show and tell - my sugar bowl

The owner of the kitty cafe has requested our sugar bowls for show and tell.
And who am I to not show? or tell?

Herewith -

country fare

It's Zanesville, it's Redware, it's Country Fare - it is all these and more, according to ebay and a couple of other sources. We have a luncheon set that it matches.


It's Ralph Lauren (go figure), from the outlet, for $10 with a matching creamer.

yellow cup thing

It's enamelware, from the supermarket, and matches this -

yellow bowl

They make a nice pair, but I haven't figured out how to use them.


It's a jar.
We use it every day.
The reason escapes me.

There you have it, um, them.

Yesterday I had lunch with MFAOA and MFAOU (my favorite and only aunt and uncle), my mother and their cousin B.
B has been living, for the past 19 years in a very grand retirement home.
And she is a very grand lady.
We had very grand time while she told us of her scrabble games, her life as an octogenarian and a card game called Spite And Malice.
How wonderful does that sound?

Today, as I have no obligations or plans, I am going to ready Youngest's room for his return (which amounts to putting away laundry and making little welcom back signs for his stuffed animals).
When he called last night he had lost most of his voice (from yelling at the break dancing party) and sounded like an 18 year old. He told me of his adventures of the day, asked how each of us was (and referred to specific things regarding each one of us - dad's scooter, Middle's staying up late...) and then lapsed into speaking in tongues as he described the tricks he's learned and watched.
I've nearly perfected my kickflip...yesterday my friend was doing a frontgrab fakey and hit the coping...we got to see a guy land a reverse tailgrab blahdeeblah!
I forgot to pack a brush or comb for him.


Anonymous said…
I used to play Spite and Malice with my Grandmother more than 35 years ago.
Paula said…
I really like the yellow set and I'm glad to see I am not the only one with fourty-leven sugar bowls.

Do you think it would have mattered if you had packed a comb or brush?

I'm up!
lazy cow said…
I like the Ralph Lauren. Hmmm, my sugar bowl doesn't have a lid. Probably not terribly sanitary. I'm up.
Sinda said…
I also used to play Spite & Malice with my Granny (she who passed down one of the sugar bowls to me - I'm up!) and my Aunt. It's a very fun game, especially if you're spiteful and malicious.
Elizabeth said…
I'm up.
i really like the enamelware. A use will come for them eventually.
You're worried about a brush and comb? I'll lay bets he never even brushed his teeth.
BabelBabe said…
when my older brother was twelve, my mother sent him to summer camp with a trunkful of clean clothes. He came home - with a trunkful of clean clothes, and a raging case of impetigo. He apparently had just worn the same thing EVERY DAY. So it could be much, much worse. You can't get skin conditions from not combing your s-n-t will be up shortly.
Sarah Louise said…
Wow, I slept late or everyone got up early! Love the sugar bowls, I think mostly that you have so many...who knew?

And the everyday one is my favorite.

I guess I hadn't thought about it, but I only have one aunt and uncle now too. (Except they are widow and widower, not married to each other. Now I have a step-aunt b/c my uncle re-married.)

I have heard of spite and malice.

I love the idea of welcome back signs for the stuffed animals.

I'm up.
Anonymous said…
I'm sure that Youngest will buy a comb with his Bank Account.

Heh heh heh...

Anonymous said…
gosh, what early and amibitious commenters you have, bb.

I'd almost forgotten about the years of fakey 360 tail grab speak. Dude!
Badger said…
He would not have used them anyway, the brush and comb.

I'm not up. I only just GOT up.
Jennifer said…
I love your sugar bowls.

Mine was up yesterday and today I'm tagging you :) You don't HAVE to play but are encouraged to :)
Bronwen said…
My sugar bowl is up!
mathomhouse said…
I'm going to have to look up Spite and Malice, I see.

My sugar bowl is up....
MsCellania said…
I like 'em all.

But I'm really liking that Youngest is having a great time away. And learning more than one 'coping' skill, I do believe...

You are a great mama to let him go. I am going to borrow your welcome home critters idea.

OH! I found the cable for the camera. So I'm up. For last week coffee pot S & T, too.
Caterina said…
I missed out on last week and hopefully I'll be up later today....much later. (Can you tell I am not fond of kitchen S&T?)

I, too, love the idea of welcome back signs for the stuffed animals. Adorable.
Anonymous said…
opps! I did it again... really I'm not a joiner however I seem to be showing sugars bowls
Suse said…
Ooh I'm coveting that one just above the everyday jar. Lovely.

I'll be up in a minute.
Lynne@Oberon said…
Nice bowls lady! ;)

With no comb your son will have that authentic tousled skater-dude hair. Nice touch.

My sugar bowl is up.
Jess said…
I like the first one.

My sugar bowl (or lack of sugar bowl) is up.