I loved it, I hated it

I went to the movies again last night with my mom.
She's very good to go with as she is willing to speak when I want to (during the film) and to shut up when we need to behave. Plus we have similar taste. And I can say things to her that K might not appreciate, like: holy hell would ya look at that zipper. K just wouldn't get that.

We saw The Devil Wears Prada.
Apparently we are on a Meryl Streep kick these days as we saw Prairie Home Companion, a couple of weeks ago, which I thought was mostly meh. Perhaps next week we can watch The French Lieutenant's Woman - which is best viewed at three in the morning, with as many commercial interruptions as possible.
(not a problem though, my mother is an insomniac)

I loved/hated this movie.
What? I DID.

I hated Ann Hathaway, for the most part, I hated her boyfriend, I hated her hair extensions (before her makeover), I hated her lips. I don't think she was born with those lips - but what do I know?
I hated that it was a Cinderella story, I hated the lead footed fable, and, I'm sorry, but I do not agree that Emily Blunt's performance, as Emily, was all that amazing.
I loved the city, I loved the art direction, I loved Stanley Tucci (just a hair under over-the-top he played it), and, surprisingly, I loved Meryl Streep.
Why, you ask, is this surprising?
Because before I turned 40 (and I am not telling you when that was) I couldn't stand Meryl Streep. True. I thought everything she did just reeked of Meryl Streep. But, somehow, I don't think that anymore.

Two things rang true for me:

1. I had a Miranda boss. In publishing. I SWEAR that that man said to me, nay, bellowed to me once: WHERE IS THAT PIECE OF PAPER I HAD IN MY HAND YESTERDAY?!
I was his personal assistant and I took care of all those evil things - the dry cleaning, the passport, the car service, the dinner reservations (I'll want dinner tonight in that place I like...the one with the ketchup...). My boss was slightly more colorful (Get Norman Mailer on the phone and tell him I said he can BLOW ME) and slightly less famous - though I did once attend a major event mere steps behind him and would have been on the cover of the Washington Post arts section had I not shielded myself from the cameras. When I decided to quit, when Oldest was about a year old, he mocked me and told me the only thing I would ever be able to discuss in life (post job) would be vacuums, and that it would be a terrible waste.
I've seen him a couple of times/written a couple of times and he's asked if I'd come back.


B: I loved all the name dropping. I did. I loved it and caught all of them...I even got the subtle twists of names like Miranda's boss, Irv.

It was a fun movie to watch if one could put aside the conceit of the plot - and I agree with the New York Times about it being Meryl's movie (though I am not sure I see an Oscar ) and that one pulls for Miranda (apparently readers don't sympathize with Miranda in the book). Her slight expressions and soft voice were perfect.

Problems? Aside from the fact that I was at a movie best watched by 15 year old girls? Who aren't going to get the whole mocking of the fashion world thing?
Patricia Field may have been talented in creating the whole look of Sex In The City, but, for heaven's sake, she cannot dress an Anna Wintour knock-off...nor can she hope to put together Vogue-esque staffers, it is not her milieu. Things were too crazy looking for the younger set and, as my mother said, If I saw one more beaded, pailletted cardigan on Meryl...
Meryl who must have lost a tiny bit of weight for this film, Meryl who's silvery hair we now want, Meryl who's make-up was very well done. Miranda would have been in suits and perfect dresses and could have been very Carolina Herrera. But that is not Field's forte and it showed.

So, that's it.

We hope to see Word Play sometime within the next couple of weeks.

Also stretched before me?

A one day, 10 hour round trip road trip to take Youngest to skate camp for a week - and the same for his return one week later,
a week in Wellfleet -
a visit to my SIL's cabin, probably with only Youngest -
and my bathrooms are looking a little dingy - I may have to clean the downstairs one and remodel the upstairs one.


BabelBabe said…
ok, i may need to go see it. i hated the book, though. but i want to go see it with another girl, so i can be all catty and stuff...because I? am a paragon of fashion
lazy cow said…
I don't think I could stand the movie. Your review was enough :-)
But, the liking Meryl Streep thing? I'd always hated her acting until Adaptation - 3 years ago? - maybe she just takes time to grow on a person.
Paula said…
Youngest works at a theather and has to preview all the movies before they can show them. He said I wouldn't like it but I still want to see it. I mean it's not like I spending money or anything.

The name dropping thing? I have some "things" I've done in about four, well no, exactly four books and I loved telling people about it. It's lame I know but it was my 15 seconds of fame. Believe me it was enough.
Anonymous said…
Okay, now i need to go see that movie--you've piqued my interest. we saw Pirates over the weekend--dull, dull, dull! and too long! and keira knightly? I used to like her and now i am so sick of her wrinkled nose and sharp teeth that she thinks looks sexy! it's not sexy! she looks like she could eat someone whole! that said, have a nice mini vacation...
Carol said…
Skate camp? as in skateboarding or hockey/ice skating? If it's skateboarding, I've never heard of such a thing and I KNOW my Ben would LOVE something like that.
jenny said…
sounds like it can wait for netflix but it may not ever make it to the top of the queue.

Skate camp? How very cool.
Caterina said…
Great movie review. I may just see it as a rental.

"remodel the upstairs one"
Wow. That sounds like an entire summer task, no?
Anonymous said…
Did you read the book? The movie is much better than the book. Miranda is far too 2 dimentional in the book. You can tell it's just an "F.You" to AnnaWintour from the author.

I actually liked the movie and thought is was just what it should be and nothing more. There are a few storyline gliches and I didn't like the editing, but overall it made for an enjoyable matinee for me and my girlfriends. I think it's much more fun as a real movie than it will be on DVD (unless the DVD is going to have fun special features.)

My theatre was packed with a mostly Christopher and Banks set of older women, so typical of this Chitown 'burb, not fashionsitas by any means.
Anonymous said…
Hmmm...now I'm interested in the movie, since you mentioned how well it showed off the city. I love movies like that. So disappointing about the costumes.

We saw Wordplay last week, and I thought it was great. It got a bit long-ish toward the end, but hey! It has Jon Stewart! :) It made me want to do crosswords. Even though I have yet to complete one...
Anonymous said…
I thought you already ripped out your upstairs bathroom for remodeling?
Sandy said…
The husband and were going to see Pirates of the Caribbean yesterday and it was sold out so he L-E-T me see The Devil Wears Prada. I didn't hear him snoring...thank goodness. I did enjoy the movie. I also read the book. Meryl Streep was great (not Oscar though) but Anna Wintour is so very thin that there's no way they could dress her in a lot of what Wintour wears...that I've seen in magazines. Anne H.'s hair extentions were noticeable before the makeover. But I thought her clothes and look after that were great.
blackbird said…
BB - you looked pretty damn good for the three days I saw you.

PJ - you have grown kids? you write like a 30 year old!

Mandy - yes, we started the bath last year and have plain sheetrock ever since....
Anonymous said…
I actually read that book. It was a heaping pile of smelly dung. Godawful in every respect. So I'm amazed that there's a watchable minute in the movie and triply amazed that Meryl Streep would deign to be in such a thing.

But that's just me.

I've got Wordplay on my list, too.
Paula said…
bb-I was but a mere babe when I had my kids, but I'm a wee bit over 30;)
kt said…
Prairi Home Companion was comfortable; sort of surprising from Altman, methought.

Wordplay was terrific.
Joke said…
I managed to get over my distaste for Meryl Streep when I saw her in Defending Your Life.

Now my distates is only for her serious roles.

Laura/PFG said…
you already know i liked this movie :P there's probably alot of stuff i didn't catch, but a) i'm not very knowledgable about the fashion world, and b) i'm not analytical with movies AT ALL. i watch them from start to finish and don't tend to consider anything once the film has ended.

but i'm really wanting that "James Holt" distressed leather purse, and it's on Amazon in the Devil Wears Prada boutique for $79.99. at that price, i guess i'll get over it.

hcsekocr is my wv..makes me think of housekeeper...which is what i'll wish i have when i go home tonight ;P
--erica said…
I think we're seeing that movie today. thanks for the head's up. I had mixed feelings about the book so seeing the movie should be interesting...

--Can totally sympathize with your 10hr day of driving. Luck to you!
Eris said…
I actually liked the book for the theory, not the actual plot. I liked the fact that even though it is in the chicklit genre the main character does not wind up with the boy, that it is not a hackneyed love story and that she was flawed. Miranda in the book is not fleshed out other than she is an evil raving lunatic. However, I hear that they pretty much changed the whole movie which makes me sad. Why couldn't we have a not so happy ending film? I can't speak from experience though, since I haven't seen it. So I should just shut up now.
Sarah Louise said…
I agree with you--I loved it, and hated it too. My thought was that it ended too abruptly. Which is also what I thought about Superman Returns.

And now, having read the comments, I'm not so sure about going to see Pirates...but I do want to see Wordplay.

And I had a boss sort of like that--not as bad, but working for her was when I learned the word "passive-aggressive."