the fun. it never stops.

You'd think that we couldn't stands no more - (I was being Popeye there), but you'd be wrong.
Yesterday was Mon Oncle's birthday and each year he delights us with a barbecue of epic proportions, pool activities, a gift swap...and...and...
Watch, as I delight you with photos from the unbelievable activities!

two webers

Not one, but two grills, stoked and cooked half the day away!

Yes, there was MEAT. But also chicken, burgers, and dogs - and even a coupla veggie burgers!
The salads! They flowed like water!
The air conditioning! It flowed not! Eesh it was warm...CLOSE my Aunt would say.

on the deck2
One could sit on the expansive deck and get a word of advice...

Or, if one met the age and height requirements -

one could DIVE FOR DUBLOONS! (using actual dubloonage)

silver dollars

If the action outdoors is too much for you (or you want to sit on the couch after the special sangria with the secret ingredient of Cognac), check out the gift swap!

Some lucky fellows might receive a bottle of wine!
Others might be pleased with winning a brick!

the brick
But it doesn't matter because YOU MIGHT NOT GET TO KEEP YOUR GIFTS!

You might even receive a 'decoy' gift of magazines and dog biscuits and a sponge, cleverly concealing a Starbucks card, which WHY? WHY DID I NOT SWAP FOR THAT?

One lucky player received two very useful bowls. Handcrafted in an island nation.

And then?
When you think you cannot take another minute? or another bite?
econo floss

The cotton candy machine gets fired up -
and MCTB with her adorable groom at her side (it was their quarter year anniversary!)
delivered bales of the stuff.


cotton candy not your thing?
You needn't worry - there were five or six other delectable confections to choose from - or, do what Youngest did, have a sliver of each!

My recovery continues.


Badger said…
Bowls! I am very fond of bowls, you know.

And I don't know who that lady with the cigarette and the glass of sangria is, but I want to party with HER.
Anonymous said…
Even more fun in Tuvalu! How can it be?
Suse said…
I always think dubloons are pirate trousers. You know, like pantaloons for tough guys.
Laura/PFG said…
i should not have read this at lunchtime when i'm stuck at work with but a bottle of water. SO jealous ;)
Amy A. said…
Such fun! I would have been in the pool, regardless of the age and height requirements.
Cee said…
Glad there were veggie burgers too ;). Looks like a fun day. Wishing you a fast recovery.
Caterina said…
Hungover from your vacation and already drinking again! ....just kidding :)
Caterina said…
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robiewankenobie said…
my new favorite word? dubloonage. now i've just got to figure out a way to slip it into conversation...
Joke said…
The Weber twins! Rock on!

Sarah Louise said…
cotton candy!!! woo hoo, sign me up for next year!

and you never know when you might need a brick...
weirdbunny said…
You lot know how to bbq!