a different tune

These have been floating around the internet, so you may have seen them, but I couldn't resist.
I think they are called The Worst Album Covers Ever:


I'm wondering, Ken, what my request could possibly be.


WHO?! Who told these guys that THIS would be a good idea.
Clearly this is an album with a little too much cowbell.


Shirted though they may be, find each member of this group frightening in their own way. And, go ahead, say their name aloud - mic.keith.anns? Like mc-heathens? And, for collectors out there, it appears that this album is in its original plastic wrap!


I can't come up with anything funnier than the photo.


I can just hear the photographer --
okay, Millie, now look mysterious...and um, lean forward a little...and um...push your boobs up against the table...

On the other hand, there's Joyce -


who is a receptionist. With an album.
And an afro.


Sure Cody, you can borrow a feeling...how's awkward? creeped out? are those feelings?

dead friends

Look. I'm sorry about his friends, but wtf is up with those shoes? boots? socks?


I don't believe that "Jim" "loves his life" AT ALL.
I mean, here he is in the freakin shower and he looks pissed.


StLmom said…
It takes a lot to make me laugh out loud but this is unbelievably hilarious.
Badger said…
Hee! I have seen these before. But I like your captions.

And you'd be pissed, too, if you had a fruitbat clamped to YOUR upper lip.
Paula said…
Where did you find these?

Clearly too much cowbell...and who ever thought there could be too much of that?
Priscilla said…
Oh! My! God!

Album covers!


Ken, well maybe he plays the accordian.

The naked guys, I hate to think they are all gay but, you know, the photo.

The McKeithens, well with a bee-hive like that they have to be good, right?

Geraldine is obviously marring the dummy, what's so funny about that? I did it once.

Millie appears to be in a trance and does not realize that her boobs are magnified.

Joyce and Cody are siblings I think, or first cousins, or married to first cousins, or maybe their parents are related.

I'm sorry about Freddie's friends too.

And at least Jim looks better without his shirt than the other guys.
Claudie said…
Can't get enough of these. Don't remember the very ominous All My Friends Are Dead - hmm, could he be a serial killer like at least three of the others?. Your commentary made me spill my tea.
Yours with feelin' ... ugh.
Sharon said…
I would pay big money to hear what these sound like.
BabelBabe said…
While I, Sharon, would pay big money to guarantee I NEVER hear them.

I always think these are hilarious, no matter how often I see them. And I dg your captions.

H's last band was called More Cowbell : )
Eliane said…
I have pictures of myself this ugly.
Anonymous said…
I've been sitting at my pc laughing out loud for 10mins!(strange looks coming from my family!!) The album covers are hilarious -made much funnier by your comments - I will be giggling all day - thank you!
Suse said…
I do like the way Joyce is cocking one leg and Cody is managing to look in two very separate directions.
islaygirl said…
i read this yesterday and laughed so hard i scared the dogs. then i read it again today, just for "All my friends are dead."
Anonymous said…
Oh, man, thanks for the laugh.
Gina said…
I'm suspicious that the one with Cody is something someone photoshopped, rather than a real album. "Can I Borrow a Feeling?" is an original tune from The Simpsons, from the episode where Milhouse's parents get divorced (Kirk tries to win back LuAnn with this little ditty).

Can I Borrow a Feeling?

Can I borrow a feeling?
Can you lend me a jar of love?
Hurtin' hearts need some healin'
Take my hand with your glove of love

What? I watch a lot of Simpsons.
Anonymous said…
Joyce looks like Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie. Poor dear.
Anonymous said…
Did anyone else notice that Millie's boobie magnifier is sitting on a shot glass? Wonder how many shots she drank to look just that way, dress just that way. "No Girlfriend, it won't fit in your mouth!" I also don't understand the RED HAND or the ESP (extra s*cking power,...sorry, didn't mean to go there!)
and the naked guys under the words
"Waking and Dreaming" YUCK!
"Trees Talk Too" WTF?
Weren't the McKeithens the family on Third Rock From The Sun?
If all of Freddie's friends are dead, who do you suppose bought the album?
Totally cracked me up!
Lynne@Oberon said…
I love Cody Matheson's cross-eyed, drunken look. Hahaha!! Can I Borrow a Feeling ... I sort of want to hear that song just so I can complete the image.
Susan Schwake said…
oh my goodness, i have to leave the room now ... TOO FUNNY!
Candy said…
You know what's truly scary? The fact that some of my family's photos from the 70's resemble these album covers (Wait, let me clarify - not the gay serial killer ones - just the bad hair ones)... Eek.
funny funny funny, gos how many did you look at to pick these winners!
woof nanny said…
Joyce looks like the lady on Saturday Night Live (the one with Will Ferrill...I can't remember her name) where they're school teachers who sing modern songs in a lounge-ish way. Classic.
The Colonel said…
You can just tell...that blonde broad in the left corner of that ol' McHeathens' lp is a dirty, dirty girl. She'll toss your salad nine ways to Sunday, no pun intended. Look at that slick, sly and wicked grin o'hers.