A big day, here.
K took the day off and supervised the moving of the piano -
it's going to live at my brother's house for a while.

It was an amazing sight to see, and the movers made quick time of it.
We've had the piano moved many times before, but it always impresses me.
And it goes much faster than you'd think.
They tie it up, wrap it in blankets, tip it up on it's side, remove the legs and pedals
and wrap the whole thing up tight.
Then it gets strapped to a long, wide board and put on a dolly...

piano men use

I don't underestimate the work of it - but when well done, it is simple work.
As I am in the habit of asking tradesmen about their work, the movers told us their worst piano-moving stories...
the first involved a grand piano sliding down two flights of stairs, across a foyer and through a large heavy glass door and out onto the street (injuring no one), while the second concerned an upright and a baby grand being transported in a pickup truck and reduced to ashes when their moving blankets caught fire.

While I put the house back together (most of Oldest's things had to come out of the room where he and the piano were living so that the piano could be taken out, most of the rooms the piano had to pass through needed to have things moved so that it COULD pass) K went and took his permit test!
He is now legally able to drive a scooter - with supervision.

I had thought K was buying a little scooter...
but being well over six feet tall, we were a bit concerned about the clown factor.


NOBODY wants to deal with the clown factor.
Ergo, he bought the big scooter.


I am SO loving the scooter.

We got helmets too.
And we wore them for the rest of the afternoon.

k inhelmet

Because you can never be too safe.

helmet head bb

And also?
We have to get used to having big helmet heads.

What adventures await us?


Today we will see cousins visiting from far away and we hope to attend an outdoor concert.

Tomorrow we drive all day to deliver Youngest to camp.


Suse said…
It gives me great pleasure to be the first commenter for today.


And you both look adorable in your helmets.
lazy cow said…
My son and I agree: NOBODY wants to see the clowns (shudder) and scooters are cool (I'll even buy him one when he turns 18 - as long as he's out of nappies by then - he's not promising anything).
Are you going to wear those helmets to bed?
Anonymous said…
K will be scootering?!?! Yay! Mizter S loves his scooter almost as much as he loves me. Will you be learning how to scooter? I'm a little scared to try.
MsCellania said…
So THAT'S why you moved the piano - to give the scooter a place to park!

Scooters are a snap to drive - well, compared to motorcycles, which - ah - I've only ever driving screaming and leaping into ditches. The clown effect gave me a good before-8 laugh.

Middle's sweet face is a chip off your block, isn't it? And you guys are dashing in your helmets - can't ever be Too Safe!

Glad you have a diversion for the week Youngest is gone. Nothing like a new scooter to take your mind off worries.
Anonymous said…
I dated a piano playing jazz musician for a few years. His parents house was a second story affair in a leafy suburb.
The moving company of choice in our area for pianos has my favourite moniker of all time.
Death Wish movers.

They had some great stories too.

I L-O-V-E the scooter! You now myust have a copy of my friend Corin's song...Skooter Girl.

Corin -
puerileuwaite said…
Ha! I have foiled your attempt to obscure relevant details THIS time, BB!

The piano is CLEARLY a Baby Grand!

Check and mate, matey!
Badger said…
That is a big piano, yo. Ours is a teeny little upright, and still so heavy that I can't move it at all, even though it HAS WHEELS.

I think I have scooter envy. My nephew (not the trucker, but his brother, the one who is in the Air Force now and has a cute little baby) used to specialize in Vespa engine repair, in a part of the country where I was surprised to learn that anyone rides them at all. But now he does airplanes, so I don't have a scooter guy for you. Sorry.
jenny said…
The clown factor...heh.

Who is supervising K on his scooter? Which, btw, I LOVE.

eeps, you guys are gonna have a blast on that thing.
BabelBabe said…
You helmetheads are so adorable I can barely stand it.

The piano stories made me laugh very hard. And I read the second one weirdly at first and was imagining a baby RIDING a grand piano as it took off...I clearly need more caffeine.

H has an apoplectic fit moving our piano across the room - and it's only a wee little upright.
Colorsonmymind said…
Love the scooter! What fun...
Jennifer said…
I would LOVE a scooter!

Have fun, be safe :)
Elan Morgan said…
Is that your head?!
It's very nice.
Anonymous said…
"the clown factor", I LOVE THAT!!!

scooters rock!!!
puerileuwaite said…
There was something on a subconscious level that your in-the-car-wearing-helmet-shots inspired. This has driven me more nuts than usual during the past day or so. And then it just came to me. Speed Racer! You and K could very well be in full pursuit of the "Mach 5" (Speed Racer's car) in that getup!

Go Speed Racer, go!

I am envious of the scooter, BTW. Big Time.
--erica said…
OH my gosh. YOu are too cute in a helmet.

that is NOT an easy look to pull off.
Jessica said…
So I see your family is composed of dorks just like mine. We would SO wear our helmets all over the place right after we got them!!! Hee! And we'd make it a total comedy afternoon, after which I'd have to blog about it, because we are damn funny, especially when my six-year-old niece is involved!
Anonymous said…
Oh! You are so cute! With a lovely smile. I'm so glad to see a little of you.