we're going home

crabman returns

Usually when we travel, I find that I worry over what will keep us occupied each day -
where we'll go, what we'll be able to fit in to the days we have.
I don't mean really worry, but K and I spend time planning and usually we run the boys around a little too much doing all the things we want to do or think we should.
We don' t usually do tourist-y type things which is sort of sad for Youngest (although he did get his mini golf).

addressing the ball

scenic golf

Isn't it scenic?

But on this trip something slowed me down. I mean, obviously, we dealt with some unusual circumstances on this trip. But it was also that we've been here before and we knew we had so many days. Many. Days.
Then, when people started getting sick we just stopped trying to do so much.
Well, most of us did -- K still loves to go exploring - and he did some.


Isn't he fine looking?
Every time he crows Vida says: Dat's a fowl cock.
She's killin me.
We've spent the week trying to guess her middle name.
Starts with an E and ends with an E is all we've got...

The fowl cock is not the only livestock around.
There is a rather large herd of skinny goats across the street, often accompanied by a huge cow.
Three houses down the people appear to raise puppies for a living. We can hear them at dinner time.

Each morning K has walked a couple of blocks to see the sunrise and have a swim.
He doesn't say much but he likes this small ritual very very much.

sunrise at K's swimming beach

And I like that he likes it.
We are blessed to be able to come here.

But now



lazy cow said…
Did you have family sing-a-longs with all the guitars?
Have a safe trip home.
Suse said…
Paula said…
D and I always do the sunrise thing when we're at the beach. I think it's my favorite thing of all.

Have a safe trip home.
Carol said…
I was thinking Eilene?

Have a great trip home...I REALLY want to go there!! Love the beach almost as much as the mountains.
BabelBabe said…

In Stone Harbor, I always walk to the Wawa for coffee and H's newspaper, and walk back on the beach. It's lovely that time of day, to be so peaceful. And caffeinated.

Again, safe home.
Anonymous said…
That was a fine cock. sorry. Thanks for sharing this whole thing with us. It was great. see you back in Tuvalu.
puerileuwaite said…
Enjoyed the pictures, BB. It's a shame I can't show them to anyone. If my employers find out how I've been with you the whole time in spirit, they won't let me take one of my own.
Sarah Louise said…
Home is great!

I'm one of those, "it's nice to go, and nice to be back."

Glad you had a good time, albeit the illnesses...
Anonymous said…
Elise? Else? Evangeline?
--erica said…
I always feel sad about leaving until we're in the plane/car.. then it is almost like I can smell home, and the excitement sets in.
Emily said…
how about Elle?
Anonymous said…
Amy A. said…
Eve, Edie? Something more exotic, most likely.

Welcome home!
Lynne@Oberon said…
No matter how good the holiday, it is always nice to return home :)
Apart from all the sickness and the spitting shower, it sounds like you had a wonderful time.
You can always go back next year, right?
islaygirl said…
glad you're back, as much as i'll miss the updates from an exotic locale. love the crab pic.