Wellington (done two ways as Middle is not fond of pate and would prefer duxelle)

Kobe Beef Hamburgers, with hand cut fries and aioli mayonnaise

Cedar Planked Salmon

Pulled Pork (which K can very well make himself)

Crawfish Boil

Pheasant and Peacock Sausage

I'm a little sorry I asked.
I suppose a lasagna and some cold cuts will do...

This week, aside from killing a peacock, I have to:

a. make the dressing for my Sunset Sesame Noodles (how adorable is it that my recipe has a name?)

b. renew the dog's license. (I have nothing witty to say about this...plenty of nasty things, but nothing witty)

c. send the man who fixed my watch an additional $15. (this really is just for me, this list, you can leave if you wish)

d. find Youngest's summer reading list and get a book for him.

e. put Youngest's underwear IN the suitcase. (ooooooohhh, hahahahaha, see? now it's funny! I forgot ALL of Youngest's underwear last time we went away. All his underwear AND the nebulizer. not funny anymore.)

Finally, I've have asked my friend Joke what he would like to see for show and tell (thursday).
His reply is in my tag line above.


Angela said…
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Angela said…
Eh, forget about b. I've noticed that his driving skills are subpar.
Sarah Louise said…
two lists! Have fun on your adventure and don't forget the underwear!!

and the vw is longer than supercalifragilisticespeiali...oh forget it...
BabelBabe said…
And did you reply, "And people in hell want ice water?"

I am off to Whole Foods to find the peacock sausage. Gotta watch for feathers in my teeth...ewwwwwww. The very thought - yuck!

Have a wonderful time with Youngest. And I noticed recently that the North American letterboxing website was down - hope it's back up for you guys....
Paula said…
Have a wonderful and uneventful time while you're away.

Will you be posting?
jenny said…
you needn't kill the peacock, it will be much more fun for the boys to chase it around the yard before eating it.
Nancy said…
I agree, I think buying a live peacock and leaving it for them with a recipe would be much more fun.
Caterina said…
Hahahaha....Babelbabe made me laugh.

I'm getting this feeling you are not fond of dogs? Is there a past post I should have read?

letterboxing & lattes, reading & relaxing.....has a great ring to it. Hope you have a fantastic time!
halloweenlover said…
Have fun on the vacation! Those meals sound totally doable, I think. Totally. And easy too. I think they were in last month's Easy Cooking magazing. No?
Caro said…
Wow, 21 years old. They grow too quickly, don't they?

My oldest is getting ready to get her driver's license now. Scary stuff.
Joke said…
I'm a-tell you how to "cheat" with Kobe burgers. You get sirloin (which is quite lean) and grind it yourself with--watch this now--marrow from soup bones you get for damned-near-free until you have a ratio of 85%:15% lean : fatty. Not only will this be moist and tender, but it will also crust up BEAUTIFULLY and have such a deeply steak-y taste.

If you're not in the mood to grind your own beef, you can doctor up ground sirloin with reserved bacon drippings.