I'm with the band

Remember this?
Youngest was locked (okay, not locked) in his room for a couple of days...
The same participants are now involved in this-

the band 2

The Band.

lead singer

I wonder if Jeero has a fan club.

drums 2

The drum kit.

drummer 2

Bear is an excellent drummer - but he's quiet...

band lit

Lighting is key, and there were special effects which were hard to capture on film and involved the use of all KINDS of equipment...

blue light

The crowd...

the crowd



Unknown said…
great job, Youngest! So imaginitive and resourceful!
Paula said…
You have a very sweet boy there.
BabelBabe said…
i love this! fabulous!
primo does the same sort of thing with his Thomas trains. keeps him occupied for HOURS, i tell you...
Jennifer said…
Most drummers are the silent type aren't they? :)
Suse said…
I wanna see the roadie.

By the way, I found my chicken show and tell. It's at

JustRun said…
That is adorable. You'd better start making room in the garage for when the real band is assembled and they need a place to "practice." :)
Amy said…
I love it!!! (Especially the "wild" crowd!!)
Badger said…
Youngest is awesome!

That monkey is on something.

And the boy child has a swimsuit (now outgrown, sadly) that looks EXACTLY like whatever Bear is wearing there.
robiewankenobie said…
we have a band. it is the muppet's fault. they featured wee bugs...beatles...so, now we sing "she loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah" over and over agin.

c. doesn't understand that all the songs on our album are the beatles. each time she loves you comes on, he shouts THE BEATLES! THE BEATLES! MOMMY! THE BEATLES!!!

they formed their own band. mostly tennis racquet guitars. h. sings. they have a drum for the songs that require it.

h says, "i was thinking about singing the word stupid in a song. but that is sad. i'm going to sing about love."

(don't tell, but i've seen c. practicing his singing in the mirror. so their may be a mutiny soon).

every light in the house must be off. this is essential.

i explained to them the need for a band name. i suggested the [ourlastname]boys.

h. paused and then he said, "i've got it! the lightnings!"

"And mommy? Sometimes? We sing when it's sunny out."
robiewankenobie said…
or "there might be a mutiny"even. *bangs head*
MsCellania said…
The roadie's paws? Are looking downright TEENAGERISH! Wahhhhhhh!

This is a very good use of spare time. I like this very much.

We have elaborate play with our 'babies' (I have to come up with a new name or I fear the boys will have great disdain for anything 'baby' as soon as both are in Real School) during the day. Ending with the nightly reading sessions and careful placement all around the bed at bedtime.

That Jeero is a wonderful fellow. Where did he find him?
Anonymous said…
Evangeline and Sasha used to do this sort of thing by the hour. I mean, not bands (which is just fabulous, by the way), but long involved scenarios with the stuffed animals. That's something I miss.
jenny said…
that youngest is something else. I love the way he plays.

I'm up with the chicken!
Karla May said…
Glad you captured all of that. And I was happy to see that this band indulges in 365 Orange Soda rather than Jack Daniels.
puerileuwaite said…
Wow. What an imagination! So fortunate that you could capture the scene for posterity, too.

I used to do something along similar lines. With boxes and boxes of little plastic army men, I'd stage elaborate battle scenes (WWII, U.S. vs. Japan - or - Britain vs. Germany), complete with natural terrain features, forts, et.al.

Then my big brother would surprise bomb with a gym shoe. Good times. Well, except for the shoe bombing.
weirdbunny said…
cool band - where have I been, can't beleive I haven't been over here for ages - sorry..