I went to the beach, A-L-O-N-E

I did.

at the beach

I wore a lot of clothing.

my knees look amazing

My knees looked very good.

So did the ocean.



Pictures of the beach are often like pictures of fireworks. They just don't convey what you have seen.

beach 2

I brought a bag of things.

ackbird house

I took poor pictures.

umbrellas andhaze

I stayed two hours.

And did nothing much.


Tomorrow I will give you some content, I promise.
For show and tell thursday? A chicken please.


Paula said…
Lovely day.
Who needs more content than that?

I'm afraid it will have to be more than one chicken. All the other's would be angry, it would not be a pretty sight.
Suse said…
I was going to make a piss-weak joke about a chicken's favourite classical composer being

Bach Bach Bach Bach Bach.

But instead I'll just say, "pretty knees".
Ellen Landrum said…
Nice shoes! I have orange ones.
Amy said…
What a wonderful way to spend 2 hours!
Cee said…
Alone. I couldn't imagine. I am heading to the beach today but with 7 kids, typical for me.

Pretty knees. Wish I could say the same about the shoes ;).
Badger said…
Oh! I would totally go to the beach alone, if the opportunity presented itself.

I'm looking forward to going to the pool alone once the kids are back in school. Especially after yesterday, when they made like barnacles and clawed off all my sunscreen. Ouch.
BabelBabe said…
I enjoy the beach alone - also the movies, dining, and the pool. ah, sweet silence! : )

You have lovely knees, as suse said, and your new shoes look cute next to your tan.

Is the book any good? I haven't read that one.
Defunct Lisa said…
I am playing show and tell this week !!
--erica said…
I love the beach. There is just something about that place that centers me. Next week is my week at the beach. sigh.
MsCellania said…
I'm jealous.
The Ocean.
Your nice knees.
Colorsonmymind said…
Oh this was so clean and simple.

Hmmmmmm I loved the pic of your knees too:)

Sarah Louise said…
The beach! So jealous. I'm with PJ--there will be more than one chicken and some roosters too.
Anonymous said…
Your crocs maych some of those umbrellas.......they look great by the way
Jessica said…
You don't even know what that picture of the ocean did to me! Sitting on the beach, whether it's at Stinson in San Francisco, or Pismo in So. Cal., watching the ocean to me is soul food. God what beautiful pictures. You seriously just centered me tonight in the midst of some heartache that I won't go into. Wow -- thanks so much, honey. See -- bet you didn't know you touch people in this way, but you do. I very much appreciate you.