it's saturday

It's pouring rain.

And it's cold.

Usually I push the seasons by making myself wear tee shirts in early May or wool in September - but this year the seasons push me.

There are dishes in the sink and K needs shoes and several of my friends need my emotional attention.

I may have to put on socks.

We had planned a beach trip for tomorrow with my brother, but it looks like it's off.

The weekend stretches in front of us.

I think I'll go unload the dishwasher.


Carol said…
It's nice to know that some of your weekends are "normal."

I have to mow and do laundry. Maybe we'll throw in a hike.
--erica said…
i'm not ready for rainy weekends..
Ali said…
Those first socks of the autumn are the hardest (but the coziest).
Paula said…
I am ready for rainy weekends, watching movies under a cover, warm apple cider, and socks.
MsCellania said…
It's downright San Francisco-ish here as well. Mizzling, 60's. But I have to say - perfect weather for a birthday party for 6 year olds! We attended one, and were responsible for a couple of the games. Luckily, there was a break in the moisture and we did them outside.
I LOVE fall.
And I don't wear socks 'til it's below freezing. I do believe we Finns have extra capillaries in our feet, or something.
Badger said…
Oh, how I wish it were cold and raining here. Or just cold. Or just raining.

Please send your crappy weather my way.

Tank yew.
lazy cow said…
Heh, heh, we're having SUN down here :-)
Defunct Lisa said…
I WISH we had rain, I WISH we had cold, I'd even take one . little . cloud.