let's see...

My boys woke me yesterday with menus! and money!
Choose some items from the spa - and go have them done!
I've been wanting a facial for a long long time - and NOW I shall have one.

Mostly I sat on my butt yesterday.
On my bed.
With the AC cranking.
I did get a lot done - rearranged the piano mover, found out how to replace a title document, searched for moped parts, and then was taken out to lunch by M.
M who brought me the most gorgeous Claus Porto soaps - I think I am going to put them in a bowl...the colors are amazing!

Part of the reason that I did nothing (aside from the facts that: a. I am lazy and: 2. it was my birthday) was that the day before I had de-dustified Youngest's room.
Youngest is allergic to dust (his only allergy) and hasn't been doing too well -
so I decided to TAKE EVERYTHING OUT OF HIS ROOM and dust it all and vacuum the hell out of the place.
You know, I don't think those hypoallergenic mattress protectors are very effective, I'm only sayin, cause when I removed them there was dust ON TOP OF THEM - yes, dust that would normally fall into the mattress I suppose, but dust that then sat PRETTY DAMN CLOSE to my kid. I am going to try them OFF the mattress and see.
So, yeah, I hauled all of Youngest's crappe into my room and dusted and polished and vacuumed until you could do open heart surgery in there.
Which you KNOW he has done.

And when I was done - 8 hours later, I had a helluva allergy attack...and to tell you the truth, I still feel kinda crappy, what with the dust and exertion and such.
But his room looks great.
bedside table
His bedside table is resplendent.

electronic center
His electronic center is DUST FREE.

imagination center
The Totoro house is spotless!

reading center
This bookcase could still use some straightening up...

So. I was wiped.

And what else did M bring me at lunch?
A pair of JCrew surf shorts which she had purchased for one of her sons. Turns out they were the wrong size and she waited too long to return them (and she hates going to the mall...). I gladly took them off her hands (with the tag still on them) for one of my boys --
or so I thought at the time.
But then, when I got home, it turned out that they fit me very nicely - and while not especially flattering, they are very comfortable.
And I may wear them on the beach!
trunks 2
an unexpected present!

I made one of my favorite pasta dinners -
perciatelli with sausage and peppers and a dollop of fresh ricotta, and my mom brought over my traditional birthday cake...
...you know, the one made from Famous Chocolate Wafers and whipped cream?

You cut it on a diagonal - and hopefully, if you've seen pictures illustrating the difference between a camel and a zebra, you can see the stripes of the cake. (inside joke)

Plus -
as I am always beautifully accessorized - note the way my Chapstick matches my cake!

Anyway - that's just silly.
Here is one of my favorite presents...

I had a perfectly nice birthday and was impressed with the thoughtfulness of those around me -



Anonymous said…
So glad you had a nice birthday. I've always wanted to try one of those layered cake things...did you ever eat one of those Vienna ice cream things they used to sell? That's what it reminds me of. :)
Anonymous said…
Oooh, I haven't even thought of those cakes for ages. They're the BEST. That had to make you feel better. No?
Anonymous said…
Sounds like a glorious day! And a belated happy Birthday to you.
The cake. I knew not of the cake. I use those choclate wafers to make a crust for a cheesecake I do, but I have never seen it made into a cake.
Just wafers and cream eh?
Sinda said…
That sounds like a lovely party, and a successful day.

Totoro! He has his own house! We love Totoro - Hannah used to call that movie Totoro Pleepling (Sleeping). sigh.

Last night we watched Kiki, and I was reminded that Hannah was Kiki for Halloween hen she was 3.

Lucky Youngest - I hope the cleaning helps.
puerileuwaite said…
BB, the cover did its job. You didn't notice any dust on the mattress itself, did you ? ;-)

Oh, and the shorts DO look flattering (kinda creepy comment coming from me ... please forgive the transgression ...).
BabelBabe said…
the shorts look GREAT on you.

glad you had a lovely day!
lazy cow said…
Bugger, bum, bitch. I KNEW I forgot something yesterday! Happy belated birthday (I had plans to send you an e-card and everything). So glad you had a lovely day.
Here in Australia we use Chocolate Ripple biscuits and cream to make a similar cake.MMMMM...
Lewis said…
A. Thats not dust on the bedcover, its exfoliated skin. Theres a world of little bugs that dine on that btw.

2. I hope the cake has vanilla in the whipped cream, Ok, I removed the celery from the Summer Salad, but the vanilla stays in the IB Cake.
Joke said…
Ditto the shorts!


P.S. Dude...get a HEPA filter for the poor kid's room.
Paula said…
Sounds like a lovely day. And don't you look all tan and buff! Take a suana on your spa day and it will help keep your allergies under control.
Anonymous said…
Is that a man next to a dishwasher?!

Happy Birthday!
--erica said…
Sounds like a day well spent!

and you look ADORABLE!!!!!

happy birthday..again :) I'm so glad I found my way here!
Elizabeth said…
I'm liking the shorts but you can't beat a man loading the dishwasher, willingly?
I'm not familiar with that cake concoction, any chance of the recipe?
Anonymous said…
You have such an utterly readable blog. Glad to hear you had such a satisfying BD.
Anonymous said…
I must confess that my heart just melted looking at the Totoro house...

what a great birthday... again, happy birthday bb.
Laura/PFG said…
haha...the fact that i'm leaving my reply under an "Irene" reminds me of that episode of The Real World where they put KETCHUP on irenes' birthday cake. i think it was before the black dude smacked her. but you probably have no idea what i'm talking about, so i digress ;P

tony just found out he is allergic to dust and grass and ragweed and trees and blahblahblah. it probably doesnt help that i vacuum like, 4 times a year. think we can get our new landlords to replace our ancient carpets, now that it's medically neccessary? 0_o

i'm glad you were lazy. you're allowed to be.

your house is darling and the big sink has me all confused but wanting one at the same time.

and the shorts are cute on you :)
Jess said…
happy belated birthday!
weirdbunny said…
Happy Birthday!!!!!!
jenny said…
allergic to dust?!?

Oh my.

Just the thought of it makes me count my blessings.
Caterina said…
Happy Birthday! Sounds like a wonderful day.
Colorsonmymind said…
Great pictures.

The last one really is the best!

Also think the shorts are cute on you:)
Suse said…
I like K's shirt, and Youngest's duck. (Goose?)

Hope you're feeling better after the allergy attack.
Sarah Louise said…
spa menu? WOW!

JCrew shorts--nice!

your son allowed you to clean his room? unheard of!

Cakestick: I love it. You *are* always well accesorized. I love the fact that you have an inside joke about cakes.

What is a Totoro? Never mind, I'll go google it.
Elan Morgan said…
This may sound weird, but you have lovely arms. I would kill for arms like that. I inherited the thick arms with the underarm wag from my mother. If they were legs, I would never wear shorter skirts. Do you do yoga or weights or something, or are you naturally endowed with lean definition?
Susie Sunshine said…
As always, I am late.

Happy, happy birthday, BB.
Rosa said…
Happy belated birthday. That is the BEST cake in the world!! Like eating a freshly made oreo cookie!
kt said…
More belated natal day wishes.

All hail the Famous Chocolate Wafers cake--bow to it, bring it pomegranetes and incense and maybe, just maybe you'll get a slab.

I plan on inhaling one in about a week or so for my b-day as well.

You have SUCH good taste.