I know, I know...
you are all wondering, pondering, considering - what is going on with bb? why are we treated to photos and a smidge of detail? a little of this, some of that...where is the real stuff.
Well, I'll tell you.
Summer moves apace.
My children are being lazy (notsomuch Oldest) and reading and laying around.
Youngest is busy with World of Warcraft and assorted other distractions. He plays outside if it's not too hot - but it's really been too hot for a long time.
Middle sleeps late and wanders around like a specter, but not so scarily so.
He's been teaching himself to play piano and undoing and re-mixing a lot of Nine Inch Nails music on the computers.
He and I have been enjoying having lunch together whilst making fun of the programs on VH1.
We take weekly trips to the library and for an Italian Ice (the strawberry is quite good and has chunks of berry in it).
There have also been trips to the beach, a trip to a pool and various visiting, but, for the most part it has all been very low key.
Everyone is healthy - there have been the usual inconveniences (the car, having to fire a lawyer).
Yesterday the boys got their summer reading books, so there'd better be some serious reading going on.
Youngest and I leave saturday for a week with K's mom and other members of their family (though exactly who changes a bit from day to day).
We will be staying at a house 'in town' which I am very much looking forward to as I can walk down the block for a morning latte and to post.
This is where we are staying -


I'm not sure why there is a windmill on the front lawn. I think it has something to do with the name of the street.
There are several bedrooms in the house.
This one's cute, isn't it?

twin beds

I'm tempted to bring some paint to fix the walls of this one...

double room

I find the framing of this photo interesting.

living room

It doesn't give one a clear idea of the room at all...
I find myself looking at these photos and being confused about where each of these rooms lie within the house.

If I told you that this picture


was a room in an ashram or spa, you'd believe me, wouldn't you?
A place to center your thoughts and meditate?
It's a prison cell.
And I will admit that I thought it was some kind of retreat and thought it seemed spare but comfortable before I knew what it was.

It just goes to show you...little can be known from a photo.

I am sorry for the lack of silliness, deep thoughts - real stuff, I'm just not feeling that way.
I am very much looking forward to going away. My trip in June ended up not being any kind of real vacation for me, though it was a breathtakingly beautiful place, and I am hoping that I can relax next week and get my thoughts together a bit.

I probably do need a week at an ashram.


Carol said…
Don't ever apologize for what you post or don't post. I, as I'm sure most, enjoy what you give us each day.

I know how hard it is to post daily with imagination. You do it well, my dear.

Have a nice trip to the windmill house.
Sarah Louise said…
Amen to what Caro said. On my roll, you were like one of maybe two others that had new content. Even I'm lagging.

I love the windmill. It reminds me of my Dutch roots.

Be well, and eat lots of Italian ice. I had mango yesterday, it was DEE-vine! Oh, and visit the library. I wish you could visit me at mine...
Jennifer said…
Yes I agree, never any need to apologize on a blog for what goes into it and what doesn't. That's the beauty of blogging :)

Time away sounds nice. I hope you have a lovely time and so does the boy. :)
Paula said…
Go, recharge and rejuvenate. I wish we were getting away this year, but I think D is planning something special for the spring.
It's all very hush, hush.
BabelBabe said…
first Lazy Cow, and now you - I take it as a sign. The boys and I are CHILLING today.
weirdbunny said…
Have a brilliant time away - prefrebably not in a prison cell....
PJ said…
whoa...another PJ ;)
Sounds like a great place to the 'deepness' of your post.
Anonymous said…
or a prison cell? just kidding....I'm feeling the end of summer blahs too--my posting has gone down dramatically and i feel like what i do say is boring and tired, though i feel relaxed and lazy....
Anonymous said…
it's just the summer blahs. i predict we'll all have lots to say come november. enjoy your time away...
Anonymous said…
it's just the summer blahs. i predict we'll all have lots to say come november. enjoy your time away...
puerileuwaite said…
I know I shouldn't write this. Sorry in advance, BB. Lucky my comment is at the end where no one but you will hopefully see it.

But the house looks way too much like one that I'd see in an early '70's made-for-TV horror movie. So I recommend that you:

1) Stay away from the basement, especially if it has those creepy twin doors that are almost horizontal.

2) If you see anyone floating outside your window after dark, do NOT let them in! (Before dark it's okay.)

3) Find out what type of local lottery they have. Is it one where the winner gets a load of cash? Or does he/she get stoned to death in order to guarantee a bountiful harvest?

4) At Christmas, does the top of the tree have a star, or a pentagram?

5) Avoid the attic. I'm sure I don't have to explain why.

Enjoy your time there, Donna Quixote.
Anonymous said…
The picture of the bedroom, with the small triangular window, is clearly on the 2nd floor, probably in the front of the house. Notice the small triangular windows on the 2nd story in the picture of the outside?

BTW, l enjoy reading your posts...don't fret about not having anything "interesting" to say.
Lynne@Oberon said…
Yay to chilling out! Yay to nothing to do all day!! Yay to relaxing and strolling for a leisurely coffee!!!

I'll dream about it, but YOU do it :)
Have fun.
Anonymous said…
I love the double meaning of the title. "ConTENT" as in happy. OR, "CONtent" as in meaningful subject matter.

Enjoy yourself, Blackbird.
Colorsonmymind said…
I love the photo's I love that you are you.

Caro said…
I hope that you get a real vacation this time!
Anonymous said…
Have a lovely trip and i hope, for your retina's sake, you don't get the golden room.
lazy cow said…
Can I come and share the green room with you? It looks luscious.
And, to kill 2 comments with the one stone. I have nothing NOTHING to show for SNT this week. There's nothing I collect (apart from books and I know how you feel about those). Have an excellent time away.
jenny said…
oooh, the golden room is downright WRONG. It doesn't seem to match the house. Unless the kitchen and bathrooms were done to match. ACK!
halloweenlover said…
Hope you can rejuvenate. I second and third what Carol said.

Have a great trip, looks like a lovely home.