I realized, fifteen minutes after I left, that I forgot the camera

Youngest and I headed east yesterday.
To East Tuvalu.
I wanted him out of the basement (World of Warcraft).
We went on an adventure to Grammy's house. We went with several intentions...

1. To make our first attempt at letterboxing.
2. To spend some time at the beach.
3. To see Grammy.
4. To see if we could help with Grammy's broken washing machine.
5. To eat sushi!

We stopped at The Store That Has Everything for rubber stamps for the letterboxing, and though we bought an amazing box of crayons, drawing paper, modeling clay and allergy medication (because it isn't an adventure without medication), there were no rubber stamps.
And so we had to trudge off to the art and craft storewhichIhate, and spend more money and buy stamps (a paw print and a bird).

Went to Grammy's and assessed the washing machine situation (broken hose).
Dragged Grammy to Starbucks and made her drink a chai latte (she liked it).
Went to the hardware store and bought new METAL hoses.
Went back to Grammy's and manhandled the old hoses off the washing machine and deftly applied the new hoses. I do hope you understand the MAGNITUDE of this accomplishment.
We ran several tests and went try our hand at the letterboxing.
We followed the clues through the breathtaking wooded park - but lo. no. letterbox.
(I sent the placer and email)
Back to Grammy's for some supplies and tylenol, then, off to the beach!

The beach where Youngest playedandplayedandplayed and had TWO ice creams and swam for a long time and was wonderful company while Grammy and I sat in our chairs and took turns holding the umbrella (we CANNOT bury the pole properly even though we can fix a washing machine).

Back to Grammy's for some wine and cheese and I made her look at all 850 photos from our trip...
and then she took us out for an amazing sushi dinner.

I ask you, could it have possibly been a more action packed day?
And, is it NOT a shame that I forgot the camera?


Carol said…
You have more energy than my six year old!

Sounds like a great time!
Anonymous said…
We such a fabulous description there is absolutely no need for pictures! Kudos on fixing the washing machine... that's amazing. And isn't it wonderful when you set out to get your kid outside for some fresh air and exercise and it actually works!

And am I the only one who has no idea what letterboxing is?
Anonymous said…
with, i meant. not we. or maybe 'weh'
Jennifer said…
I've been wanting to try the letterboxing too. Just can't seem to find the time.

By Grammy, do you mean YOUR grandmother? How nice of you to be able to fix her washing machine. :) Bravo!!
Badger said…
VERY impressed about the washing machine.

VERY charmed by proxy about Youngest having such fun at the beach (takes me back to last year, and the boy child's first trip to the beach, which went swimmingly HAHAHA).

NFI what letterboxing is or why you would need to visit a craft store in order to do it. Is it a Tuvalu thing?
Anonymous said…
I'm off to look up letterboxing, too...whatever it is, it sounds fun. You fixed a washing machine? Holy moly.
puerileuwaite said…
I feel better now that I've read previous comments. Since there's enough of us cave-dwelling rubes among your loyal followers, please consider a post on letterboxing.

I have more questions (what was THAT? a collective groan?) too.

Metal hoses? Not rubber ones similar to garden hoses? Please explain.

Why do you hate THAT craft store?

Is East Tuvalu the "rough part of town"? Does Tuvalu have even have one?
Sarah Louise said…
letterboxing...I think I used to know what that was...and yes, it is a shame no pix, but with all the beyoot vacation shots we got a few weeks ago, I think I'll survive...
lazy cow said…
850 photos of your holiday? And we only get to see about 5? Cheated.
Letterboxing must be specific to Tuvalu, I think. Is it anything to do with orienteering? But then why would you need rubber stamps. Please tell me it's NOTHING to do with scrapbooking!
sara said…
I just wrote a post about how addicted I am to those Chai Lattes. Be careful Grammy doesn't get the jones. It's tough to beat, man.

I'm so impressed that you fixed a washing machine...you're so clever!

stuff said…
In my world letter-boxing is the black parts at the top and bottom of a TV screen but we make that in an edit suite not in a park or craft store. Do elaborate.
My show idea with you as 'product lady' is getting more interesting by the post- SHE EVEN FIXES WASHING MACHINES FOR SENIORS!
I can't believe you didn't already have a length of metal hose in a basket or bin in your car!
Suse said…
Oooh, I know what letterboxing is! It's an old English thing - there are thousands of them in Devon in particular. Sounds fun!


MsCellania said…
Busy, wonderful day.
Washer repairing?
Beach enjoying?
Coffee swilling?
Sushi munching?
Sounds perfect to me.
And the Letterboxing? Fabulous! I'd never heard of it, but it sounds like great fun. Have you guys been doing it long? Does everyone have their own rubber stamp or do you Family Rubber Stamp it?
BabelBabe said…
what a blissful day.

and what Telfair said.
Laura/PFG said…
1.) letterboxing is also called "geocaching"....but geocaching is more hi-tech, i guess?

2.) we were watching Discovery last night, and they mentioned Tuvalu!! and i!! started!! freaking!! out!! ("Blackbird lives there!!")... haha. and then i realized i've been pronouncing it wrong all this time. i say "Too-vuh (rhymes with duh)-loo"...NOT "Too-VAH-loo" like they were saying. bleh. i like my way better. hehe.

i'm jealous of your day :) and his 2 ice creams. washingmachinefixerlady :)