8 things

Carolyn tagged me. Telepathically.
I have to write a post with 8 facts/things/habits about myself.

1. I have been holding tension in my back and shoulders more and more lately. I ignore it for hours on end and then realize that my muscles are sore.

2. I do not have any particular favorite foods at the moment, am not especially enthused about eating in general - but you could never tell.

3. I don't know when it started, and I did mention it in a post, but I am still completely caught up on the laundry, ie., there is no dirty laundry in the basement.

4. I am in some kind of allergy cycle, though this is not my season. My head will be clear for days on end and then some mysterious source will leave me sneezing uncontrollably with mucky eyes and stuffy ears.

5. I am getting tired of the warm weather.

6. It is four in the morning and I am enjoying the sounds of crickets and cicadas.

7. I really want to sew something.

8. Typically, I decide what I am making people for Christmas sometime during August. I need to start thinking about this.

bonus round with visuals:

I have been enjoying the Sartorialist very much these days...
lifted from- (as in: photos copyright - the satorialist)

white dress red bag

This is a wonderful wonderful dress -
I am thinking it would not be difficult to duplicate. I could be kidding myself.

white with sweater

Beautiful - inspiring.

in white


Why am I not tall?
Who would it hurt?


Paula said…
Probably the same person it would hurt if I were thin;).
Jennifer said…
I'm in some kind of allergy world as well. I'm getting hives and it's driving me insane, I HATE cicada bugs I wish when I tell them to shush that they would listen. I start planning in August for Christmas too :) Glad I'm not the only one. I even had all my christmas cards written and addressed once in July ahaha yes I'm that crazy.
I love love love love those clothes!
Sarah Louise said…
Love the pix.

Four a.m.? I was surprised you posted, as I had read about your trip with Youngest...

Yay on the laundry!!
KPB said…
Gosh i've missed your world.

But why - WHY - were you up blogging at 4am???
MsCellania said…
I am making reversible aprons for everyone for Christmas. I started in July due simply to the fact that my favorite quilt store is going
and selling everything off. Not cheap, but still. A. Sale.
I am currently on the quest for 15 D-hooks for the neck straps.

And taller, thinner, tanner would have been kind of the gods during the creating of me. What I got was medium, zoftig and ruddy. Sprinkled with freckles.

Sorry about the allergies, heat and disinterest in food. I suspect they are interrelated.

The outfits are wonderful. Very late summer/fallish.

Have a great week off with Youngest and K's family!
Anonymous said…
some day, some day, i will have time to make my own christmas presents again.

i don't even care about clothes but I loved those photos, and the sartorialist. fun.
Anonymous said…
I love how the clothing photos are just a tad messy...the last one with her shirt tucked in a bit, the middle one with a sweater backward around her waist...so pretty!
islaygirl said…
i love the middle pic with the orange (perhaps POPPY would be more poetic) sweater. and if she's not italian, i'll eat my hat.

and if it's any comfort, i always think of you as tall, bb.
My float said…
Oh to have height. I love that white dress but seriously? I'd look like a puffy white Christmas ball you could hang on a Christmas tree. Except it would keel over.
Lynne@Oberon said…
Yeah, I was going to say that I think the woman who is wearing that white dress is about the only woman on the face of the earth that would look good in that dress. I would look like someone stuffed newspapers into a white gym sock. But I would dearly love to be able to pull off that casual elegance.
Betsy said…
Thanks for introducing me to the Satorialist...it's a little glimps into a world completely different than mine. SAHM's don't dress like that everyday!
Claudie said…
1. And I adore that bag. It's the antithesis of Itness.
2. The back-to-front orange sweater picture is one of my all-time TS favourites.
3. I have a linen shirt like that last one in sugar-almond pink. I love it almost too much to wear it.
4. Hives are the bane of my life. I know I said hair was but hives are much much worse. Not eating fruit is the only thing that sometimes works - healthy!
lazy cow said…
That back to front cardigan/sweater thing? She looks like she spilt wine down her front and is covering up. Or that she's wearing a giant nappy.
I don't even look at clothes like this as I'm a short-arse too. Sniff.
Hope your allergies clear up.
Anonymous said…
I love the look of the woman in orange, but couldn't wear crocs with that outfit.Sympathies with the allergies not much fun.
Eliane said…
Lovely. I am going to quit eating.
weirdbunny said…
I love the white dress, that's definately a me dress.
Caro said…
Your laundry is done up?

I have to hate you on principle. :P