I need help with google image searches

Last fall I posted a photo of my nephew's arm.
I had drawn a tattoo on it - and included the photo in a post about babysitting he and my niece... it turns out now that that picture is one of the top google hits for prison tattoos (I referred to it as such).
I have deleted the photo from Flickr but it is still included on google image searches - which creeps me out.
Does anyone know how to get it off google?

Thanking you in advance.



Angela said…
If you find out the answer, please let me know. People have been arriving at my site after searching for something completely hideous--all because I posted a picture of a little girl in a bee costume. I deleted the picture months ago, but the perverts are still coming in droves.

I've been told that it's all about the cache. Of course, this is a topic on which I'm not completely clear.
Anonymous said…
as I understand it.

when a search engine shows you a returned result it is showing (in this case) a cached image from when it 'crawled' the web page.

so while it may show up in google images in thumbnail form, if it is in fact deleted from flickr, then there is no link for it to follow. hitting the link should return a 404 or this image has been removed type of page.

so all you will get from google images is the thumbnail.

I don't believe you can remove it. though it should expire at some point. but I don't know how long.

pretty much once you put something out there. it's out there.
JustRun said…
I am not sure but I think anonymous is correct.

Add tattoo artist to your resume, for sure. Unless it's there already, of course- in which case, good job!
Joke said…
JR's right. This too shall lapse.

Anonymous said…
That is good to know. A picture of me? shows up for spiderman and it's driving me crazy.
Gill said…
I really appreciate your pointing this out because I'd not thought of it before. Does google search on filename and would it be more secure to simply use numbers to name the image files to avoid this happening, do you think?
Sinda said…
Happy Birthday!!
Anonymous said…
so now when googling Prison Tatoos they will get this post before they get to the non existent picture!
Anonymous said…
Since google relies heavily on the "popularity" of a page or image to give it prominence in their search results, over time this will stop showing up in the results since people can no longer access it. Until then, I think it's just a waiting game...