he could be an imaginary friend

Middle has this friend, P.
He's been friends with P for about nine months.
I generally pay a different kind of attention to my kid's friends when they are in their teens.
I don't get to meet their parents. I only occasionally get to meet the friends themselves.
But I listen more closely.
And I ask some questions, when I can.
So I've been hearing about this kid P for nearly a year.
Sounds like a good guy.
He's older than Middle though, a senior. Gotta watch that.
He drives too - could be dangerous, I don't know.
Sounds like he has a curfew - that's good.
And he drives a really old beat up car. I like that. Lots of kids around here are driving $50,000 cars.
I don't care for that at all and would prefer that my kids not be out in some other kid's $50,000 car. Those kids don't usually have curfews.
This kid P has a job too. Like that.
He took Middle to the concert last month, and came in to meet us.
Nice fellow.
Just finished an internship at a prestigious company - in the graphic arts department.
Just accepted into an Ivy League school.
Told us he is looking forward to going, but a little anxious about being away from home and choosing his goals.
He said that.
He was pleased to go to the concert - it would have been hard to afford the tickets on his babysitting wages. (babysitting, another point in his favor)
Friday night I let Middle go out with him for a while -
I didn't even ask a lot of questions.
Middle just had to wait for him to get home from his job...as a day camp counselor.

Sometimes I find it hard to believe he's real, I said to Middle. He's just so perfect...
Oh, yeah...
Middle said, did I mention he's training for the clergy?


Paula said…
Sounds like Middle is a good judge of character.
Carol said…
Working with adolescents, for a living, is kind of a double edged sword. The more you get to know them - the more you lose faith in our future, but also GAIN faith that everything is going to be just fine.

There are tons of great kids out there. More than not-so-great.
jenny said…
And P's parents are probably saying something similar...
puerileuwaite said…
Good for Middle (and your sanity). As long as the young man doesn't turn out to be the Eddie Haskell of Tuvalu, that is ;-)
Ellen Landrum said…
And an Eagle scout?
You make me laugh. You have good kids, obviously.
MsCellania said…
Bwaa ha ha - 'The Eddie Haskell of Tuvalu' - that was what I was thinking but not clever enough to pack it in the Eddie Haskell purse!

My gaydar would be pinging, but you've just described my husband at 17 - he has always been kind, extremely intelligent, nose to the prestigious employment grindstone since 15, drives beaters and parents love him. I swear, my parents love my husband more than me!

Middle, and YOU, are lucky such a friend has made an appearance. And Darn! He is leaving in a year. Will Middle be a junior this year? No, he's a sopohmore, isn't he - at 15?
Sarah Louise said…
It's nice to have good friends. They are not a dime a dozen.
Anonymous said…
Please tell me Middle made that up! "The clergy!?" You're killing me!
stuff said…
Sounds like my husband at that age, too.
That's one focused dude.
Lynne@Oberon said…
Yes, teenage friendships would worry me as well. Teens are sooooo influence by peer pressure and falling in with the wrong crowd could be a costly mistake. No mistakes here though, so you are free to worry about something else :)
BabelBabe said…
ohmigod, Middle is SO yanking your leg about the clergy.

Or is he?
Anonymous said…
As much as I'd like to meet this kid, I'm even more curious about his parents. Invite them over and then report back, will you?
Cee said…
When I was about 10 a family moved in across the street with a daughter that was 8. We became fast freinds.

As we got older her parents loved me because I was a good influence on her. Since she was the youngest of 4 by many years she was more of an only child. Her parents invited me on every vacation with them so she could have a playmate along. Now I realize they invited me along to keep her in check, but thats okay I had fun. I went to Palm Springs, Mammoth, Hawaii, and many river trips. When I started to drive her mom was thrilled since that meant she no longer had to drive us around. An older responsilbe friend is a good thing.

I am also leary of my teens older friends, they can't all be perfect like I was (eg).