We had a very romantic and fabulous dinner last night -
The restaurant is in a funny little industrial area of our town.
It's been owned by the same couple for 35 years and has always gotten incredible reviews.
It's a very small menu which changes (seasonally I suppose) featuring traditional French dishes without being stodgy.
There are little twists in the ingredients to keep the feel of the food up to date.
Situated in a house between a storage facility and an auto body shop, it is decorated with strings of white lights outside -
and inside everything is soft pink and slightly 1970's...but no so much that you are put off the place.
I've never seen the chef, the wife/owner - but I tell myself that the older French gentleman is her husband, although, for all I know, he is her brother, or uncle.
No matter, he is positively adorable.
Short, balding, slightly rounded, with a very French face (if that can be) and a wonderful air about him.
It's as if he is sharing a private joke with you - and only you and he know it.
I would very much like for us to become regulars there, but it is terribly expensive, and as he behaves (subtly, quietly) as though you are old friends, we don't have to work to hard at it.

I had beets and goat cheese.
How often can one have beets, if one likes them? Not very.
K had scallops (sadly sandy).
We both had filet mignon, which, if I am in the mood for beef, is one of my favorite things.
Crispy and salty on the outside, tender and perfect inside.
Perched upon a savory pancake with a blob of blue cheesey sauce underneath it and some carmelized onions on top of it, there were circles of balsamic reduction nearby.
(I find balsamic reductions passe at this point, but the flavor is still a nice counterpoint.)
I had creme brulee and K had tarte tatin, as one should.
The waiter suggested and brought a Spanish red wine and it was perfect too.

It was very very nice to have a couple of hours alone with K - and I tried hard not to discuss his job or the doctor visit or school or...or...or...

You are all very sweet, with your anniversary wishes.
No one else in the world paid so much attention to us (which was just fine) and it was very nice to hear from so many of you.


Paula said…
It sounds lovely. Our 28th is this Saturday and I can hardly wait.
MsCellania said…
Glad you enjoyed your 24th, and 24 more. And then 24 more after that!

I like wine reductions. They never fail to please. Plus if you use sturdy enough stuff, it's volatile! Always love a flaming presentation, even if accidental.

I was sorry to hear about the sandy scallops. I had sandy mussels once. And then didn't dare eat the replacement meal, as the temperamental chef opened the door and gave me The Finger! I asked for yellow mustard, and wrote "asshole" in the replacement meal (untouched) and sent it back to him. (As we were leaving, of course.) Gee, I guess K's sandy scallops really did get to me.
Badger said…
Okay, well maybe people WON'T want to throw you a party on your 25th. But if you come down here, I will.

Bring the hot pot. And some cheese.
momslo said…
Did someone mention party for the 25th? I'll be there!.

Dinner sounds like it was wonderful-
and your description of the place perfect.
Here's to another 24 years-cheers!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for removal BB.
Dinner sounded nice aside from the sandy part which for an expensive French restaurant is absurd.
But isn't it magic when you get to spend a few hours alone with the man of your life?
Anonymous said…
Thank you ever so.....And I too am with you fundamentally on the balsamic thing, but as a cook....I still hav eto say it is hard to get as big a bang for the taste bud buck as that.
It sounds delightful, and living with an anti-beet (or as he insists - beetroot) person, I take it whenever I can get it.
christina said…
Sounds wonderful. Thanks for checking in on me, btw.
Bec said…
Yum - lovely meal! Would now be a good time to quietly program a reminder to arrange 25th anniversary party into the organiser function in eldest's mobile phone or PDA?
--erica said…
Sounds so romantic and sweet..
the taste of love! (Kissing in the sand does that too!)Happy Feast when the one you love;