I want to start a trend

I liked the now passed trend wherein it was suggested that we wear pants under dresses and skirts. The problem with this short lived trend was that a person couldn't wear just any pants under the skirt - cargo pants, for example, would not be advisable, pockets would have to be flat, and the skirt, as you can imagine, would have to be an a-line. Maybe you cannot imagine, but I can.
Anyway -
I would like to adapt this trend.
I would like to alter this trend slightly.
I would like to suggest
apron shot 2

That we wear aprons.
Over everything.
All the time.
And I mean to mention it to the ladies at Tie One On. I mean, what do they do with all those lovely aprons anyway?

Aprons would keep our clothing clean.
They could provide pockets for our cell phones.
And they have the added benefit of not adding additional fabric to the rear area. (which, for some of us, could have been a problem with the skirt/pant situation)

Wear an apron today --

I got mine for $3.99 at my favorite store.

apron 4


puerileuwaite said…
I would like to request an exemption from this activity.
BabelBabe said…
aw, c'mon, puerile...you can be manly in an apron.

isn't that just like the pinafore thing that Rebecca of Sunnybrooks Farm had to wear?

yours is cute.
puerileuwaite said…
I like to think I can be manly in anything. Now if it were a French Maid's outfit, we'd be talkin'.
Anonymous said…
I'm in.
Anonymous said…
i am so loving that apron! i love the fabric and the ric rac--if i had that apron i think i'd be wearing that thing all the time too! (Just got a funny image in my mind of me at my sister's pool with swimsuit and said apron as it floats around me....)
Badger said…
Okay, here is the thing: I like aprons very much. And I buy them! I do! But I hardly ever wear them, even when cooking! I just forget, or something. I don't know why.

I use towels a lot, though.

I have no idea what that means.
Ellen Landrum said…
You're such a hippy with those shoes and that awesome fabric. I love it.
Amy A. said…
This would make a good show and tell. I have kept all my aprons from my table waiting days and still use them. Yours is way cuter than any of mine, though.
Anonymous said…
LOVE IT!!! wish i was brave enough to do it!
Elizabeth said…
Over at Juju's blog (jujulovespolkadots.typepad.com), she makes just the pockets to wear (idea from Julie Arkell) In her archives.
You may want to check this option out.
Anonymous said…
I've been talking about doing this for ages, but I still have never walked out of the house in one. I'd like to make a thin white one that would go with everything...I'm with you.
Major Bedhead said…
Oh, I love that fabric.

I really should wear an apron at all times. Maybe with a bib, since I seem incapable of keeping my shirts clean. If I can spill it, I will.
Paula said…
I have to wear aprons all the time as I am a messy, messy person. On me it wouldn't be a fashion statement it would be a paint-and-what-all-else I touched that day mess.

But you go ahead, it looks cute on you!

word verification-flaar (you have flair, I have flaar)
MsCellania said…
I'm with PJ. Aprons are a necessity. With bosom-covering bibs.

You look quite slim.
puerileuwaite said…
Wait a second. Ladies, you DO realize that you could never wear your new, trendy outfits while dining out ...
Joke said…
I have a manly leather apron.

Well, OK, suede.

With pockets and a mitt.


P.S. This would have been better and more alliterative in APRIL!
Anonymous said…
I don't have an apron. Now I feel sad. I think I may have to remedy that situation.
lazy cow said…
I love your apron. Great length and fabric. Inspired by the crafty girls, I've started wearing (not making, oh no!) an apron too. And mine was even cheaper than yours - $2 from the op shop. It does make my waist look thick though. You look v. svelte in yours.
blackbird said…
my GOD -
I go out for the day and you guys go crazy for the apron post...

pwaite - NO EXEMPTIONS FOR YOU. look at Joke! He's a big boy and HE wears and apron.

victoria - have now decided that it is INDEED a good idea to wear an apron with my swimsuit.

badger - I don't think anyone knows the implications of the towel usage are.

elizabeth - I have seen those pockets at Juju and have long contemplated making one.

vickeeee - YOU have a THING for my bosom.

joke - YOU probably have a bespoke apron as well.

lc - I think I have seen your great apron - I think you posted it, yes?
Sarah e.Smith said…
OK....well I like your trend! I just dont have an apron....i'll have to go and get myslef one and give it a whirl :)
Claudie said…
Blackbird, yes! I'm so, so sick of carrying a handbag everywhere. And hooray for Birkenstocks with painted toes!
MsCellania said…
bb - It was MY BOSOM I was bibbing. Your bosom? A rumored thing. You mainly feature your leggies in photos.

Joke - SUEDE?! In FLORIDA?! Rather warmish, isn't it? Or do you simply wear a speedo and a tan with it?

I wish I would've grabbed all my grandma's aprons. The florals were beautiful. And the memories! Why oh why did I go for the button box?!
Anonymous said…
The 'now PASSED trend'??? What? I wear a dress/skirt over pants several days a week. Am I that out of date???

And I wear an apron frequently. In fact I'm wearing one now as I read your post, so will now photograph myself to prove it. (50c from op shop).

Do you wear yours out of the house? Mine stops at the door.

- Suse (blogger is banning me again)

(Getting a bit excited about seeing a post of Joke in his manly apron. Craftapalooza and Angry Chicken have both posted pics of "maprons" in the past).
Anonymous said…
Late, but loving that apron! I tiotally want one and would wear it with pride.

Plus, your kitchen? Awesome!
Susie Sunshine said…
I am 100% behind this trend and 250% behind your apron in particular. Darling!!!!
Sarah Louise said…
Oh yes! A pocket for the cell phone!! I hate clothes that don't have pockets...I may have to go check those archives...

Who knew aprons would be the talk of the town?

I used to have a pretty one, but I think it went back to the op shop.
Your apron-wearing manifesto is brilliant. I bow to you.
Anonymous said…
I love the idea as I need to wear them and I am adding to my collection by making more and more of them..so I am in...