material girl

I've been dreaming about Madonna.
Not On Stage Dance Around Madonna -
Backstage Exhausted And Hanging Around Madonna.
And it's not like I am all obsessed or anything. I'm not aware of any particular feelings for Madonna at all.
In the dreams I am hanging around with her and sometimes I have a hard time getting through the crowds to find her. She's happy to see me and we talk for a while, but, generally, she's kind of tired and pissed off about something or other. I give her advice about Lourdes - who is very bratty apparently, but we don't talk about her son. (I'm not sure I know his name.)

I HATE it when people blog their dreams - so I'll shut up now.

K met me at the door with a cool glass of wine last night. Because. He. Is. Perfect.
And he had cheese and figs inside.
And he made his famous chicken with tarragon cream for dinner and figs in brown sugar over ice cream for dessert.
It was a very nice welcome.

My house was in great shape - and now is not as I have dumped a metric ton of luggage and laundry in the living room.
My day stretches before me.

This week I need to get the kids ready for school:
Middle needs some tee shirts and jeans
Youngest needs the supplies from the list they sent home.

I am meeting a blogger for lunch on tuesday - and am very excited.

Off to work...


Paula said…
That K is a keeper.

Which blogger? Anyone we know? Will there be stories to follow?

Welcome home.
lazy cow said…
Figs, are my favourite fruit. And in sugar and ice cream? That sounds sublime.
The sticky beak in me wants to know which blogger too.
(And I usually hate people recounting dreams, but you did it sort of conversationally. I'd like to know what advice you gave her about Lourdes).
Suse said…
Which blogger? I am jealous.

(A ton in metric, is a tonne).
christa said…
i am excited, too!!
jenny said…
That K is pretty perfect. Except for all the figs.


Madonna's girl, a brat? Well, that's surprising.

Glad you made it home safely.
momslo said…
I was just about to write "that K, he's a keeper" and I looked to my left and pj already said it- oh, well-he is ya know!

Welcome home.

oh, I'd love the chicken recipe, please-sounds delightful
Anonymous said…
the kid's name is Rocco...I remember it because it's an Italian name.
K...what is there to're blessed, just like I am!
Welcome home. Enjoy.
MsCellania said…
Glad you're home, and will there be any divulging of the blogger? Or is this going to be a blog and run? Oy! The Jealousy!

Come to think of it, I'm jealous of that dinner you were met with, as well. That's lovely!
Lynne@Oberon said…
Where do I get one of those husbands that greets you at the door with wine AND has nibbles and dessert ready?!??!? Mine is going to have to step up his game!
Have fun at lunch :)
Anonymous said…
Glad you're home, and that you had such a lovely welcome. Have fun with the school supplies (that was always my favorite part of school shopping).
Colorsonmymind said…
Ooh delectable man you got there girl. My husband is wonderful, but never has greeted me with a glass of wine and such a divine sounding dinner.

Want to send your man over here to teach my man about food and wine?

Sounds like a busy week, but Tuesday will most definitely be fun.
celestial opus said…
Where can I get one of these K's everyone is speaking of. It sounds divine! I'm intrigued with this figs and ice cream thing. Any special way to make, or is he going to keep it all to himself?