Youngest’s asthma is well under control.
I spoke with the doctor at home again and she wants us to continue with all his medications until she sees him on monday.

But Middle? Awoke with a raging fever and sore throat.
Back to the doctor!

He was pleased with Youngest left lung (which had him worried earlier) but pointed out that Middle’s throat is badly infected.

At the pharmacy, across the hall, I pass the prescriptions
through a tiny window. I take a seat while K puts the boys in the car with the air conditioning.

The good thing about the doctor’s office and the pharmacy waiting area is that they both have magazines from the early 90’s. Mostly Martha Stewart, but also a couple of wedding magazines. Looking at those old issues of Martha brought me back to those early Martha days...I so looked forward that magazine each month, there was nothing else like it.

But I digress -
You all want to hear about our adventures.

We took our last trip to our most favorite beach.
We stayed a couple of hours and made Middle play in the ocean to clear his head. I had a little cry - I love that beach so much, I don’t like to think I won’t be returning to the places I love.

K bought 8 pounds (!) of fresh fish - kingfish and dolphin.
We took Youngest to play mini golf (Oldest GOT A HOLE IN ONE! WITH HIS EYES CLOSED)
We bought many kinds of soaps (I’ll explain later).
AND we found a poisonous centipede in the pool.
It put us off the pool for a while.

This trip has moved past me hour by hour.
I feel like we’ve been here for a month.
Not that that is bad - but I am starting to want my own bed and a good long hot shower (the shower here spits on us).

Today we are off on an explore.
We are going to drive to the top of the island.
It will be long and hard driving, but a good way to spend the last full day.
Do I make it sound tragic?
I don’t mean to.
It's just that we are just about ready to head home.

no pictures for you today...the goats that run the internet are napping in the sun...
(no spell check either)


Anonymous said…
Sigh. Leaving is always so hard, even when the vacation has been rocky. That beach is incredible looking and I'd like to dive headfirst into the screen.

I empathize with your trips to pharmacies and doctors. The other night we were sitting around discussing the many places we've gone with the family and the many strange pediatricians and ERs we've been to on those trips!

Safe journey back. I checked the Tuvalu weather and it looks clear for landing!
Jennifer said…
Hope everyone feels better soon. We all got sick on our vacation too, however just head colds.

Safe travels to you all on your trip home.
Carol said…
there's nothing quite like climbing into your own bed. pure bliss.
Suse said…
At least your goats are just asleep.

Mine are comatose.

- suse
--erica said…

I'm laughing now!
BabelBabe said…
I just started Getting Stoned with Savages, the sequel to Sex Lives of Cannibals - your goats comment made me think of it. Glad they stayed awake long enough to allow you to post.

Safe home.
MsCellania said…
Goats are SO much less reliable than the squirrels in cages that run our utilities.

and GOSH; no wonder the psychic wouldn't spill the trip beans! "It'll be alot like home, but Even More So!" Hmmmmmmmmmmmm...Maybe I'll just stay home!

My K had (and still has) that raging sore throat thing, too. On our trip. Which rendered him even more useless (back was acting up, along with severe motion sickness). Had I brought something large enough to thunk him on the head and put him out of our misery, I certainly would have. But I went and left the Head Thunker at home.

Your beds will be welcome sights. Along with reliable public utilities. You will most certainly miss the beach and the fish. And the boys their adventures and the laid-back ease of island life.

Welcome Home Soon!
kilowatthour said…
sounds like your trip was just as fabulous as ours, but, as i suspected, sorely lacking in AUTHENTIC GERMAN BEERS, JA!

hurry back.
Anonymous said…
Safe home to you all. We returned from Wellfleet Tuesday night. Long trip this time, with so many of us. A three year old with seven stitches; nine year old with strep; 35 year old with raging fever/sore throat/cough. Too warm for June, huge mosquitos. Nine of ten had a really good time, though. After catching up on your blog today, I have serious Beach Envy.