the big giant post of autumnal inspiration

While I dally around town with Christa today, I thought I'd leave you with these pictures of things that are exciting me about the approaching season.
I love the fall - the school clothes, the supplies, the weather...

The accessories!


I am loving the stitching on this big bag -

bag detail

It's from Free People, which has just opened a store near me...Free People, Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters are all the same company, you know, and they have so many things to see - and terrific installations in the stores.

beads 4

I'm also still loving these Marisa Klass necklaces -
But they are EXPENSIVE and so I can really only hope to use them as inspiration.


Is there ANY earthly reason why I couldn't make one of these?


One reason I can think of is that I need assistance with the choice of thread - or is it wire that I need? Should I go get a book on beading from the library?

I am smitten with this coat -

jacket back

or, more precisely, the idea of this coat...


As well as this skirt -

skirt back

perhaps a bit longer though.
And not with the coat. That would be a bit too much.

skirt patch detail


How much do I love this cardigan?
Not $228 dollars worth, that's for sure. But the asymetrical business and buttonholes and big collar are just great.

I already own two variations of this:


but can someone remind me to try it with a blouse under it, rather than a tee?

I am in need of a jacket for the fall -


and I like this one, but I think those sleeves would bother me - maybe.

jacket 2


Finally, I have had all my hair cut off.
I suppose it was shoulder length, but I've spent the last few months pulling it back and clipping it off my face so it wouldn't drive me crazy.
And then I saw that Nicole Kidman movie, Birth?
And, see, in this Nicole Kidman movie, Birth, Nicole has (in the form of a wig, I am guessing) really short hair. And we spend most of 90 minutes staring at Nicole as she stares.


She does a lot of staring.
And acting with her neck muscles.


And to keep them from becoming strained, she wears this thick gray scarf a lot.

So. Yeah. Not a great movie, but a good looking movie, in which Nicole Kidman's hair did an excellent job of making me want it. (But not in wig form.)
(I did find the very last scene, with Nicole in a wedding dress in the ocean? moving.)

I begged K, at the end of the movie, to lop off my hair.
I felt that if he were to cut it, it would make him compliant in the idea of the hair cut.
(K does not find short hair attractive. On women.)
But, being the genius he is, he declined.
And 'declined' is a euphemism for what he said, which was more on the lines of: not on your fucking life would I cut your hair.
Which: what?
I cut my own hair ALL THE TIME. It would have been no big deal for him to hack off my flimsy ponytail. (ack, it looked so so so crappy)
I tried to persuade Middle, who's hair I've been cutting for years.
No. Dice.
I was in a frenzy.
So, yesterday morning at 8:30 I was at the barber shop.
You wanna me to cut it like a boy? asked the barber who has trimmed my hair upon occasion.
Maybe like a girl... I offered.
He thought for a while, wondering where to begin - what to do.
And then it dawned on me: Remember when Mia married Frank? I asked.
He smiled.
Like that.

And I like it very very much.
And I did worry that K would not like it at all.
And I worry that I look like this:

guy from P Runway

instead of this:


Turns out, K said he thinks it looks cute...which I'll take.

I'm taking tomorrow off. (And seriously considering winnowing out my blogroll.)
For Show and Tell Thursday (now capitalized)Katy would like to see our toothbrush holders.
(I know we have shown our toothbrushes. This is different.)

See you then.


Katy said…
You absolutely could make those necklaces. Print out the pictures, get thee to Joann's (or a bead store), and figure out which beads you want on your necklace (that's the hard part).

There might be some sort of make-a-necklace kit with all the right stringing ingredients, or a sign. But a beading book from the library would probably be your best bet.

And that a-symetrical jacket thing? Looks like a 7th grade sewing project gone wrong. I'm just saying.
JustRun said…
Wow. That sort hair is so... bold. I cannot imagine yet I do dream of cutting mine in some short, carefree style one day.

Also, you have great taste in clothes.

By the way, I think the pub crawl thing was SO cool (in that your son and hub did it together).
Priscilla said…
I would love to see a copy of your new do. I always keep my hair short. Sometimes boy short. But 'Birth', weird movie. Just "weird". Nick's hair was ok, she is beautiful no matter what. Do you really think she had on a wig? It never occured to me that she had a wig on. Hmmmmm.
MsCellania said…
Oh, I Love these juicy, Fashionista reports of yours!
And SHORT hair?! You are brave. Does it require the use of PRODUCTS to make it look nice? Or is it truly wash and wear.
Our local bead shop has instruction classes. And expensive beads.
My husband is the same way about Long Hair on Women! And mine? Is always twisted up on my head - not flattering, just There. I'm lopping it all off next Spring to donate. Really Short Hair would be DEVINE. I smell a trend starting!
Anonymous said…
how much I love this post, you could never imagine. I did not want it to end. NEVER.

I LOOOOVED Nicole Kidman's hair in Birth. I promised myself I would cut my hair very short on my 30th birthday, but now I'm inspired and I don't know if I'll be able to wait!
Sinda said…
I want to see a picture, too - maybe you could artistically take a from the side pic that maintains your anonymity? :)
Anonymous said…
I had super short hair in my late 20s/early 30s. It was -cough- amazingly cute. But now that I'm 45, I'm keeping the bob. I will not be one of those women who gets that haircut at 50. You know the one I mean.

The stitched bag is cute, but the strap is ridiculous. I do not want my bag banging around at knee level.

And you could totally make one of those necklaces. Totally.
jenny said…
you like that stitching? I could totally help you out. That is pretty much the only stitch I know and all sewing projects take on a rather ragtag preschool look when that's the case.

if i wore that cardigan the only comment i would hear is "hey, you missed a button"

and i'm with everyone could SO do the beading...get thee to a library.
BabelBabe said…
love that coat but I dislike that skirt intensely. Although you could pull it off. I will bet your hair looks adorable, Mia.

H won't cut my hair either.
Anonymous said…
There is NO earthly reason you couldn't make one of those necklaces. I know which thread you need, but will have to look it up.
I had that short cut several times in my adult life and LOVED it. Until I got tired of it. Would love it again, but I think my hair's too thin on the sides to pull it off now. sigh. Still thinking about it though.
Too many things to comment on today!
--erica said…
omg! can you take a pic from the back!
.. ?? hee hee..
I've always wanted little hair!

oh. and I'm dying over Anthro this season but not the nasty giant button boots.
Badger said…
What is this "fall" of which you speak and where can I get one?

Hate the clothes. Sorry.

LOVE the hair. A lot.

Hate you, a little, for making me look at Vincent BEFORE WEDNESDAY. I only have to look at him once a week! It's in my contract!

DH wants me to cut his hair. I will not.

My pal Karla could make you one of those necklaces TOOT SWEET.
islaygirl said…
you could so make one of those necklaces. or several. and good on ya, mate, for being able to carry off the nicole-in-birth hair. i'd look like a pinhead.
Candy said…
You totally SHOULD make those necklaces... I recommend Michael's - they have a great new selection of beading stuff. And if you're worried about what to string the beads on, try clear elastic beading cord. All you have to do is tie it in a knot when you're finished and Voila! you can pull it on right over your head without even messing up your adorable new haircut. :)
Poppy B. said…
I beaded back in the 70s. I used monofilament, which you should be able to buy at a beading shop. I don't know how much they're charging for those necklaces, but individual beads can be very expensive, which might explain the high prices. I mean, it's NOT the labor, so be of good cheer. Necklaces are easy peasy.

And if you take me off your blogroll, I'll cry. (Am I the only one who noticed that statement? Why aren't the rest of you quivering in your shoes?)
Anonymous said…
Short hair is so easy I love short hair, but then I've always thought i look like a boy!!
kilowatthour said…
i ultimately decided not to cut my hair off because it would be at least a year-long commitment--can't be growing the mop out while interviewing for residencies, now can i?

i love the clothes, but i wouldn't wear them.

and oh my goodness YES you can make those necklaces. and while you're at it, could you make me one?
Susie Sunshine said…
Oh I love love love when BB starts looking at catalogs and going into the city to shop.
And how I wish wish wish I could go too!

I bet you're short hair is supah sexy with your new glasses.
Carol said…
I'm with everyone else - NEED to see your haircut. Ironically, I've been thinking of cutting mine off for about a month now. If I can't pull it back, I may as well wear it super short and keep it easy!

Love the clothes - gets me to think less conservatively. I need you to come and shop with me sometime - pull me out of the education classics (khakis or black pants with a sweater or blazer)
Lynne@Oberon said…
WHen I was at University I had my hear cut really short. I walked past my Dad on the way back to the car and he didn't even recognise me!! I loved it but have never had it short again ... not sure why.
Show us a picture of your head!!!

(BTW - the short sleeves on that jacket would be guaranteed to irk you. It's pretty though.)
robiewankenobie said…
oh, i so wish i could pull off short hair. i fear that is many pounds ago. (i know that is many pounds ago, but i refuse to admit it).

making a necklace like that is very simple. the cost will depend on the materials used for the beads. certain stones can be pricey. i think you'd like making it yourself, but if your amazing feat of bravery has taken too much out of you, i'd be happy to put a necklace like this together for you. i could photograph it to make sure it is what you want before i send it, and you can reimburse me for materials when it arrives.
Anonymous said…
WANTING to see the hair.

And what is this talk about winnowing the blogroll?? Hmmmm?
Suse said…
I had that haircut in my late 20s, early 30s.

LOVE the cardigan with big collar. Especially with the hair. Very pale and interesting.
celestial opus said…
If you can't find the proper beading cord, just steal some fishing line. That's what I used to do. Little stiff at first, but if you use lots of varying size beads, it loosens up after a few wears.

And I hate you for being brave enough for the Mia hair. Hate. (well, maybe just jealous)
halloweenlover said…
I'm sure you look adorable!
Bec said…
I'm sure you look fabulous too - gamine? gamin? have I just called you a leg of lamb or is that gammon?

off the the dictionary I go...

oh, and thank you to you AND Katy, for a show and tell I can actually achieve without cheating!!
Joke said…
I'd cut my wife's hair, but I doubt a) she'd let me, or b) that I could afford the alimony and child support payments as a consequence of my efforts.

have you ever thought of writing a fashion magazine, Your humor is worthy of such, let alone your style!
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