random friday

I'm all over the place.
And exhausted.
I'm starting to be less exhausted -- but I think the weekend is going to be exhausting.

Everyone is well - did I mention, earlier, that Youngest has a fungal infection in his throat and esophagus? that he told me the tubes in his chest felt hot and I told him to go get some ice cream? two weeks of flucanozole...it's from his medication...

The post vacation piles of crappe are almost gone - I am looking forward to K dealing with the wires and camera equipment in the living room, and if I can muster the enthusiasm today I will get the suitcases into the attic.

I've been cooking real Tuvalan food this week and the gang seems to be enjoying it.
Steak tonight.

I returned a couple of things at Old Navy this morning and bought..............wait for it........
SHORTS! which I said I never wear. But see...they invented these:

Picture 6

and, see, these, come down to my knees, are very lightweight, and, believe it or not -
are flattering.
I am breaking one of my own rules. And wearing shorts.

I have been thinking of new eyeglasses too.
You know, to go with the whole new shorts attitude.
I'm going to go with my friend M to the optician.
(happy birthday M!)
I think I want some like this...


so I can go all Libeskind on yer asses. Or the asses of someone. Most probably my family.

Daniel Libeskind

And don't try to talk me out of the extreme eyewear.
My last pair made the sales lady happy because they flattered my face and looked good with my hair and I've spent all this time looking like someone's mother.
I don't really want to look like someone's mother -
I want to look like someone's ARCHITECT.

I like this too -

vest thing

it's probably bad that Anthropologie has me on their email list.

Let's talk about yetis.


Badger said…
A fungal infection? Yipes!

My very stylish blogging friend Karla the Texpatriate has glasses kind of like that. They look AWESOME on her.

And alas, I can't wear bermuda shorts because of my Popeye calves. And my cankles. But I'm sure they look lovely on YOU.
Carol said…
LOVE the glasses. I went a tad extreme and got solid black, but now wish I had gone with the tortoise shell color. Still hip, yet goes with my hair a tad more.

The shorts are cute, too. Everytime I put on pants/capris etc. at Old Navy they NEVER flatter. I may be willing to try these.
Sinda said…
Years ago, I took two friends with me to the Opthamologist. One conservative, one not. Together, we narrowed down our choices. How abut these, I asked Dr. El Hage (Best OD ever) - No, he replied, they make you look too mean.

Peerfect, said I, and promptly bought them.

Sometimes, a person needs a stern appearance.
Anonymous said…
i love anything to do with yeti's

Amy A. said…
Love that last outfit. I could probably get away with the tailored shirt but not with the drapey vest. I have a bosom issues. I know, TMI.

Love the glasses. Go for broke! I have the funky glasses, now if I could only get my hairdresser to stop making me look like someone's mother.
Anonymous said…
I have two pairs of those shorts! I love them.
Cee said…
Wow, poor youngest, hope he is better soon!

Love, love, love the shorts. I don't wear shorts unless I am going to the beach, pool or lake. But those, I like, I would wear them in public.

They eyewear, I bet you would look great.
Laura/PFG said…
oooh!! the shorts are cute! i was just thinking on the 4th how i needed to get some!! (we never made it out to the beach though, so that need was quickly dashed. but i still need some!)

ick about that fungal infection. that's gotta suck! :( but hey, at least he has a MEDICAL REASON why he has to eat ice cream, so that's kinda cool...hope he gets well soon!!

and, erm, hi :) (thought i'd end a sentence in something other than an exclamation point. but that wasn't technically a FULL sentence, but whatev. :P)
BabelBabe said…
yetis? why, pray tell? not that it matters 'cause if it's to do with the Himalayas, I am all over it.

I like those glasses, you would look wildly hip (even more than you really are, which is already pretty damn hip - and deifnitely hipper than me, like that's some kind of feat...anyhoo) in those.
Gina said…
Didn't Bill HIcks say that the Loch Ness Monster is really a submarine . . . driven by a Yeti? Or something like that?
momslo said…
The glasses are hip and you should have them!!!
Paula said…
Yetis? Is that a belated Show and Tell?

I hope Youngest is better soon.
Jess said…
I also said never on the shorts. And then I realized I need a pair and bought comfy beachy ones from Columbia. Somehow, they work.

I want new funky glasses. Must check and see if I've gone long enough between visits. (I alternate purchasing contacts and glasses. Just in case you wanted to know.)

And I walked past Anthropologie yesterday and SO wanted to whip out my camera and take pictures of the window displays for you. It's all about the shredded newsprint these days, apparently.
Elan Morgan said…
Extreme glasses are the way to go. My greying hair looks artier rather than older with my funky glasses. Although, I have had a few strange reactions. I was introduced to a friend's friend a couple of weeks ago, and after he told the guy my name, he added, while indicating my looks with his hand, "don't worry, though, she's not actually that intimidating".
MsCellania said…
The glasses I'm liking for you alot. The shorts; yes, them too.
Methinks your boozums would stretch the pleats clean out of that belted vest. But it is a very pretty thing.

Sorry about the fungal infection - one hears about side effects but who would think FUNGUS?!
lazy cow said…
Don't think of them as shorts, think of them as extremely short cargo pants. They look good in any case.
"I want to look like someone's architect". Love that line.
Jennifer said…
I hope your boy feels better soon!

Love the glasses... and hmmm. They don't look like shorts.. they look more to me like shorter capris :)

I love Old Navy!
Jessica said…
LOVE the top eyewear choice -- so much so that I'm going to print that out in color and take it to my eye appointment in August. Those are amazing, bold, extremely cool frames!
kt said…
I'm liking the frames, but that mannequin is the most frightening hawker of eyewear/wicker visors/lip goop that I've ever seen.

My experience with those of the yeti-persuasion comes directly from Tintin in Tibet, a wonderful one in the Tintin series.
Suse said…
ha ha ha

Son #2 is reading Tin Tin in Tibet right now. (And he will tell you yetis don't wear glasses like that).

Yuck to the fungussy pipes.
weirdbunny said…
I'm thinking that the architect look is good, and possibly very bold!