Before we went away, Youngest was having a problem with his eyes.
They would get red and swollen and mucky, and I was treating him with prescription eye drops that we use for conjunctivitis, but it wasn't really helping.

I stopped by the pediatrician's office the day before we left and described what was going on with him and she sent me to the pharmacy for some different drops...

I decided that his vacation was not going to be troubled by his mucky eyes.
I packed the eye drops.
I did not pack the nebulizer -and I only grabbed the inhaler as an afterthought (it had just been sent home by the school).
The drops sat untouched for the nine days we were away.
His eyes never bothered him for a minute.

I had them on the plane, just in case...
I had them in my room the day we got home -
Look! I said to K when I unpacked them, the freakin eye drops that I have been carrying around for nearly TWO WEEKS AND HIS EYES ARE FINE!

So. That was the other day.
And today?
Youngest woke up with sticky itchy eyes.
more baskets

stuff I did find

I did find this stuff though.

Stay tuned for: I could perform open heart surgery with either or our two first aid kits - in the Himalayas...and yet, we do not have a single regular Band-aid.


Paula said…
Hmm... Looks like the stacks and stacks of crap thing is going around. I win though, my stacks are bigger.
Suse said…
At least your crappe is in pretty little Ikea baskets. Mine is just in teetering piles.
Betsy said…
Where is your uterus when you need it? Mine helps me find things!
Angela said…
The final picture looks like one of those games you play with a kid. "Now, look at this stuff for thirty seconds. After that, close you eyes and I'll remove something. Then you have to tell me what I removed."

Much better than Nintendo.
puerileuwaite said…
Are those wind chimes that I see? If so, I'll take 'em. Could also use the razor blades. One of my "handlers" keeps hiding mine, for some reason.
islaygirl said…
i think i see some Hermes ribbon there in the middle. i'll take that if you don't need it. after all, you got whatever the ribbon was wrapped around.
Badger said…
Youngest has an allergy and needs Patanol. So sez Dr. Badger.

And whoa! That's a lot of crappe!
BabelBabe said…
No, I am fairly certain that's Maison du Chocolat ribbon. Lucky woman!

Hello, monkey.

And what Suse said, but mine aren't really in piles, either my crappe is just scattered all over my house.
Amy A. said…
I love how you spell crappe. So much more lady like. And yikes, you do have a lot of it. I'm in crappe denial. Mine is all hidden away and ignored as if it doesn't exist. It's how I cope.
Elizabeth said…
Sounds like allergies to me, too. Or pollution related, since he didn't have the symptons on vacation. Is Tuvalu smoggy?
You are very brave for displaying all your crappe.
Anonymous said…
maybe he's allergic to crappe?
Lynne@Oberon said…
I like your little monkey :)

We have a thousand different eyedrops hers in the surfingfree house, but that probably doesn't help ...
Suse said…
I meant to ask you, do you pronounce crappe as 'crappy'? When my mum and I see a country kitsch 'Coffee Shoppe' with faux old style spelling we always turn to each other with glee, shrieking Coffeee Shoppeeee!

Yes. I know. We're easily amused.
Sarah e.Smith said… have a great sense of humor...this scenario sounds like something I would do...glad to know i am not in the same boat :) Hope your little one's eyes are OK :)....this is my first visist toy our blog so I am off to discover more :) Cheers!!!