Middle style

Each of my kids has their own particular look.
And they have crafted these styles all on their own - in some cases from early childhood.
I'd like to think I had something to do with it, but, other than passing a style gene to them (K wears what he finds in his drawers and really only cares about being comfortable and warm) I have had little to do with the way each of them dresses.
Oldest has kind of a Zonker Harris vibe going
Picture 4

although, Zonker looks a little paunchy here...

Picture 5

Perhaps he put on weight during the big book tour.
Anyway, Oldest is all about tee shirts and jeans, and Converse high tops.
But he's done surfer dude, baggy pant boy and punk rocker.
The Zonker look is pretty close to his authentic self...unshaven, scruffy dirty blond hair and sneakers.

Youngest is all about the skater look - and the slightly retro skater look.
He has pretty much always had long hair, sort of pushed to the side and messy.
Skate shoes or Birkenstocks,jeans or cargo pants and big tee shirts. He's really into hoodies and button down shirts.

Middle is carefully crafting his older look.
He's colored his hair black and had his first real haircut (I cut their hair or they cut their own) and is obsessive about keeping it in his face.
He has evicted his collection of smug tee shirts and only wants black, white or gray ones.
His jeans are tiny and usually black.
He is a very skinny rock star.
And he is slowly customizing his wardrobe...


The only stain that is accidental is the hot sauce.
The glasses are Versace, and given to him by A GIRL.
He usually wears RayBan aviators -


He came home the other day and reported that he had fallen in love with a pair of expensive 'distressed' jeans and could not imagine anyone paying for them.
We talked about how he could achieve the look of them and lo...


It's all a work in progress.
His love of all outerwear is ever present as well -
I just ordered this for him:

Picture 3

He has always loved jackets and coats -
sadly, Youngest has never liked the same ones.
Happily, there is a young cousin who has reaped the benefits of Patagonia jackets and true toggle coats.

It's fascinating and fun to watch Middle as he works out his look -
I do it all the time too, so I appreciate his fine work.


Joke said…
It takes a whole lifetime to craft one's look.

Paula said…
I'm still trying to craft a look for myself.

I'm thinking tweed slacks for the fall.
Badger said…
My boy child has always been kind of clueless in this area. Apart from some definite dislikes (no striped shirts -- GOT IT) he has always looked to me to tell him what's cool. God help him.

His back-to-school wardrobe this year consisted of several pairs of baggy cargo shorts and a bunch of t-shirts with smartass sayings on them.


I am still crafting my "older" look. There has to be some middle ground between Wet Seal and Chico's. THERE HAS TO BE.
celestial opus said…
wow. I never had the sense to create my look that young. Actually, I never did and am still winging it! Go middle!
Carol said…
I keep wondering what would you have done with a girl?
Suse said…
I have several 'looks'.

- Around the house downtrodden mother of three.
- Corporate with a bohemian edge (for work days).
- Handknitted Steiner mother (for school drop off and pickup)

I'm sure there are more.
MsCellania said…
Totally Wonderful. I am loving the self-achieved rock star look. The skater look is a good one, unless the pants are occasionally around the ankles. (Or the owner sports a chubby plumber's butt - that's not a good look.) And the Zonker style? Works for Oldest, it appears.
My chidren have a style-deficient mother. They are forced to fend for style-zen themselves. They both enjoy picking out their outfits, Oldest down to his underpants.
Dh has great style. Carefully put together. Me? I grab whatever is closest and cleanest. Oldest frequently picks my tops and shoes. He likes high heels ("they go 'tap, tap, tap' on the floor!") and asks me to wear my hair 'fluffy'. Youngest hates any button-downs on me, as they interfere with his comfy roost when he sits on me. I think he will be 15 and still want to sit on my lap.
JustRun said…
I am still trying to figure out my look. Yesterday I had slacks I had to iron and a cashmere tank, today I have sandals, jeans, a polo and a hoodie. I'm so diverse.
It's cool that you embrace all of their tastes.
Anonymous said…
I really commend you on letting your boys come up with their own look & style. such a leap of faith (for me at least!).
BabelBabe said…
I own the wish-i were-twenty-pounds-lighter look. when i was skinny, it made me look like a gangsta, now i just look fat.

I dig those jeans. Good for him for creating his own!

And while Zonker is just fine, I harbor a crush on BD. I think it' s the dark hair.
Anonymous said…
Sure it's great th eboys have their own style but I want to congratulate you, they are gorgeous at least from what I perceive from the shots you share with us.
I am Italian so I have a much different style from most of you, plus I live in a resort town so in the summer it's very casual during the day and more formal if we go out at night whilst in the winter we do dress up more.
Looking at Middle I can't help but wonder...will my only child (boy) dress like that when he grows up? For now (5 and 1/2 ) when I get dressed he looks at me and tells me " I like you mommy" and my heart MELTS!
blackbird said…
Don't we wish that Paola had an email address? or a blog?
WE DO...