hair I have known and loved

Are any of us happy with our hair?
All the time?
I want it off my face in the summer (so either very short or long enough to pull back) and longer in the winter.
But I am never really happy with the state of my hair - and even less so when I pay someone to cut it, and so, I usually do it myself. Somehow I am willing to forgive the errors if I make them.

When I was a kid (5 or 6), just about the time when little girls dream of princess hair (read long) my mother got me the Mia Farrow/Rosemary's Baby/Vidal Sassoon haircut.


She has told me, and I understand completely, that she got me this haircut because she was tired of forcing my hair into submission. It was a bold move in those days and I do distinctly remember rollers and perms and horrible smells and hours of torture. My hair was thin and stick straight and would never hold a curl (I fought this battle until I was 23). So she gave up and I had pixie hair for a long time.

When I was working - before K and I had children, I paid huge sums of money for my hair to be cut by Oribe.


Oribe was only a little bit famous back then. He cut my hair very short and very well and I stayed with him for about three years and then I grew tired of being told he was on a shoot when I showed up for my appointments.

I dallied with other famous hair people after Oribe - but I never stuck with anyone else again...

I did, as I'm sure many thousands of others did, always want Sally Hershberger to cut my hair -

sally hershberger

This is a VERY flattering shot of Ms. Hershberger.
Ms. Hershberger who has one particular client whose hair I always admire.

french kiss

Meg Ryan. Of course.
I had this haircut. I still have the tee shirt.
Perhaps I was swayed by Kevin Kline, I don't know, my hair is nothing like Meg Ryan's. Meg's, I assume, is almost curly and has some life of it's own.
No matter.
I've told myself I can manage nearly all of her haircuts.


The Kate and Leopold - (maybe it's Hugh Jackman influencing my opinion here?).

hanging up

The Hanging Up. Which: dear god, appears to be flattened with a steam roller.


The long, piece-y, shag-looking layered thing that probably requires vast amounts of time and products. (And probably the presence of Sally Hershberger.)

You'd think I'd be over it - considering who else sports SH hairdos...

jane fonda

Jane Fonda, looking not so bad, but kissing who knows what.

and - ohgod -


Joan, who, in all fairness, probably has pretty good looking hair, not that we'd notice as we wince in pain whilst wondering where the skin on her cheeks used to be.

K does not like me with short hair.
And I'm not sure I am waif-ish enough to carry short hair -
But this too is a good look

amelie 2

My favorite escapee bangs...
but I fear I am too old to pull them off, and would love to try this once more -


What do I look like right now, you wonder...
probably a little like this -


which is refreshing, actually, as I am FAR YOUNGER than Diane Keaton.
I think.


Paula said…
You know my recent hair trama. I have curly hair so I can't cut it my self.

I had a pixie until I was 10 or 11 and then I don't know, it was always a mess.

I had one really great hair dresser who helped me embrace my curly hair, always cut it just right, and was a wonderful person. He died last year.

I lost a friend and good hair.
kilowatthour said…
i am soooo hating my hair right now. and i want to cut it all off. did i ever tell you about the time i shaved my head?

i sense a haircuts post coming on...
MsCellania said…
Ah, The Hair.

I am going to get

in April.

It's been 7 years since I had short hair. I wish the current craze for shaving and hairless would extend to our heads. Life would be SO Easy with bare skulls. Chilly, but easy.
Sarah Louise said…
Ah yes. Mainly these days the hair is up in a ponytail bun. Very librarianish of me. Middle and I are going to look at hairstyle options on vacKay: color for her, style for me. I loved this post.
lazy cow said…
My girlfriends and I used to spend hours discussing our hair and hair products. I always hated my hair: blondish, medium to long and wavy-with-a-kink-and-3-cowlicks, and fine but thick. Since children the thickness is gone and I miss it. I never realised I had good hair till it was gone.
Your cuts are all so daring, I'm petrified of going short.
Badger said…
Duuuuuude. Don't get me started.

P.S. I LOVE the cut right above Ms. Keaton there. But my hair would never do that. I'd look like a porcupine. Wanna know how I know?
Caro said…
I despise my hair and have for as long as I can remember.

Good luck with your new cut.
BabelBabe said…
i like your hair. don't cut it off. just get some layers. but look at my hair - so don't pay any attention to me since i clearly know shit about what to do with hair.
Claudie said…
I am incredibly sick of mine. Flat, straight (but not straight enough in a humid climate for straightness to be a virtue) and too dark to go blonde from, it is a terrible cross to bear. I spend a fortune on it - a fortune! - and it rewards me by looking paradoxically excellent for the half-hour after I wake up in the morning and repulsive thereafter. I would love love love to have Audrey Tatou's latest (very short) cut but would also need something more closely approximating her nose. Life is very unfair.
puerileuwaite said…
One guy's view: short hair on most women? Bad idea. Keep it long, style it up when appropriate.

- Puerileuwaite of Beverly Hills
Anonymous said…
Guys always seem to like long hair. But I think some of those short, sassy haircuts are way sexy. My main complaint about my hair is that it is turning really gray, and I am too damn young to have gray hair. What would I look like with gray hair? No one will ever find out, thanks to a standing appt at my hairdresser's.
Jennifer said…
I too have always admired Megs hair. Sometimes I wish I was brave enough to try her shorter styles on myself. I'm forever cutting clients hair like hers. I wonder if she knows she's one of the most famous hairstyles :)

My hairdressing teacher once told me she paid $700.00 for a haircut in Texas and it turned out that she didn't even like it.

Let us know what you decide on doing :)
Anonymous said…
you and i have the SAME taste in hair. i mean the SAME taste!!! and i've had them all and brought all those pixs to my hair gal.
right now it's long, touching my shoulders in layers (you kinda forgot the jennifer aniston thing, a bit). when i don't know what to do i let it grow, just trim, color and i do love to pull it back. that's where i'm at now.
bet i'm your age too!
Poppy B. said…
What is this about? Your hair looks cute. But woo woo on getting it cut by Oribe! How very chi-chi poo poo and not very Tuvalu of you.

p.s. I'm almost afraid to say this; I have always loved my hair.
Anonymous said…
I thought your hair looked great - and that was on the Cape, The Land of Bad Sea Hair.

And you are about 20 years younger than Ms. Keaton.

I too, would like the choppy, every which way hair of a young Ms. Ryan. Alas, 'tis thick and coarse, but with a load of product, hair color, and twice a year straightening, I manage a one-length look.

I am SO ready for gray, frizzy, and wash and dry, but I think my mother and sisters would have a heart attack.
Eliane said…
I blogged her too:
Lauri said…
Not to change the subject here, but...what is wrong with white t-shirts?!? Half of my closet is white t-shirts.

And give up flip-flops? No freakin' way.

I live in Texas, y'all and, although I will not go sleeveless, I will be wearing white t-shirts and flip-flops YEAR ROUND and probably forever.