show and tell - and MORE

Our topic this week is coffee machines -
I think you probably remember the saga of the coffee machine?
Well, maybe fifty of you remember it.
It was riveting.
And, the thing is, we still have this coffee machine -
machine 3
AND it did break and stop making coffee.
And I HAD kept the box we received it in.
Of course it took months to send it back "for repair" and have Bodum tell us that it couldn't be repaired and that it would have to be replaced...duh.
It was out of stock.
We waited longer.
We made coffee in a variety of ways, mostly with the french press.
But they did replace it.
And I would say that I still like it except for the fact that the pot is difficult to wash - my hand doesn't really fit in it and my scrub brush thing doesn't really get to the corners...but whatever.

Yesterday was a heck of a day.
My car was recalled, but they don't call it that anymore. They call it a campaign.
This was campaign 157, involving the tie rods - which, if you know about cars, is sort of a big deal. So I took it in. The guys at the service desk don't even call it a campaign - they call it camp. The car went to camp.
They gave me a loaner and I went home and got Youngest so I could buy him new skate shoes.
He's a skateboarder and he's going to spend a week at skateboard camp and his shoes were in an appalling state. (Unless you ARE a skateboarder, in which case you would love the state the shoes were in because you could see all the work he's done to learn his tricks.)
We drove half an hour each way and picked up some bearings while we were at it.
When we got home I started to get his gear together for departure on saturday.
His knee pads are among the missing...and we had just LEFT the skate shop.
I KNOW, since I removed everything he owns from his room the other day, that the pads are not there. Or in the garage. Or the basement.
He thinks they are at A's house.
A says they are not.
He can't go to camp without them - but luckily camp has a store (where I'm sure I will be charged a small ransom for them) so we can get them there.
A while after we got home, I got the call to come get the car.
So I went to get the car. (no pads in there either)
And on my way back, I phone home - and, it turns out, Youngest has left his Nintendo DS in the loaner car.
Back to the dealership I go (where the valet was kind enough to stand in the driveway with the DS in his hand).

Did you notice that I have not mentioned my emotional state regarding Youngest spending a week at a camp 5 hours away?
I'm not mentioning it.

I didn't say anything about the shoes that I spent hours tracking down and ordering for myself only to have them arrive damaged, did I?

We had hot dogs and beans and lots of wine for dinner and I went upstairs early so that I didn't rip anyone's head off.
All heads intact over here.

Today we are having italian water ices. And Youngest is attending an anime class sort of thing at the library.
I'll keep you posted.


Paula said…
You should have titled it Show and Tell and a Saga... Here's to a better day, and more wine!

I agree you're being very brave, I remember when my youngest went away for the first time. I think the term Worry Wart was bandied about freely by others. The non-mother others that is.

I'm up!
Carol said…
Call me TMOTY (terrible mother of the year) as I am LOOKING for a camp at LEAST 5 hours away to send BOTH my kids! Must be the multiple days of 100+ degree weather and everyone cooped up inside!!!

SOrry about your day yesterday! Here's to plenty o' wine!
Badger said…
Well. That sucks.

I've always wondered which wine goes best with hot dogs. I suppose it would depend on whether or not they were all beef.

I will attempt to do S&T later on, but (a) we are off to the art museum for most of the day and (2) our coffee machine is some generic boring thing that we never use. Because we don't drink coffee.
Sarah Louise said…
"The car went to camp" made me giggle.

and I loved reading the rest of the day, too. How I would love to be a teenage boy just so I could skateboard. I love watching those tricks. Aside from hockey, it's the one "guy sport" I can watch for hours.

Anime at the library--sounds like you have a good librarian!

I'm up--but it's the MORE. I have no coffee-maker, but tons of pictures. Some involve stuffed animals at the library...
lazy cow said…
Luckily it didn't happen on your birthday. I'm not even thinking about the day my kids go to a school camp - let alone a recreational one. Your boy sounds like a sensible, level-headed kid, well, *you* brought him up :-)
I'm up (but you knew that already).
puerileuwaite said…
BB, that is one funky lookin' coffee machine. Are you sure it's not a popcorn maker? You Tuvaluans DO like to do things different ...
Caro said…
I love the way the kids have us driving back and forth constantly.

We ought to just weld a chassis to our butts.
Elizabeth said…
I'm up. I have a (un)coffee saga too.
--erica said…
My boys go to camp in two weeks. I'm freaking out already. I'm not the only mother who hears "white water rafting" and shudders.

hugs to you..

oh..and I actually did show and tell..slinking back!
Anonymous said…
You are such a cool mom. Skate camp? So cool.
islaygirl said…
i'm up.

and you're handling the camp situation well. i order you more wine.
Amy A. said…
I'm up, but don't get too excited.

My oldest daughter is going five hours away, too. It's a terrible feeling. And a lot of work.

Good for you for putting yourself to bed. I wish I were so wise!
Laura/PFG said…
beans and hot dogs? as in, beanie weenies???!?! probably not, but i hope so ;)

*jealous of youngest*

sorry about your shoes. and the 5 hours away-ness.

i would use your coffee maker as a planter (i would probably kill the plant, but still). it's spiffy :)

my wv (the FIRST time i tried to post this!!) is fizz me, see? :)
JustRun said…
That's a big day. Glad you're a believer in the wine. :-)
Anonymous said…
Oh my goodness, what a time you've had of it. Best wishes for relaxation and holding it all together. I'm looking forward to lurking everyone's coffee makers, as I am still on the prowl. I did recently get one like Suse's, and I must say, I like the results of the first brew. I'm too lame to post on my blog about it today, though.
Joke said…
That just made me want to rush home and fire up the espresso machine.

Anonymous said…
Emotional state = joy? Relief? Tinged with guilt? Or not?

I've always thought there should be Mommy Camps. Except they'd be in hotels, because I do not camp.
Geggie said…
That's the same coffee pot we have! I love it, but you're right, it's tough to clean.
Jess said…
I remember the great coffee pot saga...sounds like a killer of a day. My coffee machine is up.
mathomhouse said…
Mine's up ... er, sort of.
Suse said…
Son #2, who has the same hairstyle as Youngest, would be very jealous if I told him such a thing as Skate Camp existed.

My low tech show and tell is up. As you know.

PS. Do you know the old fashioned 'atomic' coffee pot from the 1960s? Very trendy, rare, collectable. I am coveting one.

(I do not drink coffee).
Anonymous said…
I found you through Kitty Cafe her coffee pot post made me laugh... though I am not generally a joiner my pots are on display.
Sinda said…
I did make it up last night - I just forgot to tell you.
abrowncow said…
i have the same coffee pot and love it... to clean it out (it is aggravating that you can't just pop it in the dishwasher) i use a little scoop of oxyclean and fill it with hot hot water... no wiping and it returns to it's bright and shiny self!
Sinda said…
BB - you are welcome in our house for coffee (and dinner and wine...)any time!
weirdbunny said…
wow no kid for a whole week!!! Gwenny did Brownie camp in may for 3 day's but that was only 20 minutes away. You had a really rubbish day!! Your coffee machine looks rather space age and groovy though.