2 bells, pause

I can't seem to find a sound file to link to.
The church two blocks down chimes ships bells softly in the night.
It is both lovely and disconcerting as by our standards they have no rhyme or reason, chiming on half hours.

I walked down the street for a latte this morning, bundled in long sleeves and a sweater and scarf. The sun was shining and people were happy.
No one was rushing off anywhere.
Everyone seemed so good looking, do you know what I mean?
One bell.

A very tall father and a very tiny son ordered their breakfasts, the tiny son in his pajama bottoms the very tall father with beard stubble.
The fellow on line behind me used all the available condiments for his coffee - cinnamon, cocoa and simple syrup. (I've never seen simple syrup at a coffee place before. It could be a stroke of genius.)
It took a very long time for the drinks to be made, the bagels to be toasted, the cookies to be wrapped - but no one minded.
We looked at each other and shrugged - it's not Starbucks, we breathed and adopted a new attitude.

Later in the morning, fearing being locked out of the beach (no parking available after 9:30 am) we took Youngest to the ocean, and while the air temperature was 72, the ocean was 60, and so clogged with seaweed (and NOT mung, but real seaweed) that people could barely walk through it. We stayed for a couple of hours and then headed home.
Seven bells.

Youngest is so excited to be in town that he wanted to head right off to his favorite shops - so he and I walked over to them and then I left him to browse while I picked up some things for dinner and a bunch of flowers. I met him at the ice cream shop and we walked home together.

E and I sat on the lawn for a couple of hours - watching cars go by, talking and listening to the birds. The street is uphill and I did quite a bit of cheering on for the bicyclers on their rented bikes: you can do it! you're almost there! gin and tonics at the top!
Five bells.

It was a beautiful afternoon - and for the first time in a while, for all kinds of reasons, E and I were finally able to relax.
She and Youngest had a gorgeous tea party with fancy china and delicate cookies.
We had a terrific Survivor-style fire challenge and grilled some pork.
We took Youngest to the skate park and marveled at his newly learned skills -
We drove home under a hot-pink sunset, closed all the windows, found the extra blankets and snuggled in...

Eight bells.


lazy cow said…
May the hours feel like days, and the days like months.
Love that Youngest does the tea party thing (and mentioned you might show pictures of it...)
MsCellania said…
This one of yours may be one of my faves.
I felt anxiety slipping off me like silk to the floor.
That house sounds unbelievably wonderful.
Enjoy every minute.
Paula said…
And many more...
momslo said…


This is definitely a "wish I was there" moment for me.
BabelBabe said…
as always, reading about your vacation is somewhat like having my own minivacation. I just breathe an "Ah..." and can feel myself relaxing...
Anonymous said…
paradise! you deserve it after that last "vacation."
Badger said…
FIL was a Navy man. He would have liked this very much.

I want it to be too cold to swim where I am.
Anonymous said…
I love sounds like that. Church bells, ships bells, wind chimes, clock towers.
Tradition, old, steady, always been.
I like that.
Mrs. Darling said…
Oh my I think youve made me cry! Beautiful!
Claudie said…
Sounds like paradise. Good for you.
Lynne@Oberon said…
Ahhh .. that felt like a facial and a massage all in one. I am now serenely unrushed. Thanks :)
Suse said…
Onyx said…
Your blog is always very well written and calm. Its inspiring. Thank you.
Anonymous said…
So fairy places and people still exist!
Relieving...with everything going on in the world you are really soothing to read and enjoy!
What a delightful post, the hours of the days, the awareness of them as they come, i love ths sound of bells! The greeting, the calling, the honor they give.
Anonymous said…
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